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    Southwest Gansu Province stands stategically along ancient Silk Road in northwestern China, and is an important part of Amdo Tibetan Region. See the amazing natural landscapes in this off-the beaten track areas, and experience the splendid Tibetan cultures and Buddhist traditions by watching and joining the Grand Bud ...
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Located in the northwest of China, upper reaches of Yellow River, Gansu is an abundantly endowed with cultural relics and natural scenery. Gansu is the natural passage from the heartland of China to Xinjiang and Central Asia in ancient times, with many historical momentous like Mogao caves, Jiayuguan Great Wall, Labrang Monastery, Bingling Thousand Buddha Caves…

Tibetan and Chinese Muslim cultures are peacefully coexisted in this region which is less visited by foreigners. Our Gansu China Tours will take you into the grand temples, majestic mountains, sweeping grasslands and ancient sites to experience different culture in Wild West China!