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Strategically located at the center of East & South coastline of the country, Shanghai is the largest and most prosperous city in China, also known as a big foreign trade port.
Shanghai is the first city in China that “the west meets east”; now it becomes a developed city with high-rise buildings, glitzy restaurants, funky cocktail bars and dazzling malls, as well as the historical spots.  The convenience of traffic network makes Shanghai a perfect destination that start your China tour, you will have an easy access for visiting nearby Suzhou, Hangzhou, Yellow Mountain, or further to Beijing, Xi’an, Hong Kong, Guangzhou and other popular destinations.

China Tours Starting from Shanghai 
  • Destinations: ShanghaiHangzhouWuyishanBeijing  
    From ancient times, Chinese people believed that the practice of tea culture can bring the spirit and wisdom of human beings to a higher orbit. On this tea trip, we will bring you into mist-capped mountains or plantations in Hangzhou & Wuyishan to taste the famed Dragon Well Green Tea and Oolong Tea while spend some ...
  • Destinations: ShanghaiGuilinYangshuoXianBeijing  
    This 11 days will surely make you delight: starting from the metropolic city Shanghai, enjoying the unique karst peaks and country side experience in Guilin and Yangshuo, then stunnning at the eighth wonder terracotta worriers and horses...the last stop is Beijing, the capital city of China with grand imperial buildi ...
  • Destinations: ShanghaiSuzhouXianBeijing  
    This gold triangle tour is specially designed for women, which includes the must-visit sites in Shanghai, Beijing & Xi’an. The trip features local narrow lanes & streets like Tianzifang in Shanghai, Silk factory in Suzhou, Muslim quarters in Xi’an and Hutongs in Beijing, which not only offers great shopping opportu ...
  • Destinations: ShanghaiYangtze CruiseChongqingChengduLijiangDaliKunmingGuilinYangshuoLongshengHong Kong  
    A well-design private China travel package! First, witness Shanghai's history and modern man-made marvels. Next, enjoy cruising on the two most spectacular water wonders in China, The Yangtze River and Li River! Then, experience the unique ethnic culture in Lijiang, Dali and Longsheng. A pleasant surprise maybe in Ch ...
  • Destinations: ShanghaiChongqingChengduLhasaShigatse  
    We start the tour with leisure and memorable trip through three gorges and the grand dam site; then the jorney will focus on the fantastic land on Tibet Pleatua, to witness stunning monasteries, tibetans with prayer wheels, monks in robes and white-capping mountains.
  • Destinations: ShanghaiSuzhouHangzhouHuangshanGuilinYangshuoLongshengXianBeijing  
    16 Days of Chinese ancient culture, modern miracles and amazing natural scenery. The fantasitic of Mutianyu Great Wall, Forbidden City and Terracotta Army are the top sites to be explored with the metropolis Shanghai and the beautiful Yellow Mountain as well as Guilin - where is regarded as one of the most scenic tow ...
  • Destinations: ShanghaiGuilinYangshuoKunmingLijiangChengduXianChongqingYangtze CruiseBeijing  
    This china tour showcase some of the best sceneries from the grand great wall to the leisure city Chengdu. You will have experience the comfortable journey on the luxury yangtze cruise ship and explore the amazing countryside of Yangshuo.
  • Destinations: ShanghaiSuzhouGuilinYangshuoXianBeijing  
    This train trip covers the most popular destinations in China, starting in the thriving Shanghai then takes a new fast train to the Guilin for leisure Li River Cruise and stunning landscape, you will also visit the ancient city Xi’an & Beijing. Value Plus Train Trip in China!
  • Destinations: ShanghaiGuilinYangshuoKunmingLijiangChengduXianBeijing  
    This Luxury China tour package provides golden opportunity to explore the charm of rich cultural heritage and monuments of China. The itinerary has been specially created to ensure maximum interest and enjoyment with your personal tour guide and driver. The tour covers from romantic Lijiang and idyllic Yangshuo in th ...
  • Destinations: ShanghaiBeijingXianGuilinYangshuoHong Kong  
    Best China tour for physically challenged people, their families and friends!! 12 days of seeing some of the finest sights in China, we have mixed heritage and history with wonderful places. The ‘must see’ places are intermingled with some experiences that can be had nowhere else. And accommodation is fully accessi ...
  • Destinations: ShanghaiSuzhouWuxiHangzhouHuangshanWuyishanXiamenKunmingPu’erJinghong  
    Various kinds of tea are grown in the vastly different geographic locations in China. This exclusive 20-day China Tea Discovery Tour is designed to capture the essence of China's tea culture combined with rich natural and cultural attractions around the country.
  • Destinations:
    Travel to China in Easter Holiday, to the most popular eastern destinations in the country – Shanghai, Yellow Mountain and Hangzhou. Experience the new and old looks of Shanghai, then hiking the yellow mountain for unique beauties; head forward to Hangzhou see the most beautiful scenery under heaven.
  • Destinations:
    Experience the prosperity of Shanghai and then travel to the incredibly picturesque city of Hangzhou to enjoy the beautiful and unique scenery of West Lake, you will know why Chinese people regard it as "the Paradise Under Heaven".
  • Destinations:
    This tour combines a visit to the largest and most prosperous city in the nation - Shanghai and the "Heaven on Earth" - Suzhou. Suzhou is permeated right through with garden atmosphere; the side trip to Suzhou will lead you to enjoy the beautiful Chinese Gardens.
  • Destinations:
    Nanjing is the second-largest commercial center in the East China region after Shanghai. It is recognized as one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China. Come and know more about this city!
  • Destinations:
    After a short break in Shanghai, you can travel to Huangshan to visit Yellow Mountain, which is famous for scenery, sunsets, peculiarly shaped granite peaks, Huangshan Pine trees, and views of the clouds from above. Besides, you will also see the interesting well-preserved ancient Hongcun Village.
  • Destinations:
    It is lovely to see the difference of the two cities: firstly witness the prosperity of Shanghai, and then in scenic Guilin, explore the beautiful scenery along the Li River, biking alongside the paddy field and orchard to see the local farmer’s life.
  • Destinations:
    This tour is a good combination of new and old China: Shanghai is the largest and most prosperous city in China while Xi'an is an ancient city with more than 3000 years' history. You will see the cultural contrasts in this short tour.
  • Destinations:
    Following the tour starting from China's biggest city Shanghai, a wonderful Yangtze cruise is arranged to enjoy the natural and civilized treasure of Chinese mother river.
  • Destinations:
    After a short break in Shanghai - the biggest metropolis in China, then travel to Chengdu, which is a city mixed with passion and energy, will attract you with its giant pandas and some other historical sites.
  • Destinations:
    After a short trip in Shanghai, you will fly to Jiuzhaigou, a national reserve with a fairyland landscape of jagged alpine mountains, crystal clear, strange-colored blue, green and purplish pools, lakes, waterfalls, limestone terraces, caves and other beautiful features. Come and explore this gem of China!
  • Destinations:
    After witnessing the prosperity of Shanghai, you will fly to Lhasa, the heart and soul of Tibet, to pay a pilgrimage trip to the city of wonders.
  • Destinations:
    In this tour you will experience the big contrast of the two destinations: one is China’s prosperous metropolis in East China, while the other one is only a small town nestled at the foot of the snow-capped mountains in Southwest China, right here you can not only see the stunning alpine landscape, but also the colo ...
  • Destinations:
    In this tour, you will firstly see the prosperous and modern Shanghai, then fly to the ancient and reserved Luoyang, which has been the capital of thirteen dynasties. Right here you will see the famous Longmen Grottoes, and Shaolin Temple – one birthplace of Chinese martial arts.
  • Destinations:
    Both of the two destinations are located in East China: Shanghai – a dynamic metropolis, and Xiamen – China’s most romantic Leisure City. The city of Xiamen is full of colonial charm and coastal appeal. The famous Gulangyu Island and Hakkha Earth Buildings are top attractions here.
  • Destinations:
    Through this tour, you will see both modern and ancient China: the dynamic metropolis of China – Shanghai, together with Pingyao, a well-preserved small ancient town in central Shanxi Province, which was the birth place of Chinese banks in early 18th century.
  • Destinations:
    Compared with thousand-year-old Datong city, Shanghai is new and modern, full of energy and opportunities, while the former one has it’s a glorious past in history. There is so much to see here including Yungang Grottoes, Hanging Monastery and Fogongsi Pagoda – the oldest Wooden Pagoda of China, etc.
  • Destinations:
    Known as the “Pearl of the Orient,” Shanghai will never disappoint you with its stunning modernity and trendy lifestyle. While Hohhot is an oasis city in steppes, founded by Tumed Mongols in 1581. Now it is a perfect place to see the vast grassland, try horse riding and Mongolian milk tea of local herdsmen.
  • Destinations:
    This weekend package will allow you to explore the most interesting spots of cosmopolitan Shanghai, including a visit to the outskirt water town – Zhujiajiao.
  • Destinations: ShanghaiZhengzhouXianTaiyuanPingyaoBeijing  
    The high speed train will transfer you from Shanghai to Zhengzhou for the Shaolin Temple to see the birth place of Chinese Martial arts; and further Xian, which is famous for the historical relics and terracotta warriors, transfer to Beijing from Taiyuan, for visiting some fantastic sites like the Great Wall, Forbidd ...
  • Destinations: ShanghaiSuzhouNanjingQufuTianjinBeijing  
    Take the high speed trains to view the most popular destinations in East China, from the thriving mega city Shanghai, to the classic gardens in Suzhou, then head to Nanjing for ancient relics in the city, north forward to Qufu & Tianjin for fantastic cultural experiences then back home from Beijing.
  • Destinations: ShanghaiBeijingXianChengduGuilinYangshuoShenzhenHong Kong  
    Travelling alone in China can sometimes be nervous and restless, but we will handle all of the arrangements for you and there will be a local guide speaking your language as a companion. Join us to admire the most famous historical sites in Beijing and Xian, experience intoxicating scenery in Guilin (Yangshuo), get c ...
  • Destinations:
    Discover East Asia, feel the exoticism of destinations from Beijing, Xian to Ulaanbaatar and Bayangobi. Whether it’s spectacular cultural wonder, century-old Buddhist temple or historic landmark, you can find it in this 16 days China & Mongolia package tour! Make sure also to have fun with the cutest creature of pan ...
  • Destinations:
    Tea culture has a very long history in China. On this fabulous China tea tour, we will escort you to acquire a wealth of Chinese tea history and culture, experience the classical Chinese tea ceremony, taste green tea and black tea, pick different tea leaves and witness their making process, and marvel at the overwhel ...
  • Destinations: ShanghaiHangzhouWuyishanXiamenChaozhouGuangzhou  
    Many international tea lovers are seeking the master travel plans to discover the essence of China's tea culture, so we come up with this well-crafted 13-day China tea tour. You will be escorted to the nation’s top tea growing areas, tasting some famous Chinese teas, getting to know the tea processing, and picking t ...
  • Destinations: ShanghaiNingboHangzhouGuilinYangshuoChengduBeijing  
    Of the all the Chinese games, Mahjong is one of the oddest and most popular one in nowadays. People are playing Mahjong for fun, relax and keeping the mind active. Those who are keen on Chinese culture and traditions are encouraged to take this 12-day China tour for a unique Mahjong experience in China, by playing wi ...
  • Destinations:
    Travel from China to Cambodia, two of Asia’s most amazing cultural destinations, and enjoy some of world’s most outstanding historical heritages, such as Great Wall, Forbidden City, Terra Cotta Army, Angkor, etc., as well as several impressive national museums that process a wealth of collections and relics. Trave ...
  • Destinations:
    For those looking for a historical and scenic Asia tour, you should not miss the old kingdom of China for an ultimate oriental cultural experience, also Thailand for both historical sites and best sea beaches in the world. This tour package covers world-renowned big-name attractions including Grand Palace, Phuket, Li ...
  • Destinations:
    Learn of the mysterious and charming history of China and Thailand by visiting sites of great historical and cultural significance, such as Great Wall, Terra Cotta Warriors, Lijiang Ancient Town, Bang Pa In Palace, Grand Palace of Thailand and some of world’s oldest Buddhist temples. Furthermore, you’ll get close t ...
  • Destinations:
    From breathtaking natural scenery, bustling cosmopolitan cities, to haunting ancient capitals and quaint villages, this 18 days China & Vietnam tour package has something for everyone. One thing is for sure, you will have a memorable Asia trip - with exploration of Great Wall, Halong Bay, giant panda base, sun drench ...
  • Destinations:
    Travel through the classical cities and enticing towns of Vietnam and China. You will enjoy everything from the magnificent ancient constructions in Beijing & Xian to the fun-filled local markets in Hanoi. Moreover, indulge yourself in the surreal landscape of Halong Bay and Guilin, and also the amazing rice terraces ...
  • Destinations:
    Dreaming of an unforgettable East Asia vacation? We come up with this well-crafted China+ Mongolia combo. You’ll be introduced the dramatic history and rich culture by visiting world heritage sites and fascinating museums. A trip to South-West China also offers a relaxing sightseeing experience with snow mountains a ...