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Nanning is the capital city of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and plays an important role in Southwest China's economy development. It enjoys a great location by bordering Vietnam, neighboring to Guangzhou and close to Hong Kong and Macau.
Planning a China tour starting from Nanning, you will have a lot to see: De Tian Waterfall, Mt. Qingxiu and Mt. Daming, Yangmei Ancient Town and so forth. Nearby top destinations such as picturesque Guilin and beach paradise Beihai are easily accessible by convenient transportation.

China Tours Starting from Nanning 
  • Destinations: NanningGuilinYangshuo  
    The 6-day Guangxi China trip leads you into the major tourist destination in this spenlendid land – Nanning, the capital city of Guangxi where visitors have chance to view the grand Detain waterfall; Guilin & Yangshuo – the paradise of karst land and water for outdoor activities…
  • Destinations: NanningShuolongLiuzhouJinxiuLipuYangshuoGuilin  
    Guangxi is famous for the picturesque natural scenery as well as the colorful ethnic minority cultures. An exploration tour in this region includes top destinations like Guilin, Yangshuo & Nanning; also extend to Shuolong for the Detain waterfall, mysterious rock painting in Ningming, beautiful Liuzhou and Jinxiu Yao ...
  • Destinations: NanningZhangjiajieShanghaiSuzhouHuangshanHangzhou  
    This tour is careful designed for travelers who had been China before; we skip big cities like Beijing or Hong Kong, while lead you into other charming cities like Nanning, Zhangjiajie, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Huangshan and Shanghai, for the beautiful natural wonders and ancient relics.
  • Destinations: NanningGuilinYangshuoGuangzhouWuyishanXiamen  
    Looking for a relaxing holiday in China? This 11-day trip lead you into some great destinations in China – Guilin, Yangshuo, Guangzhou, Wuyishan & Xiamen; it is a trip combined with sightseeing and culture experiences, also includes historical sites and outdoor activities like cruise or hiking.
  • Destinations: NanningKunmingDaliLijiangChengdu  
    In southwest of China, there are several provinces which has unique natural scenery and minorities cultures, namely Guangxi, Yunnan and Sichuan. Our trip starts from Nanning in Guangxi, then head to Kunming, Dali and Lijiang for the beautiful ancient villages and high land scenery; Chengdu is the last station of the ...
  • Destinations: NanningXianBeijingShanghai  
    Golden Triangle Tours is including most famous cities in China, namely Beijing, Xi’an and Shanghai, which are perfect for travelers on the first China trip. These big cities home many grand historical relics as well as the modern landmarks in new century. This trip starts from capital city Nanning, then head to Xi’ ...
  • Destinations: Nanning  
    A special-designed Guangxi tour begins in Nanning and takes you to explore some extraordinary areas of Guangxi in a relaxed way, by visiting Detian Waterfall - the world’s second largest transnational waterfall, picturesque Mingshi Scenic Area (known as Small Guilin), as well as fantastic Tongling Grand Canyon and e ...
  • Destinations:
    This 4-day budget-friendly Nanning group tour is especially crafted for overseas Chinese from Southeast Asian countries with a considerate Chinese-speaking tour guide, and will take you to the world’s second largest transnational waterfall – Detian Waterfall, fantastic Tongling Grand Canyon and the border undergrou ...
  • Destinations:
    If you are overseas Chinese from Southeast Asian countries and want to explore beautiful Guangxi in southern China, this is for just for you! Take this 6-day Guangxi coach tour (with a considerate Chinese-speaking tour guide) to the world’s second largest transnational waterfall – Detian Waterfall, Mingshi Scenic A ...
  • Destinations:
    Our well-crafted 6-day Nanning Tour takes you to explore Guangxi province in depth, by visiting Asia’s biggest waterfall Detian Waterfall, spectacular Tongling Grand Canyon, and UNESCO World Heritage site Zuojiang Huashan Rock Art Cultural Landscape.