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jiayuguan fort7 km southwest of Jiayuguan city, Jiayugyan Fort is the west end of the Great Wall built in Ming Dynasty. It is the most magnificent and best-preserved ancient military fort in China.

Jiayuguan Fort is facing Qilian Mountain in south and Mazongshan Mountain in north, only 15 km between the two mountains. It is regarded as the "gullet" of Hexi Corridor. Due to its strategic location, the fort was dubbed the 'Impregnable Defile Under Heaven' or 'The Greatest Pass Under Heaven'.

The Fort includes three parts, inner city, outer city and moat. The perimeter of inner city is 640 meters long, encompassing an area of 25,000 square meters. At the eastern end of the fort is the Gate of Brightness (Guanghua men) and in the west is the Gate of Conciliation (Rouyuan men). Over each gate stand 17m-high towers with upturned flying eaves. On the inside of each gate are horse lanes leading up to the top of the wall.

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