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For thousands of years, the people in South China's mist-covered mountain areas have preserved an authentic way of life by planting tea, drinking tea, respecting and appreciating tea. China has developed an exceptional profound culture for tea.

Now it’s your turn to get a taste of this unique Chinese culture in the spring: visit some alluring tea growing places brimming with historical sites and places of great interest, wander the pristine endless tea fields and pick fresh tea leaves personally, and of course, enjoy the peaceful and relaxing time by tasting some best Chinese teas.
Longjing Green Tea   Maofeng Tea   Pu-erh Tea
It's no surprise that Hangzhou is one of China’s must-have and most-visited destinations for tea. Southwest of this pretty, elegant city, the hills around West Lake are home to the nation’s No. 1 tea – imperial Dragon Well tea. You can’t miss it!   Fall in love with Huangshan for both its hauntingly scenic Yellow Mountain and multiple types of tea culture showcased in the various teas including Huangshan Maofeng, Keenum Black Tea, and Yellow Mountain Tribute Chrysanthemum. All the teas are among the best of its kind!   Tea is a treasured part of Yunnan Province of Southwest China. With the highly-rated Dian Black Tea, health-care Pu-erh tea and the wildness, greatness and colorfulness of its land, a trip to Yunnan Is a delight to all tea enthusiasts .
Maojian Green Tea   Wuyi Rock Tea
So you’ve heard about Guilin for the surreal Karst landscape and oddly-shaped peaks along Li River all the way to Yangshuo. What’s more, it is an enchanted tea culture city. There are Miaojian tea plantation fields and Tea Institute near Yao Mountain, which have so much to offer for tea lovers.   The tea tour to Wuyishan Mountain is a classic – you will taste the most authentic rock tea (preeminent Oolong tea) brew by tea masters, enjoy the delightful boat cruise on Nine Curves River and then climb the UNESCO Heritage Wuyi Mountain to find the mother bush of Da Hong Pao - the king of Wu Yi Rock Tea.
More Inspiration of China in Spring
Sisters Meal Festival of Miao People on May 1 - 5
There is no better place in China to witness the traditional festivals of Miao minority than in the rarely-visited Guizhou province. Prepared to be caught up in the exoticism with Miao people’s Valentine's Day - romantic Sisters Meal Festival and seduced by the rich and unique culture of folk customs and traditional dresses of the minority in China.

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