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Xi'an, as the capitals of eleven dynasties and marked as the first stop on Silk Road, is famous for the numerous cultural and historical sites around the city. In 1970, the terra-cotta warriors were unearthed accidentally when a villager digging a well. Since then,  visitors have been coming over to see this wonder and taste the delicious Jiaozi - Chinese dumplings.

Easy Tour China offers a list of our frequently used Xi'an hotels, from 3 star Xian hotels to deluxe 5 star hotels.

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Deluxe 5-star Xian Hotels
  • Sofitel Xian on Renmin Square
    Sofitel Xian on Renmin Square

    The majestic Sofitel Xian on Renmin Square, a superb hotel built to China’s newly launched five star platinum hotel standards, is the most luxurious and comf ...

  • Hyatt Regency Xian
    Hyatt Regency Xian

    The brand Hyatt speaks for itself and features the true mark of eminence that is characteristic of an establishment of such status. Hyatt Regency Hotel, Xian ...

  • Shangri-La Hotel Xian
    Shangri-La Hotel Xian

    The Shangri - La Hotel Xian stands within the Gaoxin Hi-tech development zone of Xian, very close to leading multi-national business, shopping and entertainme ...

Superior 4-star Xian Hotels
  • Xian Titan Times Hotel
    Xian Titan Times Hotel

    Titan Times Hotel is a newly-opened hotel in Xian, presenting warm welcome to business travelers and holiday makers with great hospitality and ambience. It is ...

  • Bell Tower Hotel Xian
    Bell Tower Hotel Xian

    Bell Tower Hotel Xian, a 4 star hotel provides clean accommodation emphasizing quality rooms and good service to business and leisure travelers. It is located ...

  • Garden Hotel Xian
    Garden Hotel Xian

    Xi'an Garden Hotel is the first foreign hotel showed "Tang culture" in China, which is one of the members of Pacific Asia Travel Association. It borders on Ta ...

  • Grand New World Hotel
    Grand New World Hotel

    Grand New World Hotel is a 4 star hotel, managed by New World Hotels International, one of the companies of Marriott International. Approximately ten minutes ...

Comfortable 3-star Xian Hotels
  • Xian City Hotel
    Xian City Hotel

    City Hotel, a modern joint venture 3-star hotel, is located in the very heart of the ancient capital Xi'an and is in the prime site of the commercial centre. ...

  • Citadines Apart Hotel Xian Central
    Citadines Apart Hotel Xian Central

    Citadines Apart Hotel Xian Central is a 3 star hotel opened in 2007, a great choice for staying in the ancient city Xian as a private serviced residence with ...

  • HNA Hotel Downtown, Xi'an
    HNA Hotel Downtown, Xi'an

    HNA Hotel Downtown Xi'an is a 3 star standard hotel managed by HNA Group international enterprise, with an integrative function of guest rooms, catering and c ...

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