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Lying in the southernmost tip of Hannan Island, Sanya is a beachfront tropical city in China, featuring blue sea, graceful rivers, serene islands and beautiful bays. Seafood and minority cultures are the other highlights for a holiday in Sanya.

Major attractions in Sanya, Yalong Bay, Tianya Haijiao, Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zoom, Nantian Hot Spring and so on.
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Take a 3-day sightseeing tour to "Oriental Hawaii" - Sanya, for enchanting Deer Looking Back Park, first-class Crown of Beauty Theatre, and bustling pedestrian street.
Enjoy an unforgettable experience in Sanya with some popular attractions - Nanwan Monkey Island, "special" Floating Village, and famous Nantian Hot Spring …

Sanya Hotels More

  • Chenguangfude Hotel Sanya
    Chenguangfude Hotel Sanya

    It is a deluxe personalization hotel that offers the best in accommodation, food and beverage, entertainment and business facilities. Guests may enj ...

  • Golden Beach Villa Sanya
    Golden Beach Villa Sanya
  • Cactus Resort Sanya
    Cactus Resort Sanya

    Cactus Resort Sanya by Gloria combines the exotic Mexican Mayan civilization perfectly with modern style to create the most essential characteristic ...

  • Landscape Beach Hotel Sanya
    Landscape Beach Hotel Sanya

    The Da Dong Hai Sea Resort is a famous tourist attraction with radiant and enchanting sunshine all year around, clean and blue sea-water, fine and s ...

  • Resort Golden Palm Sanya
    Resort Golden Palm Sanya

    The Hotel is backed by Blue Mountains and a beautiful lake, and faces White sand & the sea. Managed by the Zhejiang World Trade Center Hospitali ...

  • Sanya Royal Garden Resort
    Sanya Royal Garden Resort

    Sanya Royal Garden Resort gives urban dwellers every reason to pack their bags and head over to Hainan to get a taste of the good tropical life. Nes ...

  • Yinyun Seaview Hotel Sanya
    Yinyun Seaview Hotel Sanya

    Featuring an ideal location and relaxed accommodations, the Yinyun Seaview Hotel serves to the needs of business and pleasure travelers alike. You c ...

  • Sanya Marriott Resort & Spa
    Sanya Marriott Resort & Spa

    Sanya Marriott Resort & Spa is located amidst palm trees of Yalong Bay on Hainan Island, with easy access to swimming, snorkeling and water spor ...

Sanya Attractions More

  • Tianya Haijiao
    Tianya Haijiao

    By the foot of Maling Mountain stands a wonderful land - Tianya Haijiao. It means the end of the earth and sea in Chinese. There are three carved ro ...

  • Yalong Bay National Resort District
    Yalong Bay National Resort District

    Lying in 28 km southeast of Sanya, Yalong Bay National Resort District is the only tropical tourist spot in China with 18.6 km2 area. It is a cresce ...

  • Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone
    Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone

    Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone is 40 km southwest of Sanya. It includes three main parks: Nanshan Buddhism Culture Park - showing you China tradition ...

  • Wuzhizhou Island
    Wuzhizhou Island

    Covering 1.48 km2, Wuzhizhou Island is 2.8 km away from Sanya. It is one of few islands with natural fresh water and abundant plants in Sanya. Visit ...

  • Nanwan Monkey Island
    Nanwan Monkey Island

    Located in the Nanwan Peninsula, 14 km from Lingshui town, Nanwan Monkey Island is a habitat for macaque. It is the only tropical island nature rese ...

  • Luhuitou Park
    Luhuitou Park

    Luhuitou is a peninsula sitting in Sanya Bay with water on three sides. The peninsula park gets its name Luohuitou, which means “the deer turning i ...

  • Dadonghai Resort Area
    Dadonghai Resort Area

    Dadonghai Resort Area is one of the most popular tropical seaside holiday areas in Hainan Province, located 3 kilometers southeast of downtown Sanya ...

  • Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone
    Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone

    Yanoda is originally onomatopoeia for one, two, and three in Hainan dialect. Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone has given new meanings to these ...

Sanya | Food & Restaurants More

Sanya is one of the most popular tourist city in China. Right here there are tons of food choices for you. For example, the "Four Famous Dishes of Hainan" includes Wenchang Chicken, Jiaji Duck, Dongshan Goat and Hele Crab. Sanya is also home to many different kinds of tropical fruits. It is a prefect place to try the different fresh fruit juice. Besides, the ethnic Li and Miao people have their own culinary culture, it is quite worth trying like Li's bamboo rice and Miao's Five-color rice.Sanya is a coastal city, so seafood is surely a better choice. I ... More

Sanya | Weather & Climate More

As a tropical city, Sanya holds the average anural temperature of 25.5 ℃, July being the hottest and January being the coldest. The climate is pleasant all the year around, and you can spend your holiday here any time. Just during the typhoon season, the storm may bring torrential rainfall and strong wind within a couple of days, especially between June and October. Average Data Jan Feb Mar Apr May ... More

Sanya Travel Tips More

Best Travel Time SanyaAs a famed and beautiful beach city, Sanya has tropical climate with annual temperature up to 25.5 ℃. The weather condition is pleasant all the year round but notices that the typhoons come at June to October. And the best time to visit Sanya is between September and February of next year, but avoids the National Day (first week of October) as well as the Chinese New Year since there are many domestic tourists then.Sanya Safety TipsThere are many wonderful water activities in Sanya like parasailing, diving and boating, but try to ... More

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