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What to See
  • Jidao Miao Village
    Jidao Miao Village

    There are several Miao Ethnic Group, like Short Skirt Miao, Long Skirt Miao, Silk Felting Miao and Hundred Bird Miao in Guizhou province, and Long-s ...

  • Datang Miao Village
    Datang Miao Village

    Datang Miao Village located about 15 kilometers from Leishan County Village in the mountainous southeastern part of Guizhou Province. It stands out ...

  • Langde Miao Village
    Langde Miao Village

    Langde Miao Village is situated on the crystal Danjiang riverside and circled by green Leigong Mountain, 32km southeast of Kaili. It is one of the b ...

  • Kaili Nationality Museum
    Kaili Nationality Museum

    Entitled "the Origin of Chinese Folk Arts", Kaili Nationality Museum is located in the Miao Nationality village at Shanglangde of Leishan County, at ...

  • Sunday Market
    Sunday Market

    Sunday Market in Kaili is held every five days, selling varieties of fresh food, vegetables, fruits, craftworks, jewelry, herbs, clothing, and music ...

  • Xijiang

    Located in southeast of Kaili, Xijiang is has the largest Miao community in China, where more than 1000 Miao families (population: >6000) are liv ...

  • Zhaoxing

    Zhaoxing is the home to Dongs (one of minorities in China) who are talented architects for wooden structures. These people are also good dancers and ...

  • Qinglong Cave Ancient Complex
    Qinglong Cave Ancient Complex

    Located in east of Zhengyuan town (160 east of Kaili), Qinglong Cave Area is well-known for the ancient complex blended with the features of Confuci ...

  • Dage Park
    Dage Park

    Dage Park was built on the top of Long (Dragon) Mountain, and is the best spot to have a panoramic view of Kaili. There is a pavilion on the peak of ...

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