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China's intricate train system, especially the HSR, links the vast country together, which makes travelling to the most intriguing destinations a reality.

Train Tours in China is cheaper than flying. Visitors riding on China trains can enjoy the breathtaking scenery while interacting with fellow travellers. Save your budget on overnight hotels and expensive flight tickets, take the clean, safe and fast comfortable trains in China for inter cities transfer. The high-speed rail – the bullet trains in China are a viable option to flight in speed and comfort; while the soft sleeper class on regular train offers other kinds of comfort. >> Read more about China train travel tips

Tibet Train tours is popular, which is comfortable equipped for high altitude travel; taking trains from Xining or Lanzhou to Lhasa, Travelers can enjoy the amazing natural beauty of the mysterious Plateau on the way. Silk Road tour by rail is another great train ride in China. There are some international trains from Beijing China to Hanoi, Moscow, Ulan Bator and Pyongyang which means you can extend China tours by train to these fascinating places. We also craft amazing train journeys for railfans, so you may study the Chinese train history, do photography, by experiencing various kinds of train rides and visiting the old railway stations and train museums.

Best China High Speed Train Tours

Classic China tours by high speed train allow you to explore Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Chengdu, Guilin, Hong Kong, and all the highlights of China, in a more stylish and economic way. The speed train is safe, time-saving, cheap, comfortable and punctual, and has become the optimum choice to travel in China and experience the charming oriental culture.

  • 7 Days Beijing to Shanghai Tour by High Speed Train
    Ride on a high speed train from Beijing to Shanghai, traveling back in time to discover China’s powerful dynasties and explore the country’s current most vibrant metropolis for both ancient & modern wonders.
  • 9 Days Beijing Xian Shanghai Tour by Speed Train
    Tour China’s Golden Triangle destinations by bullet trains, visiting all world-class attractions such as the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Terracotta Army… Witness the old and new of China and interact with locals.
  • 14 Days China Speed Train Tour with Yangtze Cruise
    From the modern and energetic Shanghai, embark on a relaxing cruise voyage on Yangtze River and take speed trains to further explore panda’s hometown and China’s nowadays and historic capitals.
  • 16 Days China Speed Train Discovery
    Travel across China from Beijing all the way to Hong Kong on bullet train journeys - visit the Great Wall, meet Terracotta Warriors, admire pagoda on Silk Road, have fun with pandas, cruise picturesque Li River, cook Chinese dishes…
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