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Shigatse Hotels

Shigatse, the second largest city in Tibet, is the important stopover to Mt. Everest and holy lakes. It also homes to magnificent Buddhist temples, with beautiful high plateau scenery and distinctive Tibetan cultures. Different hotels were built to satisfy tourists' needs at this comparatively remote area.

Easy Tour China provides brief introduction and pictures of those recommended Shigatse hotels and accommodations, which were frequently-used by our clients in the past years. Wish you all a pleasant stay in Shigatse.

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Comfortable 3-star Shigatse Hotels
  • Shigatse Hotel
    Shigatse Hotel

    Shigatse Hotel is a three-star tourist hotel, it was founded in 1985. The structure was in typical Tibetan style and inside it was decorated in popular Tibeta ...

  • Gyantse Hotel
    Gyantse Hotel

    Gyantse Hotel is in the center of the ancient city, Gyantse. This large establishment is left of the main crossroads when coming from Lhasa. With more than 10 ...

  • Manasarovar Hotel Shigatse
    Manasarovar Hotel Shigatse

    Hotel Manasarovar was built in 2001, in Tibetan style. It is medium sized with modern decoration.

  • Shigatse Hotel
    Shigatse Hotel

    The Shigatse Hotel is a three-star tourist hotel located in the far south of the town which is the only three star luxury hotel in Shigatse. It is a four-stor ...

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