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Located at the northwest of Gansu Province and bordering with Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and Qinghai Province, Dunhuang is an oasis town under the administration of Jiuquan City. It was a key city of Ancient Silk Road, interchanging between China and the outside world. 

Dunhuang is famous for the Mogao Caves and Murals, which were created by Buddhist monks and pilgrims who collected scriptures in ancient times. Now it becomes a world heritage and must-see site. Have a desert tour from here, to see the Crescent Lake & Singing Sand Dune, which is one of the top 5 deserts in China, taking a camel ride or sledding down a sand dune. Catch the sense of Chinese ancient frontier through visiting desolate Passes, like Yumen Pass, Yang Pass. Explore magical yardang landform from Yardang National Geologic Park… >> Read more about Dunhuang history, facts, getting around, etc.

How to plan a Silk Road Dunguang trip? Whether you are religion, history lovers or adventure lovers, Easy Tour China will concentrate on fulfilling your wishes, providing travel products with all the highlights of Dunhuang and exploring more your preference…

Suggested Private Dunhuang Tour Packages

Dunhuang is a hot destination with the booming of Silk Road Tours. Take flight or train to Dunhuang; walk around Mogao Grottoes; play with sand in Singing Sand Dune. Enjoy an interesting holiday with brilliant culture!

  • 2 Days
    Classic Dunhuang Tour

    Steep in this 2-day Classic Dunhuang Tour to grab Dunhuang highlights along ancient Silk Road with breathtaking scenery of dese

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  • 3 Days
    Dunhuang Gobi Desert Walking Tour

    Have a 3-day Gobi Desert Walking Tour to the mysterious oasis city - Dunhuang, along the ancient Silk Road. Savoring up the hig

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  • 4 Days
    Dunhuang Discovery Tour

    Take your time in this 4-day Dunhuang Discovery Tour to explore great natural and artistic wonders of China.

    • Feel th

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  • 4 Days
    Dunhuang Desert Camping Tour

    This 4-day Dunhuang Desert Camping Tour provides you a great opportunity to experience the beauty of desert deeply and grab the

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Recommended China Tour Packages including Dunhuang

Dunhuang is in the center of northwestern China; to the north, you can visit the grassland of Inner Mongolia; head to the west, discover a mystery Xinjiang; down to the south, visit Qinghai province or Tibet; back to the starting of Ancient Silk Road in Xian in the east. Yes, a panorama view of northwestern China will be showed in your eyes.

Top Experiences & Attractions in Dunhuang

  • Situated 25 km southeast of Dunhuang city, Mogao Grottoes (also named the Caves of Thousand Buddhas) were built into the desert cliffs above a river valley. It is so famous as the ...
  • 6km south of the center of Dunhuang at the Singing Sand Mountains, the Crescent Lake is an oasis Gobi desert, which is surrounded the numerous sand dunes. The dunes reach a relativ...
  • Benefiting from its uniqueness for making movies with a military theme, Ancient City of Dunhuang Movie Set has become the biggest set for shooting movies in northwest China. More t...
  • With 4 hours` drive from Dunhuang, Yumen Pass is a worth visiting place only to those who understand the historic significance of it, visiting and pondering on the past....
  • The trip to Yang Pass takes about 2 to 3 hours, you can take train in the railway station of the small town of Yumen, or hire a minibus....
  • Situated 180 km to the northwest of downtown Dunhuang, Yardang National Geologic Park is the biggest Yardang landform group in the world found so far. Stretching 18 km from north t...

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