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Dali Hotels

Dali is a relatively unknown town compared to big cities like Shanghai and Beijing; but it offers more charm and peace mountains and waters surrounding. It retains a historical atmosphere, with old sites and unique Bai-style architectures available.

Easy Tour China provides brief introduction and pictures of those recommended Dali hotels and accommodations, which were frequently-used by our clients in the past years. Wish you all a pleasant stay in Dali.

To reserve the Dali hotels here below or any other preferred hotels; please feel free to email us.
Deluxe 5-star Dali Hotels
  • Regent Hotel Dali
    Regent Hotel Dali

    Regent Hotel Dali (Dali Fenghua Xueyue Dajiudian) is a luxurious 5 star hotel opened in 2005, featuring at Bai Minority architecture style. In the cultural Da ...

Superior 4-star Dali Hotels
  • Asia Star Hotel
    Asia Star Hotel

    The Asia Star Hotel has a cultural atmosphere which is reflected in nearby special arts and crafts shops. Such shops feature traditional Dali handicrafts from ...

Comfortable 3-star Dali Hotels
  • Dali Old City Landscape Hotel
    Dali Old City Landscape Hotel

    The hotel is located in Dali Old City, with famous Erhai Lake on the east and Cangshan Mountain on the west. It is the only courtyar style in Old City which ...

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