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Along with history, Buddhism, Taoism, Islamic and other religions in China has exerted great influence on social life, architecture, philosophy, literature, paintings and many other parts. Many religious sites have since left and become sacred destinations of pilgrim.

The well-preserved religious monuments in China are throughout the country from the Potala Palace in Tibet to the Mogao Grottos in Dunhuang, from the Id Kah mosque in Kashgar to Hanging Monastery and Mount Wutai in Shanxi… Combined with beautiful natural surroundings, these sacred places of worship have become popular travel destinations.

Travel to China's greatest religious destinations with exceptional tailor-made service at Easy Tour China, and step closer to experience the faith, pilgrim, faith-based life and the people there. We also combine the religious aspects with the wonderful traditional sites and activities of each destination to make every trip memorable and unique. Just remember, discovery and understanding are the most treasure along your religious tours in China.

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Top Faqs about China Religious Tour

  • Where to go for a religious tour to China?

    ● Top Buddhist destinations: Shanxi Province (for Mount Wutai, Yungang Monastery, Hanging Temple), Mount Putuo, Mount Emei, Mount Jiuhua, Tibet, Henan (for Shaolin Temple & Baima Temple)

    ● Top Taoist destinations: Mount Qingcheng, Mount Wudang, Mount Qiyun, Mount Longhu, Mount Heming

    ● Top Confucianism destinations: Qufu in Shandong Province

    ● Top Islamic destinations: Xinjiang, Niangxia, Xian

  • Can you arrange temple stay?

    Yes, on an Easy Tour China Buddhist or Taoist tour, we can add temple stay for your accommodation (for instances, on Mt. Qingcheng or Mt. Emei). In this way, you can understand better and deeper the practitioners’ belief, taste the foods and experience their daily life.

  • Do you offer kungfu learning tours with Zen meditation at the temples?

    Yes, based on our clients’ interest and tour length, we can arrange several hours to days or even months Kung Fu learning class at the ancient temples, such as Shaolin Temple and Wudang Mountain. You may practice Zen meditation in Shaolin Temple or others.

  • What are the tips when visiting the religious sites in China?

    1. Listen to travel guide’s do and don’ts and show respect to any spiritual activity there.

    2. No slippers and pay attentions to your clothes; you can ask your guide for dressing advise when visiting temples and mosque to avoid troubles.

    3. Pay attention to statue around, many of them are noted as “No touch no shot”.

    4. Never smoke or drink in religious sites

    5. Take care the children; make sure they don’t run, shout or playing in religious sites

    6. Don’t touch or move any object in religious sites without instructions.

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