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China Tours 2011-2012

Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival 2012 Tours

The 27th Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival will start on December 1, 2011 and last to February 29, 2012. The ceremony will be officially held in January 5, 2012. As it before the festival is held with many winter activities, such as alpine skiing, sledding, winter-swimming, ice sculpture competition, ice & snow carnival, ice lantern exhibition and firework display etc. Come with us, alternatively, meet us there. We will discover the interesting winter facts and do the "adventurous" things in the China's 'North Pole'- Harbin

For History

Xian, is well-known as one of the four ancient capitals, with Athens, Rome, Istanbul in the world. The city was the starting point of famous Silk Road connected the East with the West. As capital of 13 Chinese dynasties, Xian (Chang'an is its old name) is Chinese historical museum full of historic sites and cultural relics. It opens a cover page of over 3000 years' Chinese civilization. Terracotta warriors and horses saw the strength of the Qin Dynasty and the ancient city wall witnessed the splendor of the Tang Dynasty.

Take a Xi'an tours to see the life-seze Terracotta Army!

For Natural Sight

Guilin is of Karst landform so tha it is gifted with natural sight of green mountains, clear Li Li River water, peculiar rocks and fantastic caves. The city history can be trace back to B.C. 214 in the Qin Dynasty.

A cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo along the Li River show you picuturesque vision of river water and mountains.

The Reef Flute Caves gives a fantastic sight of peculiar stalactite rocks.

The countryside of Yangshuo county is a popular outdoor activity base with charming scenery: biking, hiking, swiming, rafting, kayaking, rock climbing and etc.

Enjoy the charming scenery and interesting activities when Travel to Guilin.

Ethnic Flavor

Besides the fasnicating rice terraced fields in Longsheng, the minority villages located at the slop of the mountain are the right places to see the culture of Yao & Zhuang people. All their houses are of wood or bamboo making, with unique clothing features: Yao ladies wear bright pink embroidered clothing with flashing silver accessory(most wear heavy silver earrings) while Zhuang women wear white shirts, black pants and brightly colored cloth on their heads.

Hiking Longji Rice Terrace and experience the minority culture there!

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