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  • Exploring Chengdu’s Backcountry – Pingle Old Town

    Category: What to See in China - Date: 2016-09-19
    For those in the know travellers, China’s new urban star Chengdu brings to mind not only the adorable, worry-free giant pandas and spicy, delicious Sichuan Cuisine, but also a dozen ancient towns around Chengdu, making it a great all-round travel destination in China. Pingle is one of the best of Chengdu’s old ...
  • China’s Most Beautiful Mountains in Photos

    Category: What to See in China - Date: 2016-08-22
    China is a great destination for mountain enthusiasts. Some of the world’s most legendary mountain ranges and peaks rose here millions of years ago – some are sacred with religious and secular significance, others are endowed with breathtaking natural scenery. Mount Everest - Summon up courage to ascend the highe ...
  • For waterfall buffs: 10 most beautiful waterfalls in China

    Category: What to See in China - Date: 2016-07-19
    It is a top 10 list, but there are more hidden waterfalls as beautiful as them yet to be found in China. Nuorilang Waterfall in Sichuan: over 270m wide and 30m deep The widest in China, Nuorilang Waterfall is favorably located in Jiuzhaigou Valley, embraced by numerous crystal lakes and pristine forests, creating ...
  • A Cultural Journey through Guilin’s East-west Alley

    Category: What to See in China - Date: 2016-06-13
    Guilin is home to some of nature’s most beautiful and awe-inspiring sights. Moreover, it is an elegant cultural city with a wealth of historical and cultural sites, including the East and West Alleys (Dongxi Xiang). 4-day Guilin Yangshuo Essential Tour 5-day Guilin Highlights Tour Package  Favorable locate ...
  • China Has its First Legoland Park in Shanghai

    Category: What to See in China - Date: 2016-05-10
    Legoland has arrived in Shanghai! Since its soft opening from April 2, 2016, the Shanghai Legoland Discovery Center has made wonderful memories for numerous visitors, and is now fully open to the guests of all ages, yet adults are require accompanying kids to enter. So, yeah, if you're thinking about travelling to ...
  • World’s Most Dangerous Village Locates on a Lofty, Steep Cliff

    Category: What to See in China - Date: 2016-04-18
    Surprisingly located on a 1752-meter-high cliff of Mt. Taihang in Henan Province, Guoliang Village (郭亮村) is considered as the most dangerous village in the world, and can be reached only by a 720-stairs ‘Celestial Ladder’.   Getting to Guoliang Village was so difficult, but the isolation from the outsid ...
  • Explore China’s Most Famous Water Town Wuzhen with Photos

    Category: What to See in China - Date: 2016-04-13
    Make a romantic approach to China’s ancient water town Wuzhen, and enjoy the peaceful and relaxing hours by boating on the limpid river, roaming in the century-old streets, or drinking a cup of tea in a quint tea house with subtle traditional music – you will feel as if you were in a captivating Chinese ink paintin ...
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