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Nestled beneath snow-capped peaks, Lijiang Ancient Town of Yunnan Province is a living museum as it is home to the Naxi people who have steadfastly preserved their centuries-old heritage. They still live in traditional homes, play ancient music and celebrate ethnic festivals with vitality.

Travel to Lijiang, engaging with a culture immersed in history and a nature evoking the otherworldly feeling. The charming and tranquil old town of Lijiang is somewhere you can go back to a slower time, sipping a cup of aromatic tea at the quaint courtyards, basing in the bright and warm sunshine, and rambling the flag stone paths to meet the friendly locals dressed in colorful costumes, carrying a bamboo basket on back… The UN was so impressed by the survival of Lijiang that it has Lijiang Old Town on the World Heritage Site list. >> Read more Lijiang history, transportation, getting around, etc. 

How to plan an adventure trip to Lijiang? Easy Tour China has been aiming at customizing for world travelers personalized travel experience in Lijiang. Savor up the colorful minority cultures and traditions, admire unique architecture style, visit Black Dragon Pool, and explore the great nature of Lijiang – hiking Tiger Leaping Gorge, getting to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and discovering many remote villages and unexplored paradise nearby. With ETC, you may also travel from Lijiang to Dali with local finest guides.

Best Private Lijiang Tour Packages

With ETC travel experts and local guides, on private tailor-made Lijiang tours, learn Naxi Dongba culture and music of Lijiang, unwind at the old towns, savor the traditional local cuisine and set out to the untouched spelling-binding landscape.

  • 4 Days
    Lijiang Highlights Tour

    It is time to make an all-side exploration of the fascinating Lijiang. From Naxi ethnic culture and Dongba traditions to the in

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  • 5 Days
    Lijiang Adventure Tour with Tiger Leaping Gorge Hiking

    Take the 5-day Lijiang tour to have an adventure hiking trip in Tiger Leaping Gorge! It will make you an impressive experience.

    Read More
  • 3 Days
    Lijiang Tour with Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

    The well-designed 3-day tour fully presents the unique charm of Lijiang, from the awe-inspiring natural scenery of Jade Dragon

    Read More
  • 6 Days
    Splendid Lijiang and Lugu Lake Tour
    Discover the magical land of Lijiang and trip to Lugu Lake on 6 days guided tour package. Unwind in Lijiang Old Town and travel ar
    Read More

Popular China Tour Packages including Lijiang

Capture different sides of China touring Lijiang, other magical places of Yunnan and the country’s great destinations – Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Chengdu, etc., for rich culture, ancient wonders and diverse natural grandeurs.

Top Experiences & Attractions in Lijiang

  • Originally called Dayan, Lijiang is a very well preserved old town built by Naxi people with unique cultural background. The old town occupies an area of 3.8 square kilometers. It ...
  • Located 15 km north of Lijiang old town, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (Yulong Snow Mountain) stretches 35 km from north to south with 960-square-kilometers of snow-capped area. Among ...
  • 98km south of Shangri-La, and 80 km north of Lijiang old town, Tiger Leaping Gorge is a canyon on the upper reach of the Yangtze River, which part is usually...
  • Nestled at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, 6 km northwest of Lijiang old town, Shuhe was once a staging post at ancient Tea & Horse Road. With an altitude of 2440 meters...
  • Black Dragon Pool Park (Heilongtan Park) is located north of Lijiang Old Town, at the foot of the Elephant Hill. There is a spring ...
  • 2690 meters above sea level, Lugu Lake is a gem located at the mountainous area on the border of Sichuan and Yunnan Province. About 240 km northeast of Lijiang, the lake occupies a...

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