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China’s Rainbow Mountain: Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park

Date: 2014-09-10

Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park in China

Zhangye city in northwestern China’s Gansu Province is a photographer’s dream, by boasting the spectacle of Danxia landforms extending for 410 square kilometers in Linze and Sunan counties. With its majestic table mountain terrain, odd-shaped Danxia cliffs, and dynamic, dramatic colors, Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park is one of the most beautiful corner on earth and displays a unique type of petrographic geomorphology found in China. 

The formation

Zhangye Danxia Landform

Zhangye Danxia Landform is a masterpiece of great nature’s design, with the erosion of red sandstone, and was shaped 6 million years ago. Influenced by its special geologic framework, together with thousands of years of freeze-thaw peeling, wind and rain, isolated peaks and steep stone walls formed, and differed in color, texture, shape, size and pattern, then giving rise to its present appearance. 

China Zhangye Danxia Landform 

Zhangye Danxia landform on Qianlian Mountain is mainly composed of red gravel, sandstone and mudstone. It is typical of an arid or semi-arid climate and stands out with the cross layers, eroded caves, vertical joints, and multi-colored slopes.  

The multi-colored range

China's Rainbow mountain of Zhangye Danxia Landform

It is hard to believe this insane mountain formation is real, but it do exists! Many visitors call the mountains here “the rainbow mountains” for the layers of different colored sandstone, ranging from red, orange, green, yellow, blue, white, etc being extremely stunning when the sun shines again after rain.  

The three scenic spots

Zhangye  Linze Danxia Scenic Area

Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park is divided into three scenic spots: Linze Danxia Scenic Area, Sunan Danxia Scenic Area and Binggou Danxia Scenic Area. The first area has four viewing platforms for catching wonderful pictures. The second area is much bigger and offers more beautiful scenery with less crowds. And the third area is known as "window lattice and palace-shaped Danxia topography”.  

Colorful Danxia Landform in Zhangye

Zhangye Binggou Danxia Scenic Area

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  • Asked by Celine Mansour
    2017-08-20 17:55
    We would like to organize a private day tour to Danxia Landform park on the 23rd of August (we are a french couple landing from Xian the previous Day). We are big photograph lovers and would want to walk rather than use the buses around the park. We are more after a transfer from/to hotel with the driver waiting for us all day (or half a day). We would like to see the sunset and then head back to Danxia hotel in zhangye. We heard it was good to take some 4x4 inside the park to see places you don't see without. Is it true? Also we heard about hot air balloons, what is the best time to see them fly around? Looking forward to your suggestions. Celine
    Answered by Charlie
    2017-08-21 09:43
    Hi, Celine Mansour,

    Thanks for contacting Easy Tour China!

    Agust is the best season for Danxia Landform Park (also called the rainbow mountains) at Zhangye. Sunrise and sunset are the two must time for photograph lovers. No poblem to arrange either guide or car+driver only for the trip. Our travel consultant will reach you soon via email regarding the details.

    Have a good day!

  • Asked by Irish Irorita
    2017-03-02 21:07
    Hi! I'm a single traveler and would like to save in costs. I would like to join a group for a day tour in November 2017. How much would that cost me?
    Answered by Ricky
    2017-03-03 15:07
    Hi, Irish,

    Thanks for contacting Easy Tour China.

    We are so pleased to be of service to you. I am afraid that we can't guarantee whether there will be a group to join in to visit the geological park in November. If so, it could be a Chinese tour group then. For more details, our travel specialist will be in touch with you soon via email.

    Have a nice day there!
  • Asked by Ivana Sabolic
    2015-09-01 03:57
    Dear Easy tour China tour team,
    My name is Ivana and I'm from Croatia, a small country in Europe. I would love to see Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park. Have you got any tours I could join in late September or early October? I'm a single traveler. I would prefer a one or " day tour, only for the Zhangye Danxia Landform.
    I'm looking forward to your reply.
    Kindest regards,
    Answered by Ricky
    2015-09-01 09:42
    Hi, Ivana,

    Thanks for contacting Easy Tour China.

    We are so glad to be of service to you. Please understand that we don't have an English speaking group for you to join in during the period. To save the cost, do you think of joining in the domestic Chinese group to visit the place? The guide speak very limited English. For more details, our travel specialist will be in touch with you soon via email.

    Have a nice day there!

  • Asked by Thomas Sewu
    2015-05-21 14:54
    I'd like to ask do you have any tour to Zhangye Dancia Landform (rainbow mountain)
    I come from Jakarta, Indonesia.
    And Which city ( the easiest way) should I fly to ?
    I plan to take off from Jakarta 30 May 2015.

    Thankyou & rgds,

    Answered by Ricky
    2015-05-21 15:28
    Dear Thomas,

    Thanks for contacting Easy Tour China.

    We are so pleased to be of service to you. Regarding the tour to Zhangye Danxia Landform, our travel specialist will be in touch with you soon via email.

    Have a nice day there!


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