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sun island in winterIn the early eighties, the song of the Beautiful Sun Island, sung by famous singer, displayed the taste of the Sun Island. From then on, Sun Island Scenic Area became famous both home and abroad. Surrounded by blue water, boasts crystal lakes, wooden rockeries, beautiful flowers and exotic buildings, the dainty Sun Island is located to the north of the Songhua River main waterway with amazing scenery.

Covering a total area of 38 square kilometers, the Sun Island is characterized by the simple and wild northern field landscape. Sun Island Scenic Area was founded in 1964. The name of the Sun Island comes from the Manzhou language. The fisherman of Man ethnic call a kind of Fang fish "Taiyi'an" in the Songhua River, after spread for a long time, it became "the Sun Island" in the contents of "The History of Qing Dynasty".

spring scenery At Sun Island Scenic Area, there are more than twenty scenic spots. Many of them are must-see scenery spot, which can be divided into three parts. Animals' world is located in the north and west. The centre of the garden is featured by flowers, lakes and ice-snow beauty. Ice and snow series, exotic Russian series, a gallery and a memorial garden can be found in the south. The Deer Garden, the Swan Lake and the Squirrel Island in the north and west make the zone an animal's world. In the Flower Garden, you can see twelve breeds of cloves in the Clove Garden blossom from May to July, driving birds to sing for them. Every year, the Harbin International Snow Sculpture Art Expo held here exhibits enthralling ice or snow sculptures and architectures, attracting thousands of visitors. In the Cloud-water Gloriette, visitors get a whole view of the lake and the Sun Hill while breeze gently brushes their faces. Dining in the Russian restaurant, strolling on the Russian style streets and buying some craftworks are unexpected surprise for visitors in Exotic Russian series.

In summer, the comfortable weather makes it the first choice to avoid summer heat. Its circular belt of white sand beaches, blue water and abundant sunlight make it an exquisite sun-bathing area. Fresh flowers and colorful grass sculptures are found flanking the roads. In winter, Sun Island Scenic Area is a paradise for recreational ice-snow activities and ice-snow travel.

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