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Starting from Hangzhou

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    Destinations: Hangzhou - Lhasa -
    In this tour, you will see a diversified China: modern, open-minded Hangzhou and holy reserved Tibetan center – Lhasa. It is for sure that anyone can find what he/she really enjoys in the different places.Duration: 6 days & 5 nightsDestinations: Hangzhou - LhasaStarting Point: HangzhouEnding Point:&nbs ...
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    Destinations: Guilin - Hangzhou -
    Which was the most beautiful city in China, Hangzhou or Guilin? This question had been widely discussed for a long time. Now through this tour package, you can get you own answer.Duration: 5 days & 4 nightsDestinations: Hangzhou - GuilinStarting Point: HangzhouEnding Point: Guilin
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    Destinations: Chengdu - Hangzhou -
    Hangzhou is located in East China close to the sea, while Chengdu is in the far west of inland China. Both of cities have a glorious past in history, there is so much to see. Compared with other big cities, they still have their own features, which await you to explore!Duration: 4 days & 3 nightsDestinations:&nbs ...
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    Destinations: Hangzhou - Xian -
    Both of the two towns have a long history. Hangzhou is famous for the beautiful scenery at the downtown, while Xian is renowned for the historical relics. In this tour, you will see the diversified culture and lifestyles in China.Duration: 5 days & 4 nightsDestinations: Hangzhou - XianStarting Point: Ha ...
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    Destinations: Hangzhou - Lijiang -
    Hangzhou and Lijiang are both considered as the popular travel destinations in China. Hangzhou is featured with the West Lake and its surrounding environment, while Lijiang is well-known for well-preserved ancient town, ethnic Naxi culture and highland scenery in Southwest China.Duration: 5 days & 4 nightsDestina ...
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