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Shanghai - the most dynamic city in China of much vitality, is a big and exhilarating metropolis that new developments spring up weekly. Shanghai is much more like Hong Kong where China first met the West.

But the European-style sky scrappers is not the only feature Shanghai presenting, there are classic Chinese gardens, alleys, water towns as well as temples are nesting between shopping malls and towering architectures.
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Take a 3-day trip to see the most impressive and energetic city - Shanghai which shows the fantastic blend of ancient & modern, west and eastern cultures. Immerse in every highlight of Shanghai, including the most popular waterfront area the bund, Nanjing road, oriental pearl tower, Yu garden and valued jade Buddha.

The 4-day tour concentrates on the can't-miss attractions around the Shanghai to present the intoxicating combination of western and eastern cultures. Nearby the bustling metropolis, the tranquil water town Zhujiajiao is definitely a stunning contrast. 

This tour combines the vibrancy of "Oriental Paris" - Shanghai, a traditional garden trip in Suzhou, and the water paradise - Tongli Old Town. With so many classic highlights, your tour will be absolutely unforgettable!

Duration: 5 days & 4 nights

Destinations: Shanghai - Suzhou - Tongli

Starting Point: Shanghai 

Ending Point: Shanghai

This one day Tour is to save you cost and take you to experience unique Shanghai of both “Classic and Modern” - it begins with Shanghai Old streets, and then Yu Garden, The Bund, Shanghai Old Wax Figure Museum, the Old Residential Long Tang of Tianzi Fang and end up with Old French Concession. Price at US$68pp

This one day bus tour start after lunch. The highlight is the Luxury Cruise Night Tour on Huangpu River with excellent buffet and the 1700-year-old Zhujiajiao Ancient Water Town, where you’ll encounter unique old bridges across bubbling streams, small rivers shaded by willow trees, houses with courtyards… full of leisure and tranquility.

This one day tour brings you from Shanghai to Suzhou - "Venice of the East", celebrated around the world for its elegant gardens – perfect combinations of water, stones, plants and different kinds of buildings with literary allusions. Next to Suzhou, Zhouzhuang is a peaceful and secluded ancient water town.

Duration: 1 day

Destinations: Shanghai - Suzhou

Starting Point: Shanghai

Ending Point: Suzhou

Explore the best of Shanghai by night! The tour starts at People’s Square and ends at Xin Tian Di, the new landmark of Shanghai. The highlight is the cruise trip on Huangpu River for the colonial-era European buildings on the Bund and the amazing night view of vibrant Shanghai. Priced at $96USD per person.

Shanghai Attractions More

  • Yu Garden
    Yu Garden

    Yu Garden is located at the heart of Old Town, a few blocks southwest of the Bund in downtown Shanghai. It is one of China's loveliest private class ...

  • The Bund
    The Bund

    The Bund (which means the Embankment) refers to Shanghai's famous waterfront running along the west shore of the 114-kilometer Huangpu River (a trib ...

  • Shanghai Museum
    Shanghai Museum

    First established in 1952 and relocated in 1996, the Shanghai Museum has a collection of more than 120,000 rare cultural pieces including bronze art ...

  • Jade Buddha Temple
    Jade Buddha Temple

    Shanghai's most popular temple with visitors, the Jade Buddha complex has an exceedingly short history, having been completed in 1918, but it exudes ...

  • Oriental Pearl TV Tower
    Oriental Pearl TV Tower

    The 468-meter-high Tower, which is the highest in Asia and the third highest trailing 553.33-meter-high Toronto Tower Canada, and 533 meters high TV ...

  • Nanjing Road
    Nanjing Road

    Nanjing Road in Shanghai, the so-called No.1 shopping street on the Chinese mainland, is being developed over the next 10 years into a world-class c ...

  • Zhujiajiao

    Situated on the bank of the Dianshanhu Lake on the western outskirts of Shanghai, Zhujiajiao, a canal town (an enchanting place that is often compar ...

  • Xin Tian Di
    Xin Tian Di

    Located at the City Centre of Shanghai, and only one block south of the prestigious Huai Hai Zhong Road and its Metro station, Xintiandi is an afflu ...

Shanghai | Food & Restaurants More

Shanghai food, named as "Ben Bang Cuisine" (food of locality) by Shanghainese, is particular about selecting fresh stuff, putting high priority on living livestock and poultry. It has rich varieties, which are different in seasons. The best cuisine of the Shanghai food is the stir-fry slice and saut with starchy sauce. It is particularly good at the cuisine of river food in all seasons. It has splendidly robust soups and spicy delicacies with real succulence and flavor. As an immigration destination in the past decades, what is known as the Shanghai Cu ... More

Shanghai | Weather & Climate More

Average Data Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec   Average High(F) 45/48 46/50 54/58 65/68 74/78 80/84 88/92 88/92 81/84 72/76 61/65 50/54   Average High(C) 7/9 8/10 12/14 18/20 23/25 27/29 31/33 31/33 27/29 22/24 16/18 10/12   Average Low(F) 31/34 33/36 39/43 49/52 58/62 66/70 74/78 74/78 67/70 56/60 46/49 35/39   A ... More

Shanghai Travel Tips More

When to go ShanghaiShanghai enjoys the subtropical marine monsoon climate, with distinct season differences, spring is warm, summer burning hot, autumn cool and comfortable while winter cold and cloudy. The hottest days in Shanghai come in Judy to August, with the highest temperature above 35 C (95 F). The coldest time is from the late January to early February. The best travel time to Shanghai is in spring and fall.Shanghai Shopping TipsEnjoying the reputation of "Shopping Paradise" and "Oriental Pearl", Shanghai offers great shopping chances with fam ... More

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