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Shanghai - the most dynamic city in China of much vitality, is a big and exhilarating metropolis that new developments spring up weekly. Shanghai is much more like Hong Kong where China first met the West, and known as the "Oriental Paris or New York".

Shanghai beckoned travellers by unique colonial style buildings, riverside bund, futuristic Pudong skyscrapers, wonderful nightlife, superior dinning and shopping chances. But the European-style sky scrappers is not the only feature Shanghai presenting, there are classic Chinese gardens, old streets, nongtang alleys, water towns as well as temples are nesting between shopping malls and towering architectures. Furthermore, the city’s cuisine, blending local flavor and western features, offers extraordinary culinary experience. >> Read more about Shanghai history, facts, shopping, getting around, etc.

Book the Shanghai tour packages here below that take you to explore the city highlights and nearby charming water towns dating to hundreds of years ago. If you have a few more days, travel to Hangzhou and Yellow Mountain for more culture and nature adventure. You may call us right now to craft your own unique trip to Shanghai China, based on your schedule, travel style and any preferred hotels. 

Suggested Private Shanghai Tour Packages

On our shanghai trips, you can discover both the past and future of China, and mingle with local Shanghainese to visit local markets and streets. Extend your Shanghai holiday to Suzhou, Hangzhou and Huangshan for old towns and beautiful mountain exploration.

  • 3 Days
    Shanghai Highlights Tour

    Take a 3-day trip to see the most impressive and energetic city – Shanghai, which shows the fantastic blend of ancient & ...

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  • 4 Days
    Shanghai Discovery Tour Package with Zhujiajiao

    The 4 days private tour of Shanghai concentrates on the can't-miss attractions around the Shanghai to present the intoxicating ...

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  • 5 Days
    Shanghai / Suzhou / Tongli Tour Package

    This 5-day tour combines the vibrancy of "Oriental Paris" - Shanghai, and a traditional garden trip in Suzhou with the water pa...

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  • 3 Days
    Pre/Post Cruise - Shanghai Shore Excursion Tour
    Before or after your cruise voyage, take a private Shanghai highlights tour in 3 days to explore this incredible metropolis which ...
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  • 5 Days
    Shanghai Family Tour
    Travel together with your family and children on 5 days private Shanghai tour to explore this amazing oriental city. You and your ...
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  • 4 Days
    Essential Shanghai tour with Hangzhou
    Have a 4-day Shanghai and Hangzhou trip to discover the classical and modern beauty of China. This essence tour will show you the ...
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Recommended China Tour Packages including Shanghai

A major gateway city of China, Shanghai is the first stop of many travelers’ China vacation. From Shanghai, you may travel to most tourist cities in China easily by flights or bullet trains. Here below we recommend 3 popular China tours including Shanghai.

Top Experiences & Attractions in Shanghai

  • The Bund (which means the Embankment) refers to Shanghai's famous waterfront running along the west shore of the 114-kilometer Huangpu River (a tributary of Yangtze River), forming...
  • Yu Garden is located at the heart of Old Town, a few blocks southwest of the Bund in downtown Shanghai. It is one of China's loveliest private classical gardens. Its name means Gar...
  • Situated in the city center, the Shanghai Museum is a large-scale museum of ancient Chinese art. The museum houses over 1.02 million pieces of historical relics from various dynast...
  • The much-anticipated Shanghai Disneyland was open on June 16, 2016, after a grand opening celebration, with a series of wonderful, magical, fun-filled activities lasting for severa...
  • Located in the Pudong District of Shanghai, Shanghai World Financial Center is the third tallest building in China and the fifth highest one in the world with 101 floors above grou...
  • Zhujiajiao Ancient Town is one of the top 4 historical and cultural old towns in shanghai, and it’s a typical water town in south China. Situated on the bank of the Dianshanhu La...

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