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Suzhou Hotels

Deluxe 5-star Suzhou Hotels
  • Shangri-La Hotel Suzhou
    Shangri-La Hotel Suzhou

    Shangri-La Hotel, Suzhou is the first international luxury hotel in Suzhou New District and is located on the 28th to 51st floors of the Metropolitan Tower. I ...

  • Garden Hotel Suzhou
    Garden Hotel Suzhou

    Once as the villa of Jiang Jieshi in Suzhou, Garden Hotel became the State Guest House in 1952, which has received over 100 Party and State leaders as well as ...

  • Pan Pacific Suzhou
    Pan Pacific Suzhou

    Indulge in Chinese culture at the Pan Pacific Suzhou hotel, a sanctuary that fuses the artistry of local architecture with contemporary luxuries. Flanked by a ...

  • Crowne Plaza Suzhou
    Crowne Plaza Suzhou

    Crowne Plaza Hotel Suzhou is the first, 5-star hotel in Suzhou with a Chinese, cultural-style building. Here you can experience impeccable service at the luxu ...

Superior 4-star Suzhou Hotels
  • Pingjiang Lodge Suzhou
    Pingjiang Lodge Suzhou

    Suzhou Pingjiang Lodge is converted from an ancient complex of houses in Si-jin style, a traditional Chinese architecture that contains different compounds of ...

  • Starway Premier Suzhou Garden View Hotel
    Starway Premier Suzhou Garden View Hotel

    Starway Premier Suzhou Garden View Hotel features a traditional Suzhou style, with white walls and black tiles, with classical garden arrangements typical of ...

  • Bamboo Grove Hotel Suzhou
    Bamboo Grove Hotel Suzhou

    The hotel was built in 1990, have nearly 20 years history. Bamboo Grove Hotel Suzhou is first foreign invested four-star hotel with international standard in ...

  • Citadines Suzhou Xinghai
    Citadines Suzhou Xinghai

    In the very heart of the Suzhou Industrial Park is Citadines Xinghai Suzhou, where you can experience the ultimate city living within our comfortable residenc ...

  • Somerset Emerald City Suzhou
    Somerset Emerald City Suzhou

    Enjoy the comfort, security and convenience of Somerset Emerald City serviced apartments in Suzhou designed for balanced global living. Designed to accommodat ...

  • Holiday Inn Jasmine Suzhou
    Holiday Inn Jasmine Suzhou

    The 28-storey Holiday Inn Suzhou Jasmine pierces the skyline over Suzhou city centre. You can marvel at city panoramas from your homely, welcoming guest room. ...

Comfortable 3-star Suzhou Hotels
  • Suzhou Overseas Chinese Hotel
    Suzhou Overseas Chinese Hotel

    Suzhou Overseas Chinese Hotel limited company with the standard of three-star, offers a wide range of accommodation, dinning, recreation, and business service ...

  • Gusu Hotel Suzhou
    Gusu Hotel Suzhou

    Gusu hotel has magnificent lake views. Much of the original character listed building has been retained to present a health, relaxation, green, and comfort, m ...

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