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Xining Hotels

Deluxe 5-star Xining Hotels
  • Yinlong Hotel Xining
    Yinlong Hotel Xining

    Yinlong Hotel covers and area of 40,0000 m2 with a total of 21 stories to be physically grand and it has become one of the symbolic buildings in Xining. In ad ...

  • Qinghai Hotel Xining
    Qinghai Hotel Xining

    With a beautiful environment as well as convenient transportation, it is an ideal place for tourism, conference and business with its advanced facilities of a ...

Superior 4-star Xining Hotels
  • Qinghai Holiday Dynasty Hotel
    Qinghai Holiday Dynasty Hotel

    The Qinghai Holiday Dynasty Hotel is a leisure business hotel in Xining covering an area of 25,000 square meters, features the largest and most advanced bathi ...

Comfortable 3-star Xining Hotels
  • Zhongfayuan Hotel Xining
    Zhongfayuan Hotel Xining

    Convenient transportation and charming surroundings make the hotel an ideal place for travel, business and recreation. The bright and broad atmosphere, clean ...

  • Qinghai Jianyin Hotel Xining
    Qinghai Jianyin Hotel Xining

    The hotel is a 3 star tourist hotel, was definitude as designated hotels for the central national office conference and on a business trip.

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