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China Senior Tours

For mature travelers, China is a very word depicting magnificent pagodas, mysterious herbs, diversified landscapes, ancient dynasties and emerging capitalism and changes. The real China to these individuals is still about the opportunity to sample different cuisines, witness social life such as Tai Chi, and marvel at the old and new landmarks!

Easy Tour China is a professional China tour operator who provides worry-free tours for travelers who are 60+ years. The travel itinerary for seniors cover the cities and places most worthwhile to visit at an enjoyable pace while still feeling rested and relaxed.

Seniors' China Tour is an unforgettable journey for family and friends, but also a learning opportunity of lifetime. It is specially designed to meet the needs and comforts of mature tourists. You will be served and escorted by our considerate and helpful guide & driver. Come and join us for a fantastic China trip that suits mature tourists, with the care and comfort from Easy Tour China!

Recommended China Senior Tours 
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    This itinerary, planned to accommodate all levels of ability of elder travelers (over the age 50), gives the glimpse of ancient landmarks in Beijing, Xian; it also combines hassle free river cruise along the Yangtze to fully enjoy the comfort and charming scenery.
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    We are glad to launch this holiday which suits the needs of travelers over the age 50 with youth spirits. Mature tourists can fully rest on the unmatched levels of service and easy enjoy the grand site or charming landscape along the trip!
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    A carefully-made China trip is best for mature tourists to experience the amazingly well-preserved history, picture-look landscape and its new appearance. It is a comfortable, well-paced tour to ensure the utmost ease and memory in the ancient kingdom.
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Useful Tips & Guide

1. Pre-trip preparation

Contact your travel agency in China for advice

Study the climate, language and other important things, buy a guidebook and read if necessary.

Applying comprehensive travel insurance based on your holiday preparations; make sure the insurance policy covers all your needs.

Prepare your passport, visa and other documents in advance, and keep a copy of these documents in areas where theft is a problem.

Have medical check-ups before making final decisions, especially for those senior travelers who have coronary heart disease, hypertension, and any other chronic symptoms, recently had surgery or suffered from a heart attack; Get wise advice from doctors.

Take the medical record with you in case you need it; leave your doctor's name, address and phone number, emergency contact name and phone number, and your insurance company's name, address and phone number on it.

Take some regular medicine and First-aid items like adhesive bandages in your carry-on. If you need to take big amounts of Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) medication and over-the-counter medication, you are supposed to take a letter of explanation from your doctor. Keep all medications in the original, labeled container to avoid customs problems. Make sure that some medicine can not enter China and contact the embassy for details.

2. Health & Safety

Tap water is not drinkable in China; use the electrical water boiler in the hotel room to boil water or just buy some bottled water priced at $0.25 to $0.75 each. The tap water is safe for taking a bath.

Be careful about buying food or drinks from street vendors; Avoid seafood, undercooked meats, peeled fruits and vegetables

Request for less oil and fat contained food, pick the plain rice, vegetables and steamed or stewed and similar items.

Don’t wear expensive cloth, jewelry and other accessory which may label you as target of thieves.

Never travel around too late at night.

Hide your money and keep your wallet securely; when carrying a purse, hold it tightly.

Look out your luggage in the airport or on the road

Use the security view port to see who is outside before open the door; if someone claiming to be hotel employee that you are not expecting, don’t open the door or just call the front desk for help

Keep the door to your room locked at all times. Check the door and windows every time you enter or leave it.

Don't leave cash, travelers checks and expensive electronics and jewelry lying around the room. Use the safe in the room or just store it at front desk.