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Guangzhou is a famous city for foreign trade, business doing that located at the Pearl River Delta. It is the major hub in southern China that is second only to Hong Kong. There are direct international flights to other countries of Asia, Australia and so on. The extensive range of domestic transportation including flight, train, and bus make an in-depth China tours from Guangzhou available. Traveler can transfer to Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Kunming, Guilin and other cities in China directly by flights or trains.

Guangzhou holds the China’s largest trade fair – The Canton Fair. Besides the endless skyscrapers, shopping malls, there are a lot of cultural and historical sites that await you to explore.

China Tours Starting from Guangzhou 
  • Destinations: GuangzhouZhangjiajieChengduXianBeijing  
    Fly from Guangzhou to Zhangjiajie for the breathtaking scenery of Zhangjiajie, the magnificent mountains, unique shaped stone pillars, mysterious valley & karst cave, green vegetation and crystal water are what the natural offered. Go to Chengdu for the fairy land – Jiuzhaigou Valley which offers another kind of pri ...
  • Destinations: GuangzhouShanghaiBeijing  
    The 10 day metropolis tour starts from the southern city Guangzhou, where you will see the typical Guangzhou buildings, ancient historical sites as well as the busy modern streets; you will also visit the bustling Bund as well as the imperial capital city Beijing.
  • Destinations: GuangzhouGuilinYangshuoKunmingLijiangChengduLhasaXianChongqingYangtze CruiseShanghaiBeijing  
    This tour is your lifetime journey in China, covering the most renowned sites in the country: Guilin, Yangshuo, Lijiang ancient town, panda hometown Chengdu, magnificent Three Gorges, Tibet, Terra Cotta army, Great Wall and so on.
  • Destinations:
    This tour starts from 2200-year-old Guangzhou, which is the largest commercial city and transportation hub in South China, and then to Beijing, the capital of China, you will feast your eyes on the Chinese glorious history and culture.
  • Destinations:
    Guangzhou, the first seaport city known as the 'South Gate' of China, full of prosperity and vigor, while Shanghai is the bustling economic Mecca of China that boasts all of the comforts and amenities of a fully modern metropolis. This tour will let you experience the newly developing China that still maintains its b ...
  • Destinations:
    This tour combines Guangzhou with Xian showcasing the ancient and modern Chinese civilizations. Within the 4 days, you will not only see the prosperity of commercial Guangzhou, but also the brilliant history of profound Xian. You will see the diversities of these two places.
  • Destinations:
    This tour is a perfect combination of cultural sightseeing spots and leisure options in South China. Guangzhou is a city with the past glories and modern prosperity, while Guilin is world-famous for its serene landscape, an ideal place for relaxation.
  • Destinations:
    Both of the two cities are the most dynamic metropolis in South China. Guangzhou is an ancient city of more than 2200 years, while Shenzhen only emerged from a tiny fishing village 30 years ago, now developed into the a financial center and busy port for international trade. It has also become a popular weekend getaw ...
  • Destinations:
    Both Guangzhou and Chengdu are rich in cultural heritages and old traditions. While the former one is more open and dynamic due to its coastal location, while the later one is more reserved and slow-paced thanks to its abundant produce from their fertile land. Chengdu is also regarded as the hometown of Pandas, where ...
  • Destinations:
    In this tour, you will have the chance to witness the prosperity of the metropolis in South China by visiting Guangzhou, while in Lhasa of Tibet, you can see scared land and its unique Tibetan Buddhism culture.
  • Destinations:
    After a short trip to the prosperous Guangzhou city in South China, you will take a leisurely cruise down the mighty Yangtze River. During the cruise, you can feast your eyes on the mammoth Three Gorges Dam and other interesting sites along the river in an easy and comfortable way.
  • Destinations:
    You will take a short break in the dynamic Guangzhou city of South China, followed by an amazing tour to a Lijiang to appreciate the stunning landscape and impressive Naxi people's culture.
  • Destinations:
    This interesting tour combines the visits to the South China's most prosperous cosmopolitan city - Guangzhou and the spectacular dreamland Zhangjiejie, which inspired the Hollywood big shot Mr. James Cameron created a similar setting in his movie "Avatar".
  • Destinations:
    In this tour, you will feel the big difference of the two places: Guangzhou impresses you with its vitality, busy traffic and skyscrapers, while Yellow Mountain rewards you with exceptional natural beauty and moment of tranquility.
  • Destinations:
    With its convenient geographical position and over 2,200-year history, Guangzhou is rich in antiquity, unique customs and deep cultural deposits; while Jiuzhaigou is a great masterpiece of nature with dreamlike sceneries. It combines blue lakes, waterfalls, verdant forests, snow-covered mountains, and the folk custom ...
  • Destinations:
    An ancient but dynamic city, Guangzhou impresses visitors with both its vivid modern ambience and unique traditional Lingnan indigenous culture. While Luoyang, one of China ancient capital cities, was a seat of power for 13 dynasties and is an important cradle of Chinese civilization with great cultural significance. ...
  • Destinations:
    Guangzhou has been a famous commercial center for at least 400 years, and is now the economic center of southern China. And Pingyao is rich in historical and cultural relics with the well preserved aged temples, pagodas and city walls as well as civilian residence. This tour is designed for you to see a vivid picture ...
  • Destinations:
    Both Guangzhou and Xiamen are the renowned industrial and commercial port cities in South China. While in Guangzhou, you will see more about Chinese history and culture, in Xiamen, it has become a sightseeing haven in Fujian. The top attractions cover Gulangyu Island, Hakka Earth Buildings (Tulou).
  • Destinations:
    As an economic and cultural center of South China, Guangzhou has so much to offer the visitors to explore: well preserved architectures of traditional residential houses and European style buildings of colonial period; the gourmet capital in China; exotic local markets, etc.
  • Destinations: GuangzhouWuhanShanghaiNanjingZhengzhouXianBeijing  
    Starting a discovery tour in China by rail travel from Guangzhou, a bustling city with many historical sites, stop over at Wuhan for famed Yellow Crane Tower and other sites, have insight views of the ancient capital Nanjing and dynamic Shanghai, spend the last few days for historical wonders in Xi'an and Beijing.
  • Destinations: GuangzhouFoshanMeizhouChaozhouShantou  
    This is an ideal trip for those travelers who are looking for contrast in China. Venture off the tourist track to Guangdong province’s several less visited cities, where you can better compare between the past and the nowadays through ancient residential houses, cultural relics, historical sites, folk art and a Tea ...
  • Destinations: GuangzhouZhuhaiShenzhen  
    Take this fascinating tour to explore China’s southeast cities. You can either stroll in the busy streets of metropolis, or indulge in the local market to see the real Chinese lifestyle. Whether visiting the World Heritage of building complex, or discovering the history of ancient houses, or simply being entertained ...
  • Destinations: GuangzhouFoshanShaoguanShenzhen  
    Guangdong province is one of the China's economic center. It reminds, despite skyscrapers all around, a land of profound history and culture by showing arrays of ancient residential houses, evocative monuments, folk art exhibitions, local market, quaint gardens, Buddhist monastery, etc
  • Destinations: GuangzhouFoshan  
    It is a delightful family-oriented trip. Parents and children will create a shared memory when exploring Guangzhou’s old houses and historical sites, visiting Foshan, the hometown of Chinese Kongfu and having a lot of fun in Chimelong Paradise!
  • Destinations: GuangzhouGuilinYangshuoSanyaHong Kong  
    This 11-day South China Tour will begin in Guangzhou and end in Hong Kong. Just indulge in this comfortable journey by visiting the bustling city Guangzhou, enjoying a leisure cruise along the picturesque Li River, extend to Sanya for great beach holiday, then stop over at Hong Kong for free days!