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Kunming, famed as the "city of Spring", boasting interesting diversified folk cultures and splendid natural sceneries.

Discover the great karst wonder in Stone Forest and enjoy the interesting ethnic groups’ traditions there; extend your Kunming tours to surrounding old town Dali or Lijiang, possibly Shangri-la to have an ever-lasting memory; based in Kunming, you can also explore the breath-taking Yuanyang rice terraces,  fantastic villages of Hani People, peaceful ancient town of Jianshui, and red soil at Dongchuan…
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Trip to Kunming, a city with pleasant temperature all the year round, features at the awesome karst wonders and colorful minority cultures.
Enjoy a delightful and worry-free tour with all highlights in and around Kunming. Watch the unique Karst wonder in stone forest; admire the picturesque scenery and ancient temples at Western Hill; e ...

Kunming Hotels More

  • Grand Park Hotel Kunming
    Grand Park Hotel Kunming

    Grand Park Hotel Kunming, is the city’s best accommodation located near the Green Lake Park, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kunming ...

  • Green Lake Hotel Kunming
    Green Lake Hotel Kunming

    Kunming Green Lake Hotel, is a luxurious 5 star hotel located in the heart of Kunming’s business and cultural district, very close to the beautiful ...

  • Golden Dragon Hotel
    Golden Dragon Hotel

    Kunming Golden Dragon Hotel was the first 4-star hotel to open in Yunnan. It was established in 1998 and was decorated in 2006. It is located right ...

  • New Era Hotel Kunming
    New Era Hotel Kunming

    New Era Hotel Kunming, a 4 star hotel opened in 1998 and refurbished in 2006, is conveniently located in the most prosperous financial and commercia ...

  • Hydro Majestic Kunming
    Hydro Majestic Kunming

    Although the Kunming Hydro Majestic Hotel (formly Kunming Jintai Hotel) is rated as a three star hotel, its facilities and services are arguably up ...

  • Camellia Hotel
    Camellia Hotel

    Kunming Camellia Hotel is a 2-star foreign-guests-oriented hotel. With its beautiful scenery, convenient transportation, Camellia Hotel is an ideal ...

Kunming Attractions More

  • Stone Forest
    Stone Forest

    Situated 75 miles southeast of Kunming, the Stone Forest is a wonder of geology. About 200 million year ago the earth's crust shifted and forced the ...

  • Golden Temple
    Golden Temple

    Golden Temple, located on Mingfeng Hill, 11km northeast of Kunming, is also known as Taihe Palace (the Hall of Supreme Harmony) and Tongwa Temple (t ...

  • Qiongzhu Temple
    Qiongzhu Temple

    The temple lies on the northwestern outskirts of Kunming, some 8 miles (12 km) from the downtown area. Surrounded by wooded hills, the temple was bu ...

  • Yuantong Temple
    Yuantong Temple

    Yuantong Temple, a temple build in Tang dynasty with a history of over 1,000 years, is seated at the southern foot of Luofengshan Hill. It is the bi ...

  • Dianchi Lake and Daguan Park
    Dianchi Lake and Daguan Park

    The Dianchi Lake is the largest lake in Yunnan Province and the eighth largest lake in China. It is 370 square kilometers in area, 44 meters in dept ...

  • Western Hill and Dragon Gate
    Western Hill and Dragon Gate

    Located approximately 15 kilometers from Kunming, the Western Hill spread out across a long wedge of parkland on the western side of Lake Dianchi. T ...

Kunming | Food & Restaurants More

Many people agree that dining out in Kunming is a delight as there are some many unique restaurants serving different specialties. The feature of local cuisine is a perfect blend of sour and spicy flavors, which is affected by the minority's cooking way. Kunming is also famous for its snack food. When dusk falls, many of the city's big streets and old lanes are lined with food stalls open until midnight. The ten most famous delicacies are: Cross-Bridge Rice Noodles, Four Happiness Rice Balls, Buckwheat Bun, Taishi Pie, Dudu Dumpling, Shepherds Purse Du ... More

Kunming | Weather & Climate More

Spring City is the nickname for Kunming as it is blessed with an agreeable climate throughout the year. The average temperature is about 15 degree Celsius in the urban area. Compared with other continental cities in China, Kunming is cooler in summer, and warm in winter.Average Data Jan Feb Mar Apr May June Average High (°F) 58/61 61/65 ... More

Kunming Travel Tips More

Best travel time KunmingKunming, renowned as the City of Eternal Spring, is a city with pleasant all the year round without muggy summer and cold winter. Four seasons are all best time to visit Kunming; however the peak time comes in spring, with great temperature, lush green trees and colorful flowers adorning every corner of the city.Kunming Safety TipsWatch out your bags when on bus or in crowded areas since pick pocketing are common; There are some reports of bag slashing in the commercial city center, so be careful about your handbagsThere are als ... More

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The Silk Road is like a thick history book to me, so enchanting with full of contents. The best season to visit is in July, August and September.


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