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On UNESCO's World Cultural and Natural Heritage List, Mt. Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) draw home and abroad travelers by its breathtakingly awesome scenery; while ancient villages of Hongcun and Xidi that remain intact are somewhere to discover traditional Anhui-style architectures and long-gone life.

Yellow Mountain has inspired countless Chinese painters and poets for thousands of years, and is widely known as the most beautiful mountain in China with grotesque rocks, unique shaped pine trees growing out of cliffs, marvelous sea of clouds and crystal-clear hot springs. Traveling in Huangshan, hiking up Yellow Mountain by different trails, taking in views of the other-worldly landscape of peaks shrouded in mist and mystery by cable car, visit the picturesque Huizhou-villages…Beautiful as it is, travelers can get rewards from the unique calmness of tranquility and rurality. >> Read more about Huangshan history, location, traveling around, etc.

Easy Tour China provides best private Huangshan tours customized based on your needs and wishes. Whether you’re culture lovers, active hikers, groups of students or photographers, we’ll introduce you the incredible Huangshan, and its fabulous traditional culture, exciting hiking trails, real people and best sites to shoot photos.

Best Private Huangshan Tour Packages

Huangshan, one of the best destinations in China combining both cultural traditions and naturel beauty, is suitable for travelers of all ages and styles. Pick the well-crafted tour itineraries of hiking, sightseeing, culture immersion, village exploration and photography that interest you.

  • 3 Days
    Huangshan Highlights Tour

    Soak up in all the natural & cultural wonders in this 3-day Huangshan Highlights Tour. Conquer the Yellow Mountain on foot

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  • 4 Days
    Huangshan Discovery Tour

    Savoring up this 4-day Huangshan Discovery Tour, you can witness natural wonders in Yellow Mountain and explore villages around

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  • 5 Days
    Amazing Huangshan Culture Tour

    Steeping in this 5-day Huangshan Culture Tour, you can get a comprehensive feeling of fabulous natural scenery and charming cul

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  • 6 Days
    Huangshan Yellow Mountain Hiking Tour (with Ancient Trails)
    Looking for a city escape away from the hustle and bustle? This trip is just the ticket. With 6-day Huangshan hiking tour, embark
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  • 4 Days
    Huangshan Student Tour with Cultural Exploration

    Immerse your students in the traditional Chinese culture. Inspire them for a lifetime with our learner-centered programs on 4-d

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  • 6 Days
    Huangshan Tea Culture Tour

    Delve into Chinese tea culture with authentic experience on 6 days Huangshan tea tour itinerary.

    Back in East Jin Dynasty

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  • 5 Days
    Huangshan Photography Tour

    Huangshan has the most beautiful and dramatic mountain – Yellow Mountain (Mt. Huanghan) – in China, and perfectly-kept anci

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  • 1 Days
    Huangshan Yellow Mountain Mini Group Tour

    Take a Huangshan join-in bus tour to touch the spectacular Yellow Mountain (Mt. huangshan). Go with a group of like-minded trav

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  • 6 Days
    Huangshan Brush Painting Tour

    Huangshan is home to a long cultural legacy, and consequently, a fascinating artistic tradition. There are Ming and Qing Dynast

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  • 5 Days
    Huangshan Tour to Jiuhua Mountain
    Take your time in this 5-day Huangshan Extension Tour to Jiuhua Mountain to have a pilgrim experience and appreciate breathtaking
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  • 0.5 Days
    Half Day Mini Group tour to Hongcun Village

    On UNESCO's World Cultural and Natural Heritage List, Mt. Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) draw home and abroad travelers by its bre

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Popular China Tour Packages including Huangshan

Explore Yellow Mountain and Hongcun & Xidi Villages on a life-time China adventure and enjoy many more of the country: iconic landmarks such as the Great Wall and Forbidden City, unique culture experience, grand urban metropolis, delicious cuisine, etc.

  • 16 days private guided China tour takes you to explore ancient Chinese culture, modern miracles and amazing natural scener

  • This is a comprehensive China train tour starting from Hong Kong, from the cultural interaction of the West and East to the mos

  • This 16-day China walking holiday provides leisure walks and hikes on the rigid Jinshanling Great Wall, through the terraced fi

  • This Scenery China Tour starts from Hong Kong and make the impressive Karst mountains of Guilin & rural villages in Ya

  • Tea culture has a very long history in China. On this fabulous China tea tour, we will escort you to acquire a wealth of Chines

Top Experiences & Attractions in Huangshan

  • "Huangshan, known as 'the loveliest mountain of China', was acclaimed through art and literature during a good part of Chinese history (e.g. the Shanshui 'mountain and water' s...
  • Situated in Yixian County of Anhui Province, Hongcun and Xidi became hot tourist attractions for well preserved architecture of Ming and Qing Dynasty after the Oscar winner Crouchi...
  • Originated in Song Dynasty (960-1279), Tunxi Old Street is located at the center of Huangshan City....
  • For its high value on the research of China's folk architecture, Chengkan Village has been designated as a provincial preservation. If you plan a tour to Huangshan, do drop by this...
  • Tangyue Archway group is 6.5 kilometers away from Shenxian County (26km to Tunxi). There are 7 memorial archways queuing on the way. 3 were built in Ming Dynasty, the other 4 in Qi...
  • Full of waterfalls, streams, exotic-looking boulders, ancient caves, old pines and exuberant bamboo, Mount Jiuhua is rich in variegated landscape, making it an ideal summer resort....

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