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How can I spend less but still make my trip to China enjoyable?

There are so many travel tips for international travelers to save money when traveling in China.  

Avoid the national holidays, like International Labor Day (May 1-3), National Day holiday (Oct 1-7) and Spring Festival period. Millions of Chinese people go out for traveling, therefore, airfares are expensive, hotel rates in some cities are doubled or more. What is more, you will see countless tourists at every attraction to take photos; the travel experience at this time is very poor.  

Select the low season: March, June, November could be a good time to travel in China with less expense. Compared with the high season, you will see fewer tourists, and enjoy more peacefulness at each site.  

Select the value-for-money hotels, usually tour operators like Easy Tour China will bulk buy from certain hotels in the major cities, therefore, we can get a very competitive rate. These hotels are usually frequently used by our clients and get good feedback. For the regular tourists, we usually use 4-star hotels, which can meet the needs of most of international tourists at a more affordable price. 

Select the proper transportation means: The airfares are getting more expensive in China. If the tour cost is beyond your budget, our travel consultants would advise you to consider other transportation means like high speed train or overnight sleeper train. What is more, for the intercity travel, you can also choose to take fast train or express bus instead of a private car.  

Carefully choose the right attractions to explore: in China, there are so many interesting sites worth a visit, but with a limited travel time, you need to know what is more important for you. It is rather bad to see more and more local governments kept raising the admission fees of the famous attractions. But we really don’t have to see them all, and some of the sites may not suit international travelers’ need due to the different cultural background. Professional travel consultants usually would recommend some other sites to offer you more chances to see the essence of China and a real China, not just the tacky tourist attractions with boring programs. 


Chinese people are proud of our own culinary culture. In this country, you don’t have to worry about the food options. Unless you are picky about food or have specific requirements, you can try different local cuisines while traveling to different parts of the country. Easy Tour China always includes breakfast and lunch in the program at the convenience of the clients and leaves the dinner open for your own selection. Generally speaking, the cost ranges from RMB50-100pp. at the regular local restaurants. If dining at the high-end restaurants, the cost may reach RMB400-1000pp for one meal in some big cities. 

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