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Shangri-La does not exist only in our fantasies. One of China’s best-kept secret places, it is hidden in Northwest Yunnan Province aloof from the outside world by jagged mountains and rolling pastures, and features breathtaking landscape where paradise exists on earth.
Old Town of Dukezong   Songzanlin Lamasery   White Water Terraces
‘The city of moonlight’, it was built based on the legendary Buddhist kingdom Shambhala. Walk on the aged stone paths of the Ancient Tea Horse Road, you’ll be lost in time.   Known as the ‘Small Potala Palace’, Songzanlin Lamasery looks like an ancient castle that showcases the extremely valuable Buddhist art treasures.   A continual deposition of calcium carbonate, it’s the most attractive site in mysterious Shangri-La and a holy place for Naxi minority people.
Meili Snow Mountain   Naxi Ancient Music   Hiking along Tiger Leaping Gorge
The pure land of Shangri-La is embraced by lakes, plateau meadows and snow mountains. Sacred Meili Snow Mountain at over 6000m in Dechen lures people for both natural scenery and cultural significance.   The old artists with the old musical instruments keep the ancient Naxi music - one of the world’s oldest forms of music - still alive today.   It’s not for everyone, but if you’re determined to explore the wildness of Shangri-La by tough trekking. In return, you’ll be rewarded with hauntingly beautiful scenery and an inspiring journey.
Erhai Lake   Shibao Mountain Grottoes   Xizhou Town
Travel further to Dali, and take a fishing boat on Erhai Lake for cleansing breaths and overlooking the lofty Cangshan Mountain.   The more than 1000-year-old rock caves in Dali are on par with the masterpieces of the world-famous Dunhuang Buddhist Grottoes.   It has been home to Bai minority people for over 1500 years - you’ll have a unique cultural experience and see the elegant and sophisticated ancient dwellings.
More Inspirations in Yunnan
Yuanyang Terraced Fields   Yunnan Stone Forest

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