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The topography of Guilin is marked by karst peaks with Li River running through the city; it is the historical and cultural center of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region with unique natural landscape.
There are many domestic airlines serving Guilin from other parts of China like Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai and so on, with direct flights to and from Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Macau and Thailand. While travelling by train is certainly another great & cheap way to Kunming, Chengdu, Guangzhou and other popular destinations.

China Tours Starting from Guilin 
  • Destinations: GuilinLongshengYangshuo  
    Join this hiking journey around Guilin for the most picturesque views inside & outside Guilin. Walk through the downtown lakes then see the amazing Longji Rice terraces fields and enjoy the minority villages there; hiking along the Li River & Yulong River in Yangshuo for outdoor funs.
  • Destinations: GuilinLongshengYangshuo  
    5-day is enough for a memorial trip in Guilin, hiking the rice terraces and experience the minority culture in the mountainous areas of Guilin, heading to Yangshuo for beaituful countryside scenery and interesting outdoor activities…
  • Destinations: GuilinYangshuoGuangzhou  
    This tour illustrates the best combination of beautiful natural scenery, splendid minority culture & old historical sites,. You will drive to Longji to see the stunning rice terraces fields and get close to local Yao minority people, enjoy the leisure Li River cruise and cycle through the paddy fields and ancient vil ...
  • Destinations: GuilinYangshuoChongqingYangtze Cruise  
    Explore the natural scenery in Guilin & Yangshuo areas by cruise, bamboo rafting & some leisure walking. Fly to Chongqing then board the Yangtze cruise ship for the majestic views of the Three Gorges and dam site.
  • Destinations: GuilinLongshengYangshuoChengdu  
    After viewing the beautiful scenery of Guilin areas, head to the off-beaten track Sichuan to experience the amazing natural highland scenery & unique culture, getting close to cute giant panda & indulging in the amazing views of Jiuzhaigou Valley.
  • Destinations: GuilinYangshuoLongshengKunmingLijiangChengdu  
    This southwest China exploration tour includes the famed destinations like Guilin, Kunming, Lijiang & Chengdu, which will surely give travelers a lifetime experience to see and feel: giant panda, leisure cruise, old towns in Yunnan, colorful minority culture, and awesome natural scenery and so on.
  • Destinations: GuilinYangshuoLongshengSanjiangZhaoxingRongjiangKaili  
    This mountain tribe adventure is for travelers who are interested in stunning mountains and go off the beaten track. Your eyes will be feasted with idyllic rural life, stunning landscape, unique architecture, colorful markets, interesting local lifestyles of Dong, Yao, Miao people in Guangxi and Guizhou Mountainous a ...
  • Destinations: GuilinYangshuoLongshengHangzhouHuangshanShanghai  
    This Scenery Tour starts from the impressive Karst mountains of Guilin & rural villages in Yangshuo. You will cruise on the Li River then hike the Yellow Mountain for strange pines, grotesque’s rocks, stop for the classical beauty of Hangzhou. And it ends in the dynamic Shanghai.
  • Destinations: GuilinYangshuoChengduLhasaShigatseXianBeijing  
    This fantastic China Jorney will show you the most stunning sceneries and authentic cultures in China. After visiting the picturesque Guilin, you will go to the west to explore the mysterious Tibet highland, further to explore the historical wonders in Xi’an & Beijing like Terracotta Army, Great wall, Forbidden City ...
  • Destinations:
    This weekend tour will guide you to discover scenic spots of Guilin and Yangshuo, You will enjoy the stunning scenery along Li River and bike around Yangshuo countryside to see rural life of South China.
  • Destinations: GuilinYangshuoLongshengSanjiangRongshuiLiuzhou  
    This 7-day trip shows off many interesting activities, from beautiful natural scenery to minority village, travelers will see and enjoy the picturesque karst scenery in Guilin & Yangshuo, hiking along the terraces fields and explore the fantastic minority culture in Longsheng, Sanjiang & Rongshui.
  • Destinations:
    Guilin is world-famous for its stunning scenery of peculiar Karst peaks. This small group tour is for you to discover Guilin and Yangshuo in a casual way. You’ll take a cruise down Li River to marvel at the Karst landscape all along. After reaching Yangshuo, enchanted ancient street and quaint village bring you into ...
  • Destinations:
    A carefully designed join-in bus tour allows you to enjoy the highlight of downtown Guilin, by visiting Reed Flute Cave, a marvelous Karst cave illuminated by special light effects, Fubo Hill to admire its 239 stone Buddhas and rock inscriptions, Elephant Trunk Hill standing on the bank of Li River, and Seven Star Pa ...
  • Destinations:
    Take a short excursion outside Guilin city to savour an enthralling Longji Terrace Fields tour. The rice terraces of Guilin is one of the most celebrated landscapes worldwide. Marvel at the Dragon Backbone Rice Terraces, indulge in great nature and be introduced to the lifestyle of ethnic minorities in Ping’an Villa ...
  • Destinations:
    The classic one day Guilin city tour takes you to see the highlights of Guilin, suitable for travelers who have limited time. You'll not only marvel at the incredible Karst landscape in Guilin downtown, but learn some interesting fairy tales about these natural wonders.
  • Destinations:
    Guilin in South China is famed for Karst landscape and ideal for leisure cycling and biking adventure. Join this 6 days bike tour to hike along Li River to the real highlight places and hidden gem around Guilin and the picturesque countryside of Yangshuo and Yangping. This tour is perfectly suitable for mountain bicy ...
  • Destinations:
    Go cycling along the Huajiang River into Guilin countryside and discover an idyllic pastoral scene in rural China. This tour perfectly fits the guests who are already travelling/living in Guilin city and searching for countryroad biking experiences. It is suitable for cyclists at any age and on any cycling level, and ...
  • Destinations:
    For those looking the best bike routes from Guilin to Yangshuo, you should not overlook this tour, with which you will explore the highlight scenery between Guilin and Yangshuo. It is flexible with an ending at Xingping Ancient Town or Yangshuo based on your personal requests. There are two routes cycling on each sid ...
  • Destinations:
    Take this half-day or one-day biking tour to the imperial Mausleums site - the Tombs of Prince Jingjiang, and into the real history of Guilin.
  • Destinations:
    Recommended short-distance Guilin bike trail - bike riding about 45 kilometers through small rural villages for Huixian Wetland Park for delightful countryside scenery. Optional backroads cycling or well-paved national road biking. Undiscovered optional attraction and tour itinerary only available with us!
  • Destinations:
    Guilin Grand Loops is one of our longest running and most diversified landscape cycling tours. It covers the Danxia landform, UNESCO heritage at Ziyuan (or Langshan), 3000 feet lush green mountain areas, the gigantic rice terraces in Longji, and the Karst landform lowland (450 feet) of Guilin’s southeast, another UN ...
  • Destinations:
    This well-crafted Guilin cycling trip will take you from the countryroad to see the wild jungle and the uncommercial hidden highlight attraction 28KM near Guilin. Spring and summer season is the best time to join the tour. Riding a bike through rape flower fields on well paved concrete road and experience the mountai ...