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What to See
  • Silver Heights Winery
    Silver Heights Winery

    After checking in and checking out wineries around China, world-famous wine critic and certified master of wine, Jancis Robinson, in her article pub ...

  • Helan Qingxue Vineyard
    Helan Qingxue Vineyard

    Founded in 2005, Qingxue Vineyard is a high-altitude winery located on the foothill of Ningxia Autonomous Region's Helan Mountain, a 30-minute drive ...

  • 108 Dagobas
    108 Dagobas

    The last major gorge on the upper stretches of the Yellow River is situated on Qingtongxia Town, about 80km south of Yinchuan. The impressive 108 Da ...

  • China West Film Studio at Zhenbeipu
    China West Film Studio at Zhenbeipu

    Known as "the Orient Hollywood", China West Film Studio is situated in the northwest empty wilderness of Yinchuan. China West Film Studio is built b ...

  • Jade Emperor Pavilion
    Jade Emperor Pavilion

    Located at the crossroads of Jiefang Road and Yuhuangge Street in Yinchuan City, Jade Emperor Pavilion is a Taoist temple at the foot of Penang Hill ...

  • Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Museum
    Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Museum

    The Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Museum is a comprehensive historical museum of provincial level in China. Occupying a total area of 8456 square me ...

  • Western Xia Imperial Tombs
    Western Xia Imperial Tombs

    Located on the eastern slope of Helan Mountains, some 40km westward from capital city of the Western Xia – the present Yinchuan (Xingqing in histor ...

  • Shapotou

    220 km south of Yinchuan (3.5 hours ride), Shapotou Tourism Area lies on the southeastern rim of the Tengger Desert with breathtaking scenery of des ...

  • Sand Lake Scenic Area
    Sand Lake Scenic Area

    56km north of Yinchuan, Sand Lake Scenic Area is a big draw to tourists. Encompassing an area of more than 80 square km, Sand Lake (Shahu) is a gem ...

  • Nanguan Mosque
    Nanguan Mosque

    Located in the southeastern corner of old town of Yinchuan, the Nanguan Moque is one of the largest mosques in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. It was ...

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