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Want your honeymoon to China the most memorable and romantic trip? We get it.

Catching up in the excitement of your wedding means that you have found someone to share your life with. A honeymoon trip is a celebration of your new identity as a married couple, which can definitely help you relax and calm down. China might not be on the top list for honeymooners of other countries, while it still has its unique features, which make it a significant honeymoon destination. ETC team boasts a wide collection of honeymoon ideas with its splendid culture, lovely tropical beaches, refreshing river cruises, idyllic hideaways, mesmerizing wedding customs, delectable cuisines and colorful activities/festivals throughout the country.

At Easy Tour China, a variety of pre-designed honeymoon packages are available for your selection. If you are exploring the possibilities of a honeymoon holiday to China, please don’t hesitate to let us know. ETC travel specialists are of service to you, customizing a honeymoon journey based on your budget, time and requirements. Since we are a dedicated tour company based in China, your personal honeymoon planner at ETC knows the country inside and out, and does everything to make the daydream to reality for you.

If you're looking for an unforgettable honeymoon in China planned with love and a personal touch, Easy Tour China is your right choice!

  • Tailor-made
    Our 1-on-1 expert consulting service ensures you can customize your honeymoon trip, for something really special and unforgettable.
  • Honeymoon Places
    Enjoy a magic journey to the places that combines history, culture, beach, landscape and romance.
  • Romantic Trips
    Bare feet on the sand beach, romantic dinner, a relaxing spa… Your honeymoon can also add some cultural and adventure elements.
  • Accommodation
    We’ve hand-picked some luxury and smaller boutique hotels for you and your wife/husband.

Recommended China Honeymoon Tours

Romantic Great Wall Trip
Destinations: Beijing, Shanghai
  • Visit the Great Wall and enjoy a romantic champagne forest picnic.
  • Admire the ancient imperial architectures and ride a vintage pedicab through hutongs.
  • Explore Shanghai and witness traditional Chinese wedding in Nanxun Water Town.
Journey to Jade-like Lake in Tibet
Destinations: Beijing, Xian, Lhasa, Chengdu, Bifengxia Panda Base, Shanghai
  • Enjoy a romantic night trip to Simatai Great Wall and cruise Summer Palace.
  • Meet the incredible Terracotta Army and make dumping at local family home.
  • Travel from Tibet to Chengdu, joining the memorable panda keeper work.
  • With your wife/husband, journey to the romantic water town nearby Shanghai.
Take in Karst Scenery
Destinations: Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Guilin, Yangshuo, Sanya, Hong Kong
  • A brilliant itinerary for couples with active & relaxing activities, combining culture and nature.
  • Beijing & Shanghai offers the best ancient wonders in China: the Great Wall, Forbidden City…
  • Enjoy romantic dinner and night life in the metropolitan Shanghai and Hong Kong.
  • Experience idyllic countryside life in Yangshuo, and lazy days in coast city Sanya.

Recommended Things to Do for a China Honeymoon

Below we’ve got some inspiration for you, listing romantic things to do in China for newlyweds planning a honeymoon itinerary. Use them and create your own unique trip!

  • Romance
    • Romantic dinner, Spa in luxury hotel
    • Lazy days in old water towns
    • Sunshine sand beaches in Sanya
    • Traditional Chinese wedding ceremony
  • Culture & History
    • Sunrise & sunshine on the Great Wall
    • Forbidden City & Terracotta Army
    • Ride through hutong/Xian City Wall
    • Spot giant panda
  • Nature & Adventure
    • Cruise picturesque Li River
    • Authentic Food adventure
    • Wild Tibet, Yunnan, Zhangjiajie
    • Desert camping & Camel Riding

Commonly Asked Questions about Honeymoon Tour in China

  • What are the best honeymoon destinations in China?

    We would recommend Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Yangshuo, Lijiang, Dali and Hong Kong for your honeymoon in China, where you will have a unique romantic holiday. If you’re adventurous couple, travel to Tibet, Zhangjiajie or the Silk Road with desert camping expedition.

  • How many days suggested for our honeymoon to China?

    It depends on your budget and the length of your holiday. Allow yourselves at least 8-11 days to the most valuable places. Yet, if you have around 14-20 days then your honeymoon can be more enjoyable, with more interesting activities.

  • When should we book our honeymoon?

    Book the honeymoon tours early. This is important to get all the things you want to include in your package; inform the agent this is your honey moon trip, ensure you get enough attention or some special gifts to surprise your wife/husband.

  • Any other useful tips and guide on planning a honeymoon travel in China?

    ⦁ Applying for passports and related paperwork once you decide your honeymoon destination.
    ⦁ Pack wisely. List items you need for the holiday and double-check before your departure; Pack the snacks, water, cameras and other essentials you will need along the way in your carry-on luggage; Keep passports, money cards, phone cards and a list of important phone numbers handy as well.
    ⦁ Get a Travel Insurance for just pennies on the dollar, you can insure your trip, and, if the travel plans go wrong, at least you won't be mad and broke.
    ⦁ Book a romantic honeymoon hotel, with spa treatment.
    ⦁ Inform your parents, relative or friends about your itinerary, make sure they know when you leave and back
    ⦁ Keep your documents safe Bring a carry-on bag to keep you're the important documents; Scan your important paperwork and store in your mailbox or somewhere safe, including your passport, travel checks, credit card info and so on.
    ⦁ Shop Souvenirs. Buy some unique handicraft items in China and display it in your room, the proof of a great vacation; give special thank-you gift for anyone helped on your wedding day, parents, bridal party and so on.

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