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Meet Our Travel Specialists

Travel Specialist: Peicy Wang

Hi, I’m Peicy.

My brief biography:

I was born and grew up in Chibi, an honorable ancient city in Hubei, Central China. After having graduated from university in Xian, I went to the capital Beijing and became an English-speaking tour guide. Now I reside in beautiful Guilin, and I am lucky enough to be a travel consultant of Easy Tour China, which allows me to integrate my passion on traveling into my work. I have been enjoying the time here, and like to share the knowledge and culture of my country with you! Moreover, to pass my love to the world!

I know exactly that it is not easy to meet the needs of all tourists. But I am here willing to listen, share my thoughts, discuss with you, and find out the possible best travel solution for you.

My travel expertise

With my personal guiding experience, I know exactly what my clients need for their journey in China. By communicating sufficiently, I can find them the right hotels, restaurants, transportations, and the destinations suit them best. In a way, I am decked with perfectionism. So I also pay attention to the details to avoid unnecessary troubles and will try best to create the perfect and unforgettable itineraries for you.

It will be my great pleasure to serve you and I promise to take good care of you in China!

My travel story

I’m fond of traveling around to discover the beauty of nature and experiencing something unknown to learn cultural diversity and different lifestyles. Although I have had many chances to visit and live in the big cities, my trip to relatively isolated Shangri-la, Yunnan was the most amazing travel experience. It was only when I arrived at this pure land that I realized how amazing my country was. The people there were humble and friendly, while the landscape was absolutely breathtaking. I fell in love with it, and now would like to bring more like-minded friends there.

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