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Is it safe to take a taxi in China?

Taking taxis in China is convenient, inexpensive, and very safe indeed. Please choose to take a taxi with obvious signs. In some cities, near the airport or train station, there are ‘black cabs’, which are private cars without a government license running transfer business. Some of the visitors from home or abroad complained that they got ripped off if these people don’t know much about the town.  

Most of the taxi drivers can’t speak a word of English, and this is another disadvantage of taking taxi in China. If you can’t speak Chinese and intend to take a cab to a certain place, please ask the hotel receptionist or other Chinese people to write down your destination in Chinese, or take a guidebook with the Chinese name of the place, so the driver can understand where you are going.  

When sitting in the taxi, please ask the driver to use taxi meter, and after your arrival, you are suggested to ask for a receipt (or ‘Fa-piao’ in Chinese) in case that you left something in the car without realizing it. With the proof, you will easily get your things back.


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