China Self-guided Tours

Customize Your Trip to the Real China

No one can deny China is becoming an emerging power of the world. No matter what you have learned about it, and how you look at it, China is there, persisting in taking its own way to move forward. A trip to China this country will help you to understand what China really looks like, and the lifestyle of average Chinese people.

After the pandemic, the travel cost in China has gone up considerably. But this can’t stop you from visiting and experiencing the Middle Kingdom. At ETC, we created the self-guided China tour packages to minimize the cost to enjoy the most of China. You will stay at comfortable and clean accommodations with convenient locations, where are accessible by public transportation. And you will easily find many food options around to taste the authentic local food. Then you can take the join-in bus tour in certain cities or a private guided tour by public transportation, and fully utilize the extensive and efficient high-speed railways traveling from one city to another. Therefore, the travel cost in China doesn’t have to be expensive to break the bank. Do not hesitate; let’s craft an affordable China trip for you!

ETC’s self-guided China tour packages are crafted to meet the needs of 3 major markets: