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What should I do if I lose my passport during my stay in China?

1. Please make sure whether you really lose your passport or not before you report it to the local Public Security Bureau (PSB office). If traveling with Easy Tour China, you can ask for the help of our local guide, who will take you to the nearest PSB office, which will issue a proof of passport loss or theft to you. 

2. Secondly, you need to ask your hotel to provide a stamped proof of your stay. 

3. Keep an original copy of the first page of your passport as the proof of citizenship with you in a separate place, which will make it easier for you to apply for replacing the passport. 

4. With the 3 above-mentioned documents prepared, you can go to the nearest embassy or consulate of your country and do the application of passport replacement. You’ll be required to complete a passport application form and pay a relevant fee.  

For US citizens, please visit the webpage: 


For Canadian citizens, please visit the webpage: 


For UK citizens, please visit the webpage:


For Australian citizens, please visit the webpage:


5. After the new passport is issued, you need to go to the PSB office to apply for China visa again, so that you can go out of China and enter your own country smoothly.  

Based on the above information, everyone can see it is rather complicated to go through the procedures if someone loses his/her passport when traveling. Therefore, Easy Tour China travel specialists highly recommend you to put your passport at a safe place during your trip abroad, and keep a separated photocopy of your passport and visa in case of emergency.

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