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White Pagoda Hill   

The White Pagoda Hill is located on the north bank of the Yellow River with a white pagoda temple on top, hence the name. At the foot of the hill there are Golden City Pass and Jade Folding Pass. Apart from the white pagoda temple on top of the hill, there are Cloud Moon Temple, Three-star Hall, Luohan (Arhat) Hall and Three-official Hall, and Wind Forest Fragrance Rising Archway.

The seven-level octagonal pagoda is 17 meters tall. Below the pagoda there are bronze bell and elephant skip drum. The structures on the mountain are divided into three different platforms on higher than the other. If you climb onto the top of the hill you will find yourself above the tree line, and unfurling below you a marvelous view of the city of Lanzhou and the mighty waters of Yellow River rolling on incessantly.

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