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Customize Your Trip to the Real China

Have your walking boots ready for an active China adventure tours. The Easy Tour China walking and hiking tours combine great walks, hikes & treks, fabulous sightseeing excursions and unique cultural experiences.

Featuring an amazingly diverse landscape of mountains, valleys, gorges, rivers and primeval forests, and a wealth of larger-than-life historic sites, China boasts some of the best hiking trails in the world. When you travel with ETC - with plenty of itinerary choices, tailor-made service and expert local guides – you can have almost everything you desire. The walking/hiking tours of China are a wonderful blend of exploring the natural wonders and learning Chinese traditional culture and its rich history. Discover the Great Wall, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Yellow Mountain and incredible beauty of South China Karst while hiking the trails.

Apart from the classic hikes, our guests can walk off the beaten track to the remote mountainous areas and truly untouched heaven-like villages that have resisted modern influence to retain their thousands-old characters. Furthermore, our private guided hiking and trekking tours in China will appeal to active individuals with a sense of adventure who want to witness and experience the local people and lifestyle first-hand.

  • Tailor-made Tours
    Our custom walking/hiking trips ensures flexibility for dates, destinations, walking pace and can be suitable to different levels of fitness and abilities.
  • Hike in China Like a Local
    Led by a local hiking expert, who are passionate and regional knowledgeable, you can walk and hike with back roads and experience authentic homestays.
  • Responsible Travel
    Instead of getting from point to point for sightseeing, explore and learn about China on your feet, to unveil the unexplored environment and ancient wonders.
  • Safety
    With our experience, especially the local guides’, we get your back, to make sure your hiking trips in China safe, worry-free, memorable and enjoyable.

Best China Great Wall Hiking & Camping Tours

One of the most popular hiking trails in China, the Great Wall is suitable for various people to walk. Our Great Wall of China hiking tours are impeccably crafted -- combing walking, trekking, camping, night tour, and incredible Great Wall photography opportunities. Whether you’re adventurers or a family walking the Great Wall with kids or seniors, there’s something for you.

  • With expert trail guides for the Great wall hike, experience the charms of Gubeikou, Jinshanling, Jinkou and Mutianyu. Camp on the Great Wall!
    Destination: Beijing
    Difficulty: ★★★ - demanding
    Type: World Heritage Site
    Max altitude: 1,141m
  • A private guided of Beijing walking tour combines Beijing city walks to Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, and exciting Gubeikou Jinshanling Great Wall hiking.
    Destination: Beijing
    Difficulty: ★★ - moderate
    Type: World Heritage Site
    Max altitude: 986m
  • An authentic Great Wall of China trekking adventure allows you to discover some wild, lesser-visited sections of the Great Wall and savor up history.
    Destination: Beijing
    Difficulty: ★★★ - demanding
    Type: World Heritage Site
    Max altitude: 1,141m
  • The best section for China Great Wall hiking, Jinshanling features wild and authentic trails, and also offers incredible photography opportunities.
    Destination: Beijing
    Difficulty: ★☆ - easy
    Type: World Heritage Site
    Max altitude: 700m

Classic Long-distance China Walking & Hiking Adventures

Our long distance eco-friendly China walking and hiking packages, blending with classic site visits, immersive cultural activities, exclusive encounters, authentic biking trips and trekking adventures, are here for you to enjoy the best of China while being mindful of the environment.

  • The tour is a perfect combination of hiking, biking and culture immersion. Hike Jinshanling, Jiankou & Mutianyu Great Wall; Bike Yangshuo countryside; Hike Longji Rice Terraces & Li River; and enjoy walking trip of Dragon's Back trail for Hong Kong’s coast scenery.
    Destinations: Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Yangshuo, Hong Kong
    Difficulty: ★★★★ - challenging
    Type: World Heritage, Nature, Culture
    Max altitude: 1,141m
  • A private guided hiking tour of China, it blends the classic walks and off-the-beaten tracks. Delight in Jinshanling Great Wall walking, trek Tiger Leaping Gorge, explore Lijiang Old Town, cruise Li River, and hike Longsheng Backbone Rice Terraces.
    Destinations: Beijing, Xi'an, Lijiang, Kunming, Guilin, Yangshuo, Hong Kong
    Difficulty: ★★★★ - challenging
    Type: World Heritage, Alpine valleys, Nature, Culture
    Max altitude: 2,650m
  • Explore China’s most popular destinations and dramatic Karst lands by walking. You will climb Jingshan Park to view Forbidden City, hike the Great Wall, encounter thousands of Terracotta Warriors from two millenniums ago, hike Yellow Mountain, and wander around West Lake.
    Destinations: Beijing, Xi'an, Guilin, Yangshuo, Hangzhou, Huangshan, Shanghai
    Difficulty: ★★★☆ - demanding
    Type: World Heritage, Nature, Culture
    Max altitude: 1,500m
  • For serious hikers with adventurous spirit, don’t miss Tiger Leaping Gorge & Yubeng Village (Meili Snow Mountain) that offer truly incredible bushwhacking & trekking experience in China. Also explore Yunnan Snub-nosed Monkey National Park.
    Destinations: Lijiang, Shangri-La, Deqing, Yubeng Village, Cizhong Village, Tacheng, Lijiang
    Difficulty: ★★★★☆ - difficult
    Type: High-altitude Hike, Alpine Valleys, Snow Mountain, National Park
    Max altitude: 3,400m

China’s Most Beautiful Hikes & Walks

Whether you’re looking for a brisk weekend walk for urban trails, an exciting hike in China’s most beautiful countryside with multipurpose including biking, photography and real village life experience, a challenge/remote hike off the beaten track to discover the untouched, hidden places in Tibet and Yunnan, our most beautiful hiking and walking tours in China are sure to fulfill your desire for convenient adventure.

  • Hike China’s karst mountain trails, Longji Rice Terraces, and picturesque countryside footpaths. And you can also have fun with Tai Chi training, cooking class, biking…
    Destinations: Guilin, Yangshuo
    Difficulty: ★★★ - demanding
    Type: Nature & Culture
    Max altitude: 1,100m
  • Hike Tiger Leaping Gorge trails for 2 days to track the old Tea-horse Trading Route, and enjoy Lijiang culture, history, architecture and food.
    Destination: Lijiang
    Difficulty: ★★★ - demanding
    Type: Alpine Valleys, World Heritage
    Max altitude: 2,650m
  • One of the iconic hikes in China, Guilin offers active walking experience of Karst hills, Li River, Longji Terraced Fields (for ethnic minority culture).
    Destinations: Guilin, Yangshuo
    Difficulty: ★★☆ - moderate
    Type: Nature & Culture
    Max altitude: 1,100m
  • From the West Lake and Longjing Tea Village to Hangzhou’s ancient trails, this trip allows you to discover the cultural Hangzhou on foot.
    Destination: Hangzhou
    Difficulty: ★★☆ - moderate
    Type: Nature & Culture
    Max altitude: 200m
  • The leisure walk tour is ideal for active travelers to explore Hong Kong Dragon’s Back Trail, city highlights, landmarks, coastal views, back streets and cultural heritages.
    Destination: Hong Kong
    Difficulty: ★★ - moderate
    Type: Nature & Culture
    Max altitude: 284m
  • Embark on your adventure to Lhasa for hiking around Ganden Monastery and enjoy insider access to local family with cooking class and see sky-burial platform.
    Destination: Lhasa
    Difficulty: ★★★☆ - challenging
    Type: High-altitude Hike, Nature & Culture
    Max altitude: 4,885m
  • An ideal winter China hiking tour in December-March, it offers unique walking experience through heavy snow, and explore the fairylike Harbin Snow Town.
    Destinations: Harbin, Snow Town
    Difficulty: ★★ - moderate
    Type: Snow Town
    Max altitude: 1,200m
  • As well as hiking Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong Nature Reserve to explore the sheer beauty of nature, also enjoy horse trekking along the Old Tea-horse Road.
    Destinations: Chengdu, Songpan, Jiuzhaigou
    Difficulty: ★★☆ - moderate
    Type: National Park, Ancient Trail
    Max altitude: 3,100m

Summit Hiking / Peak-bagging / Mountain Hiking Adventures in China

If you’re a mountaineer who is fond of walking the mountain trails and stairs, hiking to reach the summit of certain mountains, or prefers trekking more rugged, off-trail areas in the wilderness, and even spend a day or two on the trail, camp and sleep under the stars, here we go.

  • Hike Yellow Mountain along steep trails for magnificent cliffs, peculiar rocks and pine trees… Also walk from Hongcun to Xidi Village along the ancient trails.
    Destination: Huangshan
    Difficulty: ★★★☆ - challenging
    Type: Mountain, World Heritages, Ancient Village
    Max altitude: 1,841m
  • The trip covers Zhangjiajie’s best hiking trails from Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Tianmen Mountain to Grand Canyon, with incredible skywalk and Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge.
    Destination: Zhangjiajie
    Difficulty: ★★★☆ - challenging
    Type: Mountain, World Heritages
    Max altitude: around 1,262m
  • Discover the beautiful natural living environment of giant panda and hike Mt. Siguniang for spectacular views of valleys, lakes, meadows, forests, waterfalls…
    Destinations: Chengdu, Wolong, Mt. Siguniang
    Difficulty: ★★★ - demanding
    Type: Alpine Mountain, Natural Habitat of Panda
    Max altitude: around 3,900m
  • Travel to the Wild West Sichuan and trek through the sacred Yala Snow Mountain. With 3 days hiking and camping, conquer the slops and winding jungle tracks.
    Destinations: Chengdu, Mt. Yala, Xinduqiao
    Difficulty: ★★★☆ - challenging
    Type: Snow Mountain
    Max altitude: 4,216 m

Desert Hiking Tours in China

Our China desert walking/hiking tours take active travelers to explore several of China’s most beautiful and mysterious deserts, and uncover the history of the Silk Road and exotic culture of Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia.

  • Led by local expert hiking guide, conquer the summit of “the Everest Desert”- Badain Jaran, and discover its many tranquil lakes, mysterious singing sand dune…
    Destinations: Alxa Youqi, Inner Mongolia
    Difficulty: ★★ - moderate
    Type: Desert Hike
    Max altitude: 2,040m
  • Enjoy part of the old Silk Road walking, from Crescent Lake & Singing Sand Dune to Shanshuigou Valley and the Great Wall of Han dynasty.
    Destination: Dunhuang
    Difficulty: ★★ - moderate
    Type: Desert Hike
    Max altitude: 1,138m
  • Accompanied by local camel team, trek and camp at Hotan Taklamakan Desert for its breathtaking wilderness, desert sunrise/sunset, Xinjiang culture…
    Destination: Hotan
    Difficulty: ★★★☆ - challenging
    Type: Desert Hike
    Max altitude: 1,500m

Easy Tour China Walking & Hiking Tours Reviews

We (a group of 12 members) spent 2 weeks in Shanghai and Beijing, and I think all members of our party agree that this tour was the highlight of the trip. Simatai - Jinshanling Walk - What an incredible experience. I have visited 5 continents and many sights, and this is my new favorite. Compared to friends who went to Badaling, the experience we had was unmatched. Highly recommended.
- Eric Clark from Australia
The hiking trip in Longji was so beautiful; a local guide in the mountains was colorful and essential. It was nice to arrive in Ping’an and to stay there overnight…
- Goedele, Ruth and Meg Heidbuch

Common Questions about China walking/Hiking Tours

  • What are the best hikes in China?

    There are many amazing hikes in China, close to the cities or scarred over the mountain areas. Here we list some of China’s best hikes that are workable for most travelers:
    1. The Great Wall of China
    2. Tiger Leaping Gorge
    3. Yellow Mountain
    4. Li River & Longji Rice Terraces
    5. Mount Hua
    6. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Tianmen Mountain & Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon
    7. Yubeng Village around Meili Snow Mountain Area
    8. Xinjiang Kanas
    9. Four Girls Mountain
    10. Namjagbarwa Mountain

  • Best time to hike in China?

    Best time to hike the Great Wall is from April to November.

    Best time to hike Li River and Longji Rice Terraces in Guilin is from middle of April to October.

    Best time to hike Tiger Leaping Gorge is spring and autumn, when the temperatures are mild with lower humidity.

    Best time to hike Yellow Mountain from April to November.

    Best time to trek Yubeng Village is from Mid-April to May, September and October.

  • What are the differences among your walking, hiking and trekking trips in China?

    It is absolutely different to walk, trek or hike in China.

    With our China walking trips, it is most likely you’ll walk the urban trails for the architecture, history, back streets or local culinary delights of a city, like Beijing or Shanghai. Besides, there’re also Great Wall walks and countryside wandering through rice paddies.

    Our hiking tours of China involve relatively long energetic walks in a natural environment like Li River, wild sections of the Great Wall or Zhangjiajie mountains on hiking trails or footpaths for several days. It requires more physical strength, and more challenging than walking.

    We also craft some trekking trips in China for thrill adventures seekers, with which you will trek in wild natural environment (e.g. Tiger Leagping Gorge and Yubeng Village) and conquer mountain peaks (e.g. Mount Siguniang). Of course trekking in China requires more physical and mental strength, and more challenging than hiking.

  • What are the types of trails I will walk and hike in China?

    On our China walking & hiking tours, we cover as many trails as possible to make the trips diverse, exciting and exhilarating, and suitable for people of different interests and different levels of hiking expertise. The trails on our trips include paved flats hiking trail, access foot trail, walkways, bikeways, broadways, backcountry trail, interpretive trail (nature trail), loop trail, mountain trails, desert trails, long distance trail, ancient trail, etc.

  • Do you have hiking tours in China for family with kids and the elderly people?

    Yes. If you are a family with children and seniors wishing to walk/hike in China, we’ve got a range of walking tours for you to choose, with Great Wall of China family hiking, brisk city walks, leisure countryside strolls, and light backcountry trail hiking. All of the trips can be customized to meet your needs, and allow you to hike even in the wild outdoors and camp, without worries and danger.

  • What about the accommodations on your walking/hiking tours?

    For city walks and leisure countryside hiking (e.g. in Yanghsuo), we usually arrange for our clients the star-rated hotels, ranging from five stars to economic hotels. But in remote countryside, especially the mountainous areas (e.g. Tiger Leaping Gorge), the accommodation will probably be very basic guesthouses. And on the Great Wall hiking trips, we can arrange overnight camping on the bacon tower.

  • What to pack for a hiking tour in China?

    Please keep luggage to a minimum – you will need to carry it yourself at airports. The baggage allowance is normally 20kg for checked-in luggage and 5kg for hand luggage.

    It's best to take a layered approach to cope with the differing temperatures you are likely to experience. You will find dress in the hotels very casual, though you may wish to take one smarter outfit. During sightseeing, you may visit temples or religious buildings in which dress restrictions apply so please ensure you have appropriate clothing.

    • Walking Boots – well worn–in, with good ankle support and strong- ridged soles with good tread and spare boot laces

    • Loop-pile socks – some find one thick and one thin pair reduces the risk of blisters.

    • Spare clothing – several thinner layers are better than one thick layer

    • Waterproof trousers and jacket – with hood

    • Shorts

    • Long trousers and long-sleeved shirts with collars - as protection from the sun.

    • Sun hat

    • Swimming costume and swimming cap (for use in hotel pools).

    • Comfortable clothes - for evenings

    • Comfortable shoes – for sightseeing

    • Insect / mosquito repellent, camera, umbrella

  • What else to pack on the walks/hikes/treks?

    First Aid Kit – including plasters, painkillers, antiseptic

    • wipes and lipsalve

    • Sun protection – sunglasses; high factor sun screen and lip protection

    • Water bottle – with at least 1 litre capacity

    • Collapsible stick – many people find these useful for walking on rough and slippery terrain

    • Lightweight survival bag

    • A small rucksack and a small second bag – a bin liner will keep contents dry if it rains

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