The journey to China can be memorable experience of a lifetime. Our exclusive tailor-made tours offer complete flexibility. All the itineraries shown here were worked out to give you an idea of the sample programs, which can be tailored to suit your need. If you have any specific requirements in mind for your coming trip, please feel free to contact us online.

Recommended China Tours 

  • 11-day Golden Triangle with Yangtze Cruise

    Destinations: BeijingXianChongqingYangtze CruiseShanghai  
    The Yangtze and Golden Triangle vacation is pleasant and comfortable. From the historically significant Beijing, to the marvelous Terracotta army in Xian, to the pleasurable ride on Yangtze and glowing skyscrapers and shops in Shanghai, you will experience the diversified landscape and liveliness ...
  • 8-day China Golden Triangle Tour

    Destinations: BeijingXianShanghai  
    This 8-day trip presents the most popular destinations of China in a relaxing and comfortable pace. You will start the golden triangle tour from the one time capital and influential Beijing, then to the historical start of Silk Road - Xian to view the stunning life-style terracotta worriers and th ...
  • 15-day China Impression with Yangtze Cruise

    Destinations: BeijingXianChongqingYangtze CruiseShanghaiGuilinYangshuoHong Kong  
    Experience the natural wonders and culture of China by taking this China Impression Tours. It spans from the Olympic city Beijing and ends at the bustling metropolitan Hongkong, you will enjoy everything from the magnificent imperial complex in Beijing to the spectacular sights including the Terra ...
  • 11-day China Highlights Tour

    Destinations: BeijingXianGuilinShanghai  
    A trip that presents the cradle of Chinese culture with an epic of Guilin landscape tours. Experience the grandeur of China with China Tour Hub and enjoy all the marvels in Beijing, Xian & Shanghai: Great Wall, Forbidden City, Terracotta Army and Old Shanghai. And seeing the most beautiful landsca ...
  • 8-day China Honeymoon/Newlywed Package

    Destinations: BeijingShanghai  
    The most popular destinations in China (Beijing & Shanghai) offer wonderful sightseeing experience as well as romantic moments for newlyweds. After busy arrangements for the big day, a private tour featured in boutique hotels and exclusive restaurants, splendid culture is perfect escape for the co ...
  • 13-day China Tibet Tour

    Destinations: BeijingXianLhasaChengduShanghai  
    A pleasant journey full of discovery, cultural and sightseeing, starts from the great cities Beijing, Xian and extends to the mysterious Tibet plateau for the dramatic landscape and minority culture; stops one day at Chengdu for the universal-loved giant pandas. The last contrast ends at the sky-s ...
  • 20-day China Odyssey Tour

    Destinations: BeijingPingyaoXianChengduLijiangGuilinYangshuoChongqingYangtze CruiseShanghai  
    The China Odyssey Tour provides the most famous historical sites, picturesque landscape and modern landmarks in China. Travel from the narrow hutongs of Beijing and Xian to the grand snow mountain in Lijiang, mighty Yangtze, travelers will experience the ever-changing urban and rural cultures thro ...
  • 11-day China Delight Tour

    Destinations: ShanghaiGuilinYangshuoXianBeijing  
    This 11 days will surely make you delight: starting from the metropolic city Shanghai, enjoying the unique karst peaks and country side experience in Guilin and Yangshuo, then stunnning at the eighth wonder terracotta worriers and horses...the last stop is Beijing, the capital city of China with g ...
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Inspirational Trip Ideas

Add more flavors to your holiday? Try and further read our inspirational trip ideas to broaden your mind and have a clearer glimpse of what China is like before coming. We'll do everything to lead you on your way to a memorable trip of a lifetime.View More

  • Unique Pingyao Lifestyle

    First built in the 14th century, Pingyao is a small town in central Shanxi Province. Inside the wall the city is really cute with his narrow streets and small shops where you can bargain everything...

  • China Avatar Mountain

    In early 2010, The "Southern Sky Column" in Zhangjiajie formally had its named changed to "Avatar Hallelujah Mountain" by the local government as the people believe...

  • Guizhou Mountain Tribes

    Guizhou, a rarely visited, landlocked province is an anthropological treasure trove. In this pristine land of Guizhou, reside many of China's ethnic minorities...

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