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Are there any tips to plan my first trip to China?

China is a vast country with charming civilization and fascinating diversities, worth of many visits. When shaping your first tour to China, you should take your interest, expectations, travel time and budget into your considerations.  

Recommended must-see cities:

Generally speaking, Easy Tour China travel specialists could possibly recommend you to visit Beijing, Shanghai, Xian and Guilin as the destinations of your first trip to the country. All the four cities have their own features, which can provide you with a comprehensive idea of the country.  

Beijing is the political capital of China, as well as a cultural and commercial center. Visitors can explore the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, the landmarks of China; in Xian, the Terra Cotta Army is the big draw, besides, it is a perfect place to try Chinese dumplings and noodles; Guilin and its neighboring town Yangshuo are very popular among tourists, when setting foot on this land, usually people feel so relaxed and amazed by its fantastic natural landscape; finally in Shanghai, a dynamic metropolis of China, it is leading the country to more economic success.  

Hong Kong and Chengdu can also be added to your travel list. As you know, Hong Kong is a fascinating city with an interesting mix of Western and Chinese heritages, as well as a gourmet and shopping paradise. Chengdu is famed as the hometown of giant pandas and unique culture. At the same time, it is the gateway to the scenic Jiuzhaigou and other well-known places of interest.  

If you have more time and love to see the in-depth of China, then we can recommend you to visit Lijiang (an ethnic ancient town in Yunnan), Pingyao (a well-preserved ancient town in Shanxi), Yellow Mountain and Tibet. 

When to come

The best seasons: generally September and October are the best time to visit China. It always has a mild temperature with more chances of sunny days in autumn. April and May are also fine, while in North China it might still be a bit chilly, and possible dust storms hit the cities of northern China 

Avoid traveling during the China national holidays: During International Labor Day holiday (May 1-3) and National Day holiday (Oct 1-7) million of Chinese people go out for holidays, therefore, airports, train stations, and places of interest are all crowded with flocks of Chinese domestic tourists. The rates of some hotels in tourist cities will go skyrocketing. Therefore, it is not value-for-money at all. Besides, you are not recommended to travel by train during the Spring Festival period (usually from mid January to the end of February). Countless migrant workers will move by train to go home or back to work during the period.   

Low season: from December to early March it is the low season for tourists except the winter destinations like Harbin and Jilin. You will see much less visitors in other major tourist cities. Usually you can better enjoy your visit to the specific places of interest without noisy flows of other tourists, at the same time, have the more reasonable rates.

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