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Do your interests lie in centuries-old ethnic cultures? A mysterious approach to Southwest China’s lesser-known Guizhou province promises to impress you with something unique in China, in the forms of 49 ethnic minority groups with their distinctive cultures, and ancient villages hidden in the primitive, picturesque mountainous areas.
The Vanishing Mountain Tribes’ Ethnic Festivals   Miao people’s Batik Technique   Fancy Ethnic Costumes
From Dong people’s Firecracker Festival to Miao people’s Sisters Meal Festival – indulge yourself in the festive atmosphere by singing and dancing all year round.   Batik is the finest example of Miao people’s handicraft arts, with decoration patterns recording the national history, totem worship, folkloric motifs and religious culture.   Each of these 49 minorities has its own beautiful traditional costumes, with particular head wear, exaggerated necklace, delicate embroidery…
Time-honored Dong Villages   Miao People’s Beautiful Homeland
Explore some of the oldest and largest Dong Villages in Guizhou, and admire at their unique wooden architecture of drum towers.   Miao is one of the earliest nationalities in ancient China. Wander into the Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village in Kaili, and you will lose track of time.
The Most Popular Food in Guizhou   Scenic Huangguoshu Waterfall
Guizhou cuisine is recognized as one of top cuisines in China; find out the best dishes and snacks to savor delicacies such as fish in sour soup, si wa wa, etc.   Prepare to be seduced by Guizhou Huangguoshu Waterfall, one of the biggest and most famous waterfalls in China.
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