Credit Card Authorization Form

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From: _______________________________
Add: ______________________________
Tel: _________________________________
Fax: _________________________________
Email: _______________________________

This is to guarantee my payment to Easy Tour China Travel Co. Ltd after Easy Tour China Travel Co. Ltd has confirmed my booking for the requested tour arrangements (booking code: _______________________________).

To the Bank of China:
I hereby authorize Easy Tour China Travel Co. Ltd to charge the amount of RMB__________ (inclusive of a 3% bank processing fee) from my Credit Card as deposit / full payment for my above-mentioned travel booking, which is equivalent to US$ _____________.

* For the clients who have the second payment via credit card, please fill in the blank behind. Easy Tour China Travel Co. Ltd also has the authorization to charge the amount of RMB_______________ (inclusive of a 3% bank processing fee), equivalent to US$_______________ from my Credit Card after _________________ (MM/DD/YYYY) as the balance for my travel booking.

Card Holder's Signature:_____________________

Easy Tour China Travel Co. Ltd is authorized to have my credit card information as detailed below:

Credit Card Type: Visa     Master Card      American Express   

Card Holder's Name: __________________________________ Nationality:_________________

Card Holder's Birth Date (MM/DD/YYYY): ________________

Credit Card Number: _______________________________

CVV2 Number: _________________(if visa or mastercard, a 3-digit number at the end in the signature line on the back of your card; if American Express, a 4-digit number printed on the front of your card)

Expiration Date (MM/YYYY): ______/__________

The Bank issuing your credit card: ______________________________

Billing address: (If different from above)
_____________________________________ (Name)
______________________________________ (Street)
______________________________________ (City, State, Zip)

  • The Bank of China requires a legible photocopy of both sides of your credit card. Please, send the copy with this form.
  • The receipt of your fax or email indicates that you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions as found at:

Please make photocopies of both sides of your credit card (back and front) and the cardholder's passport (the first page with photo), then attach them at page 2.

After the completion of the form and photocopies, please fax us at: (+86) 773-3810333 or email the scan copy to your travel consultant.

Thank you very much.