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Nestled beneath snow-capped peaks, Lijiang Ancient Town of Yunnan Province is a living museum as it is home to the Naxi people who have steadfastly preserved their centuries-old heritage. They still live in traditional homes, play ancient music and celebrate ethnic festivals with vitality.
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The well-designed 3-day tour fully presents the unique charm of Lijiang, from the natural scenery of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, historical attractions - Lijiang Old Town, to Dongba Culture Museum.

Make an all-side exploration of the fascinating Lijiang, with the most popular attractions - Charming Lijiang Old town, limpid Black Dragon Pool, fine Mu Family Mansion, steepy Tiger Leaping Gorge…

Take the 5-day Lijiang trip to make an impressive experience. Aside from visit the classic attractions - Lijiang Old Town and Dongba Culture Museum, tourists could trek along the Tiger Leaping Gorge.

Lijiang Attractions More

  • Lijiang Old Town (Dayan)
    Lijiang Old Town (Dayan)

    Originally called Dayan, Lijiang is a very well preserved old town built by Naxi people with unique cultural background. The old town occupies an ar ...

  • Mu's Mansion (Mufu)
    Mu's Mansion (Mufu)

    Located at the southwest of Lijiang old town, Mu's Mansion was once the residential and working site of the Naxi rulers of Lijiang in the ancient ti ...

  • Jade Dragon Snow Mountain
    Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

    Located 15 km north of Lijiang old town, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain stretches 35 km from north to south with 960-square-kilometers of snow-capped are ...

  • Shuhe Old Town
    Shuhe Old Town

    Nestled at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, 6 km northwest of Lijiang old town, Shuhe was once a staging post at ancient Tea & Horse Road. ...

  • Tiger Leaping Gorge
    Tiger Leaping Gorge

    60 km north of Lijiang old town, Tiger Leaping Gorge is a canyon on the upper reach of the Yangtze River, which part is usually called Jinsha River ...

  • Lugu Lake
    Lugu Lake

    2690 meters above sea level, Lugu Lake is a gem located at the mountainous area on the border of Sichuan and Yunnan Province. About 240 km northeast ...

  • Dongba Museum
    Dongba Museum

    Dongba Museum, also called Dongba Culture Museum, located nearby Yuquan Garden in Lijiang City, Yunnan, is a museum which was designed to display th ...

  • Impression Lijiang Show
    Impression Lijiang Show

    Impression Lijiang is a cultural show which demonstrates the traditions and lifestyle of local Naxi, Yi and Bai ethnics of the area. It is the secon ...

Lijiang | Food & Restaurants More

Lijiang's local specialties are Baba and Jidou Liangfen. Lijiang Baba is a thick flatbreads of wheat, served plain or stuffed with meats, vegetable or sweets. Jidou Liangfen is made of beans grown locally and jelly-like. Though with a weird color, it is one of the most popular foods in Lijiang. Tibetan tea, also known as yak butter tea, is widely served in local restaurants. Heavy herbal soup is another delicacy in the area. Like rest part of Yunnan Province, local dishes are featured with hot spiciness.Some restaurants and cafes provide varieties of w ... More

Lijiang | Weather & Climate More

With an altitude of 2400 meters above sea level, Lijiang enjoys a mild highland climate with distinct dry (November - April) and rainy seasons (May - October). The temperatures here are usually a bit lower than the areas with the same latitude. The climates vary drastically in the vertical direction as the altitude starts from 1015 meters to 5596 meters above sea level.Average Data Jan Feb Mar Apr May June ... More

Lijiang Travel Tips More

Lijiang is separated into the old and new town with Lion Hill (a local landmark) marking the "dividing line". East of the hill is Lijiang Old Town, and to the west is the new town district. Read about the following travel tips for a pleasant Lijiang tour!Best Time to Lijiang1. Lijiang enjoys abundant sunshine all year round, favored with fresh air and charming natural scenery. It allows visitors to get there at any time. The best periods to visit Lijiang are April, May, September and October, during which the weather is the most pleasant. 2. If you lik ... More

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