China Women Travel & Tours

Customize Your Trip to the Real China

Women’s travel & tours to China allows you to see this enigmatical country in an easy, safe and immersive way. Your life will change.

Today the rise of the awareness of female power has fueled the rapid growth of female-focused travel. Women are now eager to tour the world - experiencing another culture, gaining perspectives and insights into the local community, exploring the beauty of amazing landscape, enjoying unique culinary focus as well as comfort. All are them are desires when ladies travel to a new exotic land like China. If you travel with Easy Tour China, all trips will be customized.


What Can ETC Offer for Women’s Travel to China

Easy Tour China is not a women-focused tour operator in China, despite that, for the last 20 years we have provided travel packages for women worldwide (including female Muslim travelers) of diverse ages, abilities and interests in the most amazing destinations around China they had dreamed of.

Our private exclusive China tours for female travelers are all about exploring the real China. The flexible itineraries are specially designed for ladies who care about safety and security, enjoy healthy food, shopping experiences, and look for authentic local interactions. Furthermore, we have an adventure for every woman.

Women’s Vacation Tour in China

  • 11-day China Golden Triangle Tour for Women
    Discover Shanghai Beijing and Xian on a relaxing and immersive women’s tour to China. Visit the Bund, Mutianyu Great Wall, Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses, make dumpling yourself, shop at flea market…
  • 13-day Crazy Shopping & Foodie Tour to China for Women
    An ultimate happy and relaxing women’s holiday in China, the trip offers unique shopping opportunities, diverse foodie experiences, deluxe spa treatment, Tai Chi learning, and also fascinating local women encounters.
  • 23-day Highlights of China for Women
    Journey through China’s vibrant cities, ancient towns, spellbinding karst hills, the timeless Tibet, the mighty Yangtze to discover all the highlights and meet giant panda, while connecting with many extraordinary local women.
  • 4-day Beijing Women’s Tour
    Beijing dazzles, a vibrant metropolis featuring a wealth of historical sites and ancient wonders that bring an ancient world to your life. Enjoy a holiday of sightseeing, food tasting, culture contact and the Great Wall hiking.
  • 4-day Shanghai Women’s Tour
    Spend 4 days exploring Shanghai with a local female guide. Travel through the stylish avenues and vintage old streets for culture, foods and special blind-dating park, and further afield into the romantic Tongli Water Town.
  • 4-day Hong Kong Women’s Tour: Shopping & Eating
    Immerse yourself in fulfilling and exciting Hong Kong life like local women - stimulate the taste with a wide range of foods and drinks, always stay in a good mood shopping around, while also experience unique Hong Kong arts and culture.

Highlight Activities & Programs for Female Travelers

  • Leisure & Culture
    • Shopping
    • Traditional festivals
    • Learn Chinese calligraphy/painting
    • Learn arts, embroidery & handicraft
  • Real Life Experience
    • Beauty salon/spa & wellness center
    • Food tasting & cooking
    • Farm work at countryside
    • Local family/school/tea farm visit
  • Adventure Travel
    • Hiking, trekking & biking
    • Boating, kayaking & bamboo rafting
    • Journey to remote areas
    • Tibet expedition

Tips for women travel to China

  • Top places for female travelers to visit

    Women travelers can visit almost everywhere of the diverse territory of China, yet the top places and attractions in China recommended for women include the Great Wall & Forbidden City in Beijing, Terracotta Army in Xian, Yellow Mountain in Huangshan, Li River from Guilin to Yanghsuo, the panda hometown - Chengdu, the vibrant Shanghai, the surreal Zhangjiajie, the adventurous Yunnan and Tibet.

  • Can a woman travel alone in China? Is it safe?

    Generally, China is a safe destination for solo female travellers, although you may encounter language barrier, cultural shock and a bit of starring.
    If a woman plans to visit China alone, you are suggested:
    1. Plan ahead.
    2. Research the places you are going to visit.
    3. Better to book with a tour operator, especially women-focused travel agency.
    4. Craft the tour itinerary and work out all the details with destination experts.
    5. Travel with the local (female) guide in each place.
    6. Avoid tourist scam and black cabs.
    7. Make new friends and get more local experience We recommend this China Discovery Bus Tour for Solo Traveler that is also fit for solo female travelers.

  • Will Easy Tour China do women-only group trips in the future?

    We are doing private women tours in China that all can be customized, because we think that is the best way for women travelers to see China exactly how they want to see it. We may do women-only group trips in the future to help women traveling together in China, but it depends.

  • Top Travel safety tips for Women touring China

    It is absolutely possible for women to travel in China and stay safe, as long as you keep the safety tips in mind.
    ● Stay alert & avoid theft. Thieves are more likely to target on female, so stay alert when you visiting a crowded place.
    ● Don’t wear expensive jewelry especially bling items which would make you been the target of thieves.
    ● Dress in local way and wear appropriate clothes accordingly. Temple or some minority villages has rules on sleeper shoes & skirt.
    ● For women travelers, when at the hotel rooms, if you don’t know the people and his purpose outside the room, don’t open the door. Or just call the reception staff to confirm or for help.
    ● Make smart choices and use your common sense. Don't be paranoid, but be aware that bad things do happen. We women should protect ourselves.
    ● Refuse firmly or say “no” when you are not going to buy or surrounded by vendors.
    ● Sit and stand next to other female travelers or family groups in restaurant, on trains or buses and other public place.

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