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What to See
  • Impression West Lake Show
    Impression West Lake Show

    Director: Zhang Yimou, Wang Chaoge and Fan Yue Music: Japanese musician Kitaro Theme Song: The Rain of West Lake Singer: Jane Zhang (Zhang Liangy ...

  • Longjing Tea Plantation Village
    Longjing Tea Plantation Village

    When people think of Chinese green tea, they think the premium grade green tea produced in Longjing. Southwest of West Lake in Hangzhou, Longjing (D ...

  • Xixi National Wetland Park
    Xixi National Wetland Park

    With a more than 1,800 years of history, Xixi National Wetland Park is the first and only national wetland park in China. Situated in the western pa ...

  • Xitang Water Town
    Xitang Water Town

    With more than 1000 years of history, Xitang Water Town is one of the six ancient towns south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, is in Jiash ...

  • Wuzhen Water Town
    Wuzhen Water Town

    Wuzhen, a well-known town of fish, rice, and silk, locates at the north of Tongxiang City of Zhejiang Province, China, and at the center of the tria ...

  • Qinghefang Ancient Street
    Qinghefang Ancient Street

    Qinghefang Ancient Street is a tourist-oriented shopping and dining street will allow for shopping and dining catered to tourist tastes, which is lo ...

  • Qiantang River Tide (Wave)
    Qiantang River Tide (Wave)

    The Qiantang River plays an important role in the water-transportation between the east and the west.It is a southeast Chinese river that originates ...

  • Chinese Medicine Museum of Hu Qinyu Pharmacy
    Chinese Medicine Museum of Hu Qinyu Pharmacy

    Established in 1989, Chinese Medicine Museum is the only state-level professional Chinese medicine museum in China. It is located at the foot of Wus ...

  • Meijiawu Tea Plantation
    Meijiawu Tea Plantation

    Surrounded by green mountains and tea fragrance, Meijiawu Village is a famous production base of Longjing Tea at the hinterland of WestLake Park in ...

  • National Tea Museum
    National Tea Museum

    Glowing rays shone over rounding ranges of hills, fragrance of tea leaves permeated, and fresh springs wound through valleys. Here is China National ...

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