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Tianjin finds itself 137 km from Beijing, bordering the Bohai Gulf portion of the Yellow Sea to the east. It is the largest port city in north China. Daily bullet trains and expressways connect Tianjin and Beijing, while direct flights link it to other major cities domestically and internationally.
Explore Tianjin with a large number of cultural relics, and then head for other top destinations like Beijing, Xi'an, Pingyao, Lhasa, Shanghai, Hangzhou etc. to experience the wonderful diversities of China.

China Tours Starting from Tianjin 
  • Destinations: Tianjin  
    This 1-day Tianjin trip would take you on a journey of "ancient culture", and know more about traditional folk arts of Tianjin – kites and New Year pictures.Duration: 1 dayDestinations: TianjinStarting Point: TianjinEnding Point: Tianjin
  • Destinations: Tianjin  
    This 3-day trip presents all highlights in and around Tianjin city - explore historical sites at Huangyaguan Great Wall, and appreciate traditional folk arts at Shi Family Compound…Duration: 3 days & 2 nightsDestinations: TianjinStarting Point: TianjinEnding Point: Tianjin
  • Destinations: TianjinXiamen  
    Tianjin and Xiamen are both the coastal cities in China. Tianjin is in the north as a major seaport and industrial center; Xiamen is strategically situated in the south, opposite to Taiwan Island, it is also a prosperous and popular tourist city in China.Duration: 5 days & 4 nightsDestinations: Tianjin - Xia ...
  • Destinations: LuoyangTianjin  
    In this tour, you will see the colorful architectures of different period and local people life in Tianjin, while in Luoyang, it is a city with a long history, you will not only visit Shaolin Temple - the birthplace of Kung Fu, but also the famous Buddhist Longmen Grottoes. Duration: 4 days & 3 nightsDestinations ...
  • Destinations: TianjinGuilin  
    Tianjin is a good place to know about Chinese history and the folk customs of the northern China, while Guilin could be a perfect destination for a relaxing break and enjoy the rural life of southern China.Duration: 5 days & 4 nightsDestinations: Tianjin - GuilinStarting Point: TianjinEnding Point:  ...
  • Destinations: TianjinHangzhou  
    Tianjin and Hangzhou are both well-developed cities in China, but there are quite different. You will see the diversified culture and lifestyles in these two places. Hangzhou is more scenic, and a good spot for leisure.Duration: 5 days & 4 nightsDestinations: Tianjin - HangzhouStarting Point: Tianj ...
  • Destinations: TianjinXian  
    In this tour, you will not only see the Great Wall and folk customs in Tianjin, but also visit the world-famous Terra Cotta warriors and horses in Xian. It is a lovely trip to know about Chinese history and people’s life in different cities of China.Duration: 5 days & 4 nightsDestinations: Tianjin - XianSta ...
  • Destinations: ChengduTianjin  
    Tianjin is a major seaport in North China, while Chengdu is a wealthy inland city in West China. There is so much difference between the two places. It is very interesting to visit them in one tour packages as you will not only see the Great Wall, giant panda, but much of the local people’s life.Duration: 4 days &am ...
  • Destinations: Tianjin  
    This 5-day trip takes you to Tianjin, China’s most vibrant port metropolis blended with traditional Chinese glamour, and then another coastal city – Qinhuangdao. Indulge in the profound Chinese culture and enjoy the sea life of cool breeze, fresh air and tasty seafood.Duration: 5 days & 4 nightsDestinations:&nb ...
  • Destinations: TianjinBeijingChengde  
    These three great destinations comprise a delightful China tour. Be ready for China’s most vibrant port city of Tjianjin, fantastic capital of Beijing with a blend of modern glamour and traditional heritages, and Chengde, known as "summer capital" during Qing Dynasty. Duration: 7 days & 6 nights Destination ...
  • Destinations: TianjinPingyaoXianBeijing  
    In this tour, you are taken to historic China, covering the most time-honored destinations: Tianjin, Bejing, Piangyao old town and China’s ancient capital Xian, along with Forbidden City, Great Wall, magnificent Terra Cotta army and so on. Duration: 8 days & 7 nights Destinations: Tianjin - Beijing - Ta ...
  • Destinations: TianjinChengduLhasaShangri-la Lijiang  
    Take this 11-day tour to explore China’s wild west full of charm of exoticism. It starts from Tianjin, and then head to Chengdu home to giant panda & holy city Lhasa, followed by heavenly Shangri-la & Lijiang for towering snow mountains, endless grassland, steep gorges, crystal waters, pastoral villages…Dur ...
  • Destinations: TianjinTaishanNanjingSuzhouHangzhouShanghai  
    This is an ideal expedition that provides great experience to the diversity and colorfulness of eastern China, including admiring Confucius culture at Qufu, exploring magnificent Mount Tai in Tai’an, and visiting numerous historical relics and natural sceneries in China’s most beautiful cities Suzhou and Hangzhou. ...

Tours by Tianjin

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