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Guilin Hotels

Guilin, boasts the most spectacular landscape under the heaven, enjoy high reputations for its stunning karsts green mountains and crystal clear waters. The limestone formations and spectacular caves are the must see elements; while a cruise down to Yangshuo county, leads visitors into the backpacker's paradise and local people's life. Best of all, mountainous villages and its rice field terraces, together with ethnic culture there are the most amazing sceneries.

Easy Tour China provides brief introduction and pictures of those recommended Guilin hotels and accommodations, which were frequently-used by our clients in the past years. Wish you all a pleasant stay in Guilin.

To reserve the Guilin hotels here below or any other preferred hotels; please feel free to email us.
Deluxe 5-star Guilin Hotels
  • Lijiang Waterfall Hotel Guilin
    Lijiang Waterfall Hotel Guilin

    The Guilin Lijiang Waterfall Hotel, a gorgeous landmark in downtown Guilin, it is now the largest, latest and best equipped deluxe 5-star Hotel in Guangxi. Th ...

  • Sheraton Guilin Hotel
    Sheraton Guilin Hotel

    The luxurious 5 star Sheraton Guilin Hotel is ideally located along the Li River in the heart of the enchanting city of Guilin. It is newly-renovated recently ...

Superior 4-star Guilin Hotels
  • Guilin Park Hotel
    Guilin Park Hotel

    Guilin Park Hotel is a 4 star Hotel located in downtown Guilin, facing the gorgeous Guilin and back by Laoren Hill. The hotel commands some of the most pictur ...

  • Guilin Hotel of Modern Art
    Guilin Hotel of Modern Art

    Yuzi Paradise - a sculpture park set against the beautiful mountains of Guilin, is home to the leading collection of contemporary Asian art including numerous ...

  • Guilin Bravo Hotel
    Guilin Bravo Hotel

    Guilin Bravo Hotel is a first class hotel which provides fully equipment including business centre, fitting centre, swimming pool, sauna and billiard. It is a ...

Comfortable 3-star Guilin Hotels
  • Fubo Hotel Guilin
    Fubo Hotel Guilin

    Fubo Hotel Guilin, a 3-star hotel opened in 1992 and renovated in 2007, is located in the Binjiang road and facing the beautiful Li River. It occupies great l ...

  • Eva Inn Guilin
    Eva Inn Guilin

    Eva Inn Hotel, located on the Binjiang Road, a 3 star comfortable Hotel overlooking the Li River, with Elephant Trunk Hill and the shopping center of the City ...

  • Hotel Universal Guilin
    Hotel Universal Guilin

    Hotel Universal Guilin, a 3 star Hotel located on the bank of Li River, is a great base for sightseeing and shopping in Guilin. The most attractive feature of ...

  • Guilin Osmanthus Hotel
    Guilin Osmanthus Hotel

    The Guilin Osmanthus Hotel is located on the scenic riverside of the Peach Blossom River, in downtown Guilin. It is an excellent choice for leisure and busine ...

The Silk Road is like a thick history book to me, so enchanting with full of contents. The best season to visit is in July, August and September.


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