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Beijing is the capital city of China with many international flights to or from major cities around the world (like New York, LA, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Dubai etc), which makes it a good start and end point of your China holidays.

In Beijing, you will have a chance to see the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven as well as the traditional residential architecture - Hutong, and taste delicous Peking duck dinner. It is also the hub of comprehensive transport system in the country, with many domestic flights, trains and bus to the other destinations like Xi’an, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Lhasa etc. Aftera visit in the city, just feel free to further explore the rest part of the country.

China Tours Starting from Beijing 
  • Destinations: BeijingXianShanghai  
    This family-oriented trip includes the most popular destinations in China like Beijing, Xian & Shanghai to offer fabulous experience for the whole family. You and your children will share something in common, fun activities, culture explorations, great food, convenience and comfort!
  • Destinations: BeijingXianChengduGuilinYangshuoShanghai  
    We offer delight tours in China to create real-life shared memory for the whole families, on which parents, children & grandparents can enjoy the every moment, from the comfortable hotels, enriching activities to the tasty meals.
  • Destinations: BeijingXianShanghaiGuilinYangshuoHong Kong  
    Take the kids to China when they are out of school! This specific-designed tour is based on the interest of the families especially the children's. From the amazing Mutianyu Great Wall, the whole family will head to the biking tours on the ancient city wall, marvel at the magical terra cotta army and see the fascinat ...
  • Destinations: BeijingXianShanghai  
    The student or young travelers have the big ambitions to travel in a strange land to see the unique culture, real insight of life despite the language and other barriers. We offer this trip to fulfill their desire with first hand experience in the most popular destinations in China, like fabulous Beijing, ancient Xia ...
  • Destinations: BeijingPingyaoXianChengduLijiangDaliKunmingGuilinYangshuoGuangzhouHangzhouShanghai  
    Travel the most grandeur of the Middle Kingdom by taking this trip! The 27 -day tour is carefully designed for young and student travelers who want to adventure and experience overseas. We will arrange accommodations, train tickets and coach tours to the major sites. The world in under your feet, so just travel!
  • Destinations: BeijingShanghai  
    Taste the famous dishes while traveling through the landmark sites in Beijing & Shanghai! This is a trip for those who have limited time but want to see and experience more in the middle kingdom!
  • Destinations: BeijingXianChengduGuilinYangshuoShanghai  
    A perfect culinary escape in China is best for the food and cooking lovers. You will have plenty of time to free explore the wonderful sites in Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, or just thrill through the splendid Chengdu, Yangshuo or Guilin to taste extraordinary varied local dishes, enjoy the unique cooking lessons and unde ...
  • Destinations: BeijingXianShanghaiGuilinYangshuoGuangzhouHong Kong  
    Chinese dishes are famous worldwide with diverse food culture in different regions; make it a popular destination for garment lovers. On this culinary trip, you can take splendid food culture in Beijing, then head to Xian to eat dumplings in varied shapes, and stroll through the tranquil water town and bustling Shang ...
  • Destinations: BeijingXianLhasaChengduShanghai  
    A ready-made honeymoon package offers incredible experience for couples in love combing fun volunteer jobs in panda search center, staying overnight at the foot of magnificent wall, making dumplings in Xian and stroll in the romantic and historical important the Bund of Shanghai!
  • Destinations: BeijingXianShanghaiGuilinYangshuoSanyaHong Kong  
    With something special for the newlyweds, our Honeymoon holiday takes you from the magnificent Great Wall to the sunny beaches of Sanya. Bustling streets, fascinating countryside, world-famed sites and fun activity will provide you the most cherish memory in your life.
  • Destinations: BeijingXianShanghai  
    A carefully-made China trip is best for mature tourists to experience the amazingly well-preserved history, picture-look landscape and its new appearance. It is a comfortable, well-paced tour to ensure the utmost ease and memory in the ancient kingdom.
  • Destinations: BeijingXianGuilinYangshuoShanghai  
    We are glad to launch this holiday which suits the needs of travelers over the age 50 with youth spirits. Mature tourists can fully rest on the unmatched levels of service and easy enjoy the grand site or charming landscape along the trip!
  • Destinations: BeijingXianChongqingYangtze CruiseShanghai  
    This itinerary, planned to accommodate all levels of ability of elder travelers (over the age 50), gives the glimpse of ancient landmarks in Beijing, Xian; it also combines hassle free river cruise along the Yangtze to fully enjoy the comfort and charming scenery.
  • Destinations: BeijingXianLuoyangDengfengShanghai  
    Travel from ancient capital Beijing through the buzzing Shanghai. This journey is typically for Kungfu lovers who want to get a glimpse of martial arts in Shaoling temple while enjoy the amazingly sites.
  • Destinations: BeijingLuoyangXianWudangshanShanghai  
    On this Kungfu Tours, fans can truly understand the profound & extensive martial arts culture in China, from the world-famous Shaolin Temple to another Mecca - Wudang Mountains.
  • Destinations: BeijingDatongMount WutaiTaiyuanPingyaoXianShanghai  
    This 13-day Buddhist Pilgrimage takes travelers on a discovery journey in China, to visit the Buddhism sites scattered in the vast land. Follow with us and enjoy the amazing and mysterious grottoes, mountains, temples & Pagodas in scared places!
  • Destinations: BeijingXianLhasaChengduShanghai  
    Encompassing many Buddhism sites of China this is a trip for those who want to understand the Buddhism and its influences in China. Drive from the recent capital Beijing, or to the Tibetan Holy city - Lhasa, or just the busy metropolitan - Shanghai, you will find the remarkable footsteps of Buddha!
  • Destinations: BeijingDatongMount WutaiTaiyuanPingyaoXianChengduHangzhouNingboPutuoshanShanghai  
    Worship the most holy sites and destinations in China with us! Step closer to China Buddhism; try to understand the faith, and the unique related activities there. If you are a believer, just take a pilgrim along the way and enjoy the spectacular scenery and profound culture in this land.
  • Destinations: BeijingTaishanQingdaoXianWudangshanShanghai  
    Explore China's mysterious & traditional Taoism by taking this adventure trip. From the Baiyun Temple in capital Beijing, to the famed Taoism centers in Mount Tai, Mt. Lao, Wudang Mountains and Dragon Tiger Mountain. It features unique practices, different customs and activities and of course another kind of theory t ...
  • Destinations: BeijingXianShanghai  
    See the historical Muslim sites and monuments in the recent capital Beijing, the vibrant city Shanghai and the starting point Xian. Travelers can stroll on the old city quarter and understand the unique lifestyle, diet and special clothes and their spirits.
  • Destinations: BeijingUrumqiTurpanLanzhouLinxia YinchuanXianGuilinYangshuoGuangzhouShanghai  
    Taking this trip to see the Muslims areas and sites in China and reward yourself to an exotic and enriching experience! You will get an in-depth understanding about the life, conditions, culture and progress of Islamic. The tour will showcase the fancy facts along the ancient Silk Road, as well as the fascinating cul ...
  • Destinations: BeijingHarbinZhengzhouKaifengDengfengLuoyangXianGuilinYangshuoShanghai  
    Discover the Jewish history in China by taking this heritage tour! A unique trip presents the Jewish cultural legacy in China, and discovers the century-long relationship between the two ancient cultures. Come to Harbin, Kaifeng, Luoyang & Shanghai, this trip offers unforgettable experience by combing the stunning si ...
  • Destinations: BeijingXianShanghai  
    This 8-day trip presents the most popular destinations of China in a relaxing and comfortable pace. You will start the golden triangle tour from the one time capital and influential Beijing, then to the historical start of Silk Road - Xian to view the stunning life-style terracotta worriers and the diversified cultur ...
  • Destinations:
    A trip that presents the cradle of Chinese culture with an epic of Guilin landscape tours. Experience the grandeur of China with Easy Tour China and enjoy all the marvels in Beijing, Xian & Shanghai: Great Wall, Forbidden City, Terracotta Army and Old Shanghai. And seeing the most beautiful landscape under heaven, by ...
  • Destinations: BeijingXianChongqingYangtze CruiseShanghai  
    The Yangtze and Golden Triangle vacation is pleasant and comfortable. From the historically significant Beijing, to the marvelous Terracotta army in Xian, to the pleasurable ride on Yangtze and glowing skyscrapers and shops in Shanghai, you will experience the diversified landscape and liveliness in China. Combines a ...
  • Destinations: BeijingXianChongqingYangtze CruiseShanghaiGuilinYangshuoHong Kong  
    Experience the natural wonders and culture of China by taking this China Impression Tours. It spans from the Olympic city Beijing and ends at the bustling metropolitan Hongkong, you will enjoy everything from the magnificent imperial complex in Beijing to the spectacular sights including the Terracotta Warriors, Thre ...
  • Destinations: BeijingXianChengduLijiangKunmingGuilinLongshengYangshuoShanghai  
    An in-depth journey starts from the historical Beijing to Terracotta army in Xian and hometown of cute panda bear then to the heart of Yunnan which is the home to magical scenery, laid-back ancient towns and splendid minority culture; continue to explore the countryside Yangshuo and breath-taking rice terraces in Gui ...
  • Destinations: BeijingPingyaoXianChengduLijiangGuilinYangshuoChongqingYangtze CruiseShanghai  
    The China Odyssey Tour provides the most famous historical sites, picturesque landscape and modern landmarks in China. Travel from the narrow hutongs of Beijing and Xian to the grand snow mountain in Lijiang, mighty Yangtze, travelers will experience the ever-changing urban and rural cultures throughout the vast Chin ...
  • Destinations: BeijingXianLhasaChengduShanghai  
    A pleasant journey full of discovery, cultural and sightseeing, starts from the great cities Beijing, Xian and extends to the mysterious Tibet plateau for the dramatic landscape and minority culture; stops one day at Chengdu for the universal-loved giant pandas. The last contrast ends at the sky-scrapers Shanghai.
  • Destinations: BeijingLuoyangXianLhasaShigatseChengduLijiangDaliKunmingGuilinYangshuoGuangzhouHong Kong  
    This 26 days adventure tours will leave you great memory, featuring the famous modern and ancient architecture landmarks throughout China, including the marvelous terracotta warriors in Xian, dragon-winding Great wall in Beijing, fantastic Kungfu Show in Shaolin Temple and impressive Longmen cave in Luoyang, in-depth ...
  • Destinations: BeijingXianDunhuangTurpanUrumqiKashgarShanghai  
    Follow the footsteps of ancient merchants and camel who traveling along the ancient Silk Road, to adventure along the edge of Taklamakan Deserts, fabled oasis, magnificent Tianshan Mountain, vast grassland, magnificent ancient ruins and experience the dramatic sights in northwest China. The improved infrastructure an ...
  • Destinations: BeijingDatongPingyaoXianLuoyangZhengzhouShanghai  
    Enjoy the overnight train trip and take in an extraordinary sweep of cultural landmarks through Beijing, Pingyao, Xian, Luoyang & Shanghai. During the rail tours, you will discover the modern and ancient side of Beijing, hike the great wall, stun at the outstanding achievement of Buddhist cave Yungang Grottoes, strol ...
  • Destinations: BeijingShanghai  
    This 6-day China tour include the most popular destination: Beijing & Shanghai, which are uniquely designed for business travelers as well as travelers who prefer on a short trip.
  • Destinations: BeijingChengdeDatongTaiyuanPingyaoXianGuilinYangshuoHong Kong  
    This is a perfect balance of Chinese history and scenery. From culture, architecture, religion, world heritage sites to one of the world's 10 top watery wonders. It will be an unforgettable experience in your life-time!
  • Destinations: BeijingTaishanQufuNanjingSuzhouHangzhouShanghaiZhengzhouLuoyangXianChengduLijiangKunmingGuilinYangshuoShenzhenHong Kong  
    Discover the history and culture of China with this amazing package. Trip to the ancient Capitals and explore the many historical landmarks, such as Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors, West Lake, Xiaoling Tomb, and Longmen Grottoes. Also, meet the adorable pandas in Chengdu, experience the romance of Lijiang, enjoy beau ...
  • Destinations: BeijingLuoyangXianChengduLijiangKunmingShanghai  
    Let's get a superb panorama of China! From culture to history and religons, from Forbidden City to Great Wall, from Terracotta Warriors to pandas, from Jiuzhaigou Valley to Emei Mountain, from Stone Forest to Tiger Leaping Gorge, from the skyline in Shanghai to the lovely water town... this trip has it all.
  • Destinations: BeijingXianShanghai  
    Take this best valued 8-day China travel deal, with China's top 3 destinations - Beijing, Xian and Shanghai. This trip would give you a fascinating glimpse of China's past and present.
  • Destinations: BeijingDunhuangUrumqiKashgarKuchaTurpan  
    Explore the mystery ancient Silk Road by taking this trip: Visit the wild west of China and see the sandy desearts, snow covered mountains and the colorful Uiguhui Costumes...
  • Destinations: BeijingXianZhangjiajieChengduGuilinLongsheng  
    This 16 Days Scenic Tour will show you the most fantastic scenery of China, from the beautiful mountains to the limpid rivers like Li River in Guilin, Rice Terraces in Longsheng, charming peaks at Zhangjiajie as well as the famed Emei Mountain.
  • Destinations: BeijingXianLhasaChongqingYangtze CruiseHangzhouSuzhouShanghai  
    China Focus Tour will introduce you the enchanting world of China where you will see the exotic pagodas, ancient relics and picturesque landscapes. You will see the life-size Terracotta Army, stand on the top of Great Wall and has a nice river cuirse along Yangtze.
  • Destinations: BeijingTaiyuanPingyaoXian  
    Experience the fastest high speed train from Beijing to Taiyuan/Pingyao. The grand Great wall, intact well-preserved ancient town Pingyao are those listed for your exploration. Take a overnight train to Xi’an and see the entombed Terracotta Army!
  • Destinations: BeijingXianLuoyangZhengzhouGuilinLongshengYangshuoShenzhenHong Kong  
    After seeing the ancient landmarks in the imperial capital Beijing, Take a overnight train to the starting point of ancient Silk Road for some famed cultural relics. Ride the new and bullet train to Luoyang & Zhengzhou for the spectacular Buddhist Grottoes & Shaolin Temple; indulge yourself at the beautiful natural s ...
  • Destinations: BeijingXianChengduChongqingYangtze CruiseWuhanShanghaiSuzhou  
    The highlights of this train tour is the fast bullet train from Chengdu to Chongqing for Yangtze River cruise as well as the high speed train from Shanghai to the classical beauty of Suzhou and Hangzhou.
  • Destinations: BeijingXianLhasaChengduLijiangKunmingGuilinYangshuoChongqingYangtze CruiseShanghai  
    This China tour embraces the most amazing destinations in China with women-interest arrangements specially selected. If you are mother & daughter, female friends only, who plan on a memorable experience in China, that’s the right trip! Women have many chances to go into the local communities to learn & enjoy local a ...
  • Destinations: BeijingXianGuilinYangshuoShanghai  
    This China luxury trip featuring the most popular destinations for the travelers who first-time come to China. During the tour, we make endeavor to showcase the ancient hospitality, portray the historical magnificence, splendid architectural style, prosperity of natural therapies, contemporary luxuries, state-of-the- ...
  • Destinations: BeijingXianGuilinYangshuoHangzhouShanghaiSuzhou  
    The 13-day discovery trip are the right china tours for vegetarians and vegans! Enjoy the splendid culture, amazing historical sites as well as the tasty Chinese vegetarian food at each destination!
  • Destinations: BeijingShanghaiSuzhou  
    This 7 days Chinese essence trip offers the best sites in Beijing and Shanghai, leading you into the majestic imperial ancient buildings then the thriving metropolitan city… See the old and new of China by visiting these two typical cities, with local vegetarian restaurants are delicately selected.
  • Destinations: BeijingShanghai  
    This holiday package tour has been designed to offer the best of China along with maximum comfort and convenience for disabled travelers. Hotels used on the tour have been carefully chosen to provide the utmost convenience. Why not enjoy a special accessible holiday with our considerate and expert guide?
  • Destinations: BeijingXianChengduLijiangKunmingGuilinLongshengYangshuoHong Kong  
    China offers many amazing destinations; indulge yourself in a strange land for the stunning landscape, fantastic minority cultures and smiling local people. This is a classic walking adventure go further into the snow mountains in Yunnan & magnificent Victoria harbour of Hong Kong.
  • Destinations: BeijingXianGuilinLongshengYangshuoHangzhouHuangshanShanghai  
    This 16-day walking holiday provides leisure walking on the rigid Jinshanling Great Wall, through the terraced fields and little villages in Longsheng, along the most beautiful part of Li River and countryside Yangshuo…Not only natural scenery like Yellow mountain been included, the thriving city Shanghai but also w ...
  • Destinations: BeijingJiayuguanZhongweiYinchuanDatong  
    Beijing is not the only place to see the snaking Great wall; on this tour, you will have opportunity to see other wild Great wall sections in Beijing, Jiayuguan & Yinchuan of Gansu province, Zhongwei of Ningxia region, Datong Shanxi province as well as other historical relics along the way.
  • Destinations: Beijing  
    Take a non-stop trek along the Great Wall of China from Beijing and view different parts of the grand wall. This hiking tour is carefully designed for enthusiast who would like to join a physically challenged tour and get deeper understanding of the wall compared to that short visit. Great photos available and experi ...
  • Destinations:
    The 11-day educational trip includes the popular destinations like Beijing, Xi’an, Guilin, Yangshuo & Shanghai. Besides the historical sites, amazing natural sencery and cultural relics, you will have opportunities to make Chinese kites & dumplings, watching Kungfu Show…
  • Destinations: BeijingDatongPingyaoXianLhasaShangri-la LijiangKunmingChengduChongqingYangtze CruiseShanghaiGuilinYangshuoShenzhenHong Kong  
    This is an Intrepid Lifetime journey for travelers, which blends diverse landscape with cultural relics from eastern coastal plain to far western plateau, from ancient cities to modern metropolis, from traditional Chinese gardens to natural heavenly landscapes. The 33 day covers the most popular tourist attractions i ...
  • Destinations: BeijingDatongPingyaoXianLhasaChengduLijiangDaliKunmingGuilinYangshuoChongqingYangtze CruiseShanghaiHuangshanHangzhouNanjingSuzhou  
    This is the round china trip which revealing the amazing landscapes in western China to the ancient capital of north. The journey includes almost all the best things to see in China, from modern Shanghai, to the Wild West Tibet. A long and great China tours for travelers who are interested in this diverse land.
  • Destinations:
    This tour includes the most popular destinations in china for years: Beijing, Xi’an and Shanghai. The eight days of exploration, travelers have chance to see the ancient culture and modern miracles of China, from the mysterious of Great Wall, remarkable Terracotta Warriors Museum in Xian and famous Jade Buddha Templ ...
  • Destinations:
    Spend the Xmas & New Year holiday in China for special romance and vacation experience! Enjoying the fun winter activities in Beijing & Harbin, viewing the western-style & ancient streets in Tianjin then stop in Shangai to see the largest metropolis in China!
  • Destinations:
    This tour will fulfill your passion towards China's culture and history. Enjoy the marvelous ancient relics including the Great Wall, the imperial Forbidden City in Beijing and the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses in Xian.
  • Destinations:
    Beijing, China's capital city, is home to a great number of historical and cultural treasures. Comparatively, Shanghai is famed for its dynamic city life and fast development. Try this tour and discover what differences existing between the two top cities in China by yourself!
  • Destinations:
    Through this tour, you will first have an overall exploration in the amazing highlights in Beijing, and then fly to Guilin to enjoy the world-reputed amazing natural landscapes.
  • Destinations:
    After exploring the ancient imperial city -Beijing, we travel to Jiuzhaigou, a land of paradise located in the North of the Sichuan Province. Inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992, Jiuzhaigou is famous for its colorful lakes and its crystal clear waterfalls.
  • Destinations:
    Beijing always attracts the people from all over the world with its flourishing life and cultural heritages, which reflects China's 5000-year-long history. While Chengdu is the hometown of giant pandas, and features a world famous panda breeding and research center. Here you can also witness the traditional slow-pace ...
  • Destinations:
    After exploring the wonderful highlights such as the Temple of Heaven, the Forbidden City, the Great Wall etc. in Beijing, You will fly to Lhasa, the legendary holy land. Unique culture background, stunning natural scenery, pious local people will bring you an absolutely different experience.
  • Destinations:
    This tour begins in the national capital - Beijing and then have a short break to Yellow Mountain, which is featured with oddly-shaped pines, grotesque rock formation, Cloud Sea and hot springs.
  • Destinations:
    After exploring Beijing's historical heritage sites, such as the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, etc. Then fly to Zhangjiajie, which is prestigious for its red sandstone formation, which could be the reality version of Pandora planet in the movie ‘Avatar’.
  • Destinations:
    In this tour, we will set foot in Beijing, which is endowed with rare cultural heritages by its long history. And then head for Lijiang, it is an exceptional ancient town set in a dramatic landscape, which represents the harmonious fusion of different cultural traditions to produce an urban landscape of outstanding q ...
  • Destinations:
    Through this tour, you will have an in-depth knowledge of Chinese history as the two destinations: Beijing and Datong are both ancient cities with a history of over 3000 years and rich historic landmarks like the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Yungang Grottoes, etc.
  • Destinations:
    Following the trip to the ancient imperial city – Beijing, and head for Luoyang, both have marvelous cultural sites and magnificent relics, illustrating their great importance in Chinese history. Those who are interested in Chinese Buddhism and Kung Fu won't miss Longmen Grottoes and Shaolin Temple as very interesti ...
  • Destinations:
    Following the tour starting from the ancient imperial city - Beijing, then proceeds to visit Hohhot, it's known for its grassland scenery and historical relics. In this tour, you will have a chance to ride a horse in the grassland, and pay a home visit to the home of local herdsmen.
  • Destinations:
    Enjoy the marvelous ancient capital including the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven. Then travel to Pingyao, an ancient small town in North China, which was linked firmly to a certain prosperous time in Chinese history.
  • Destinations:
    In this tour, you will see the Bold Dreams of China's ancient emperors at the incredible Forbidden City and Great Wall, and take a leisurely cruise on one of Chinese people's mother rivers - Yangtze River. The magnificent beauty of the Yangtze incorporated with the vastness of the Three Gorges Dam will amaze you.
  • Destinations:
    Tianjin is an another dynamic metropolis near Beijing, and a large industrial and commercial city north China. In this tour, you will take a high-speed express train from Beijing to Tianjin, discover the history and culture of this municipality by visiting Shi Family's compound, Tianjin Ancient Cultural Street, and e ...
  • Destinations:
    Being one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China (Beijing, Xi'an, Luoyang, Nanjing), Nanjing has a glorious history like Beijing. Right here, it is a good chance to learn about Chinese culture and history. The top attractions include Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum, Confucius Temple, etc.
  • Destinations:
    This weekend tour will inspire you with some of must-see attractions of Beijing city, a wealth of cultural and historical sites are featured on this tour.
  • Destinations: BeijingXianShanghai  
    Ride on the High Speed Train to see the best of China! China's new train makes you feel easy and comfortable to travel to the most popular city Beijing, Xi’an and Shanghai for experiencing the Great Wall, Forbidden City, the Entombed Warriors…
  • Destinations: BeijingXianZhengzhouShanghai  
    This is the value plus china tour by high speed train in 11 days! Starting from the capital city Beijing, experience the architectural wonders there, than further to Xi'an and Zhengzhou, which are all linked by bullet trains, to see the Terracotta Army and Shaolin Temple; the last stop is at the bustling Shanghai.
  • Destinations:
    Cities in northern eastern China are also linked by bullet Trains now! This tour starting from capital Beijing, after hiking the grand Great Wall, you will ride the railway to Shenyang for old Imperial Palace of Qing Dynasty, then transfer to Changchun for unique cultural tours, the last stop is Harbin, which is a wo ...
  • Destinations: BeijingChengdeTianjin  
    This tour provides unforgettable experiences by visiting the Forbidden City, Mutianyu Great Wall, Summer Villa in Chengde and the Ancient Cultural Street in Tianjin, tasting the famed Pecking duck dinner, and looking the real lifestyle of local people…
  • Destinations: BeijingDatongHohhotOrdosXian  
    Take this tour to view the Real lifestyle of Nomadic people on grassland, visiting their tents or even tasting the Mongolian food with them. Just travel with us to view the endless green land and experience the unconstrained life of local nomadic. This tour view extend to Beijing, Datong, Xi’an for some must visited ...
  • Destinations: BeijingPingyaoXianLuoyangDengfengZhengzhouQufuTaishanNanjingSuzhouShanghai  
    For those overseas Chinese who want to return to the motherland and discover China’s long history and profound culture, this 16-day China Heritage Tour is one of the best choices. Join us to visit Beijing, Xian, Pingyao, Luoyang and other time-honored cities for ancient China’s precious heritages, including Forbidd ...
  • Destinations: BeijingXianGuilinYangshuoShanghai  
    Always dream of coming home? This roots-seeking tour is especially designed for overseas Chinese like you by offering an exploratory and interactive look at great China: you will visit Beijing and Xian for ancient China’s several heritages and Hutong to see the traditional lifestyle of local Beijinger; explore Karst ...
  • Destinations: Beijing  
    If you love shopping and Chinese fashion, book this tour to Beijing! As the national capital, and artistic, cultural center, Beijing is a shopping paradise in China. You will visit the Nanluogu Xiang for typical Chinese souvenirs, Hongqiao Market for jewelry, Panjiayuan Antique Market for traditional crafts and antiq ...
  • Destinations: BeijingGuilinYangshuoHangzhouShanghai  
    To introduce our clients the Chinese regimen and traditional Chinese culture, we well craft this wellness tour, with which, you will have relaxing Chinese massage and authentic Taiji courses in Beijing and Yangshuo, enjoy the best spa in Hangzhou and Shanghai, and steep yourself in the artistic and cultural flow by p ...
  • Destinations:
    Tour Beijing in an eco-friendly way – on foot. You will taste authentic local breakfast, travel to Temple of Heaven for the masterpiece of ancient Chinese architecture and a non-tourist hutong for an in-depth view of local residents’ daily life.
  • Destinations: BeijingJinanChengduGuangzhouShanghaiSuzhou  
    For those who love Chinese food, charm yourself with this gourmet Chinese cuisine & cultural tour. Have a taste of China’s most famous cuisines, including Lu Cuisine, Chuan Cuisine, Cantonese Cuisine and Huaiyang Cuisine, with their most representative dishes and snacks. You will also travel to some historic and cul ...
  • Destinations: BeijingPingyaoXianGuilinYangshuoLongshengXiamenHuangshanShanghai  
    The 17-day tour will bring you an eyes-opening experience by introducing traditional Chinese architecture including palaces, homes, temples, and gardens: the characteristic of Chinese traditional architectures, and their historical and cultural backgrounds. During the trip, you have a general idea of infrastructure s ...
  • Destinations: BeijingYantaiXianYinchuanTaiyuanPingyao  
    When it comes to wine, China may not come across your mind. In fact, China’s wine making can be traced back to 2000 years ago. With the rapid development of Chinese wine industry, China now has good capabilities for producing bouquets worthy of the international market. If you are a true wine lover, you could not mi ...
  • Destinations:
    Travel though some of the most popular destinations of Asia. Start from Beijing, Shanghai and Xian to experience both the Old and New of China, then visit Guilin and Yangshuo for the dramatic, surreal Karst landscape. The trip ends in Thailand with cultural discovery, sightseeing and exploration in Ayutthaya, Chiang ...
  • Destinations:
    The tour package includes the most famous travel destinations in China and Thailand such as Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chiang Mai, Bangkok, and offers chances to marvel at some of world’s great natural and cultural wonders. Moreover, you’ll explore the fascinating oriental nations by luxury cruise ships.
  • Destinations:
    An in-depth tour of South-East Asia, discover all the highlights of Cambodia and China – the well-preserved ancient architectures, impressive historical sites, breathtaking natural wonders and the holiest Buddhist temples. Travel with Easytourchina to Angkor Thom, Angkor Wat, Great Wall, Terra Cotta Army, Forbidden ...
  • Destinations:
    Have you ever thought about exploring the charming and mysterious orient? We well craft this package tour of China & Japan combo for you to learn of the unique oriental culture. You’ll visit the two regions’ renowned landmarks, compelling attractions, stunning heritage sites and also try the local delicacies.
  • Destinations:
    First of all, you will have a classical China tour to learn of Chinese culture and history and immerse yourself in the intoxicating natural wonders. Then travel further to North Vietnam - another fascinating country in Asia and explore the best of Hanoi and Halong Bay have to offer: historical museums, sunny beaches, ...
  • Destinations:
    Discover China and Vietnam, on a journey from Shanghai, Guilin, Guangzhou… to Can Tho and Ho Chi Minh City. Experience it all from the Great Wall of Beijing to the Terra Cotta Army Museum of Xian, the panda breeding center of Chengdu, to the many historical sites of Ho Chi Minh. In addition, enjoy cruising on Yangtz ...
  • Destinations:
    Private South-East Asia tour escorts you across two ancient kingdoms - China and Myanmar, with both haunting cultural experiences and fascinating sightseeing trips. You’re going to visit Great Wall, Terra-cotta Army Museum, Chengdu Panda Base, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Shwedagon Pagoda, Ananda Temple, Inle Lake…
  • Destinations:
    Experience the best of China and Myanmar. This private guided Asia tour covers top historical and scenic destinations like Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Yangon and Bago, and offers unique experiences to learn diverse, mysterious Asian cultures, religions, traditions and discover the hauntingly beautiful landscapes.
  • Destinations:
    Are you going to travel alone in China and on a budget? Here this is a carefully-crafted China group tour package taking you to explore China’s top destinations of Beijing, Xian & Shanghai, with comfortable accommodations and considerate pick-up service. Allow yourself a great chance to make friends on the road!
  • Destinations: BeijingXianShanghai  
    If you want to save travel cost or you travel alone in China, come join our Beijing, Xi’an and Shanghai small group tour. Explore the highlights of China, and the must-visit sights in these three cities with like-minded travelers. Your English-speaking local tour guides are knowledgeable and patient. Book yourself a ...
  • Destinations:
    This 14 days China tour by bullet train is an ideal eco-friendly and comfortable way of traveling in China with enthralling experience. You will explore some of the most popular destinations in China, visiting UNESCO World Natural and Cultural Heritage sites. You’ll also enjoy a 4-day relaxing downstream cruise on t ...
  • Destinations:
    This 14-day China Hiking & Biking Tour Combo from Beijing to Hong Kong will give you a great experience of outdoor fun. You will trekking Beijing Jinshanling Great Wall, biking on Xian old city wall, cycling in rural Guilin countryside, etc., and enjoy the beauty of China from north to south.