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Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan province, linked South-East Asia with lights from Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Kuala Lunpur and Singapore; there are many plenty of domestic connections through China. There are many plenty of domestic connections to Lijiang, Chengdu, Xi’an, Shanghai and other cities through China.

It is known as the city of Spring with comfortable climate and flowers blooming all the year long; It offers colorful ethnic minority cultures, bewitching karst landform, beautiful highland scenery, and places of historical interest. Join a China trip starting from Kunming, Yunnan and explore this charming land!

China Tours Starting from Kunming 
  • Destinations:
    This classical package tour including nearly all the famous travel destinations in Yunnan Province, such as Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Yuanyang, Jianshui, and the legendary Shangrila.
  • Destinations: KunmingDaliLijiangShangri-la  
    Take your time with 16 days to explore the best of Yunnan! After a taste of Yunnan's capital city, venture west of Kunming and navigate your way through Dali, Shaxi, Lijiang, Lugu Lake, Tiger Leaping Gorge, and Shangrila. Your journey will take you away from modern highways and large cities to discover the real Yunna ...
  • Destinations: KunmingShangri-la LijiangDaliGuiyangKailiSanduRongjiangCongjiang  
    Escape to the Utopia of Shangrila on a 15-day tour from Kunming! The place continues to shape its mystery, be it through art, history, valleys, lakes, grassland, forests or the ancient monasteires. Departing Shangrila, we'll travel to romantic Lijiang. The city is home to Naxi people and Dongba culture. Next it's ont ...
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    See the best scenery in southern China and save! Your train trip starts at visiting cuddly pandas in Chengdu, and then go to the colorful Yunnan, riding through the Bai villages in Erhai, peaceful ancient town Lijiang as well as the snow-capped Mountains; Taking bullet train from Kunming to the Karst Paradise Guilin ...
  • Destinations: KunmingChongqingYangtze CruiseShanghaiBeijing  
    This is a classic China tours with Yangtze Cruise and other highlights: Kunming – for the comfortable visit in Spring city, Yangtze River Cruise - the "cross-the-century" dam and mysterious sites along the journey; Shanghai – where east meets west; Beijing – imperial city with grand historical sites like the Great ...
  • Destinations: KunmingGuilinYangshuoXianBeijingShanghaiSuzhou  
    Commencing in Kunming and finishing in Shanghai, this trip visits the minority Spring city Kunming, super amazing destination Guilin, ancient attractions in Xi’an, grand historical sites like great wall in Beijing and modern city Shanghai as well as the tranquil nearby water towns.
  • Destinations: KunmingLijiangShangri-la XinduqiaoTagongKangdingChengdu  
    This fascinating tour takes travelers through the most diverse regions of China and offer opportunity to see the most amazing scenery & experience ethnic culture of Bai, Tibetan, Yi and other minorities in Yunnan & Sichuan province. Travel and explore the mysterious southwest China with us!
  • Destinations: KunmingShangri-la LijiangChengduXianBeijingShanghai  
    Bustling metropolises, holy pilgrimage sites, historical spots, ancient towns and villages, fascinating natural scenery are all included in this China Impression Tour. Experience the hospitality of the remote tribe people as well as that in developed big cities like Shanghai and Beijing.
  • Destinations: KunmingDaliLijiangShangri-la Deqin  
    Escape from the bustling city life and refresh yourself in the beautiful Yunnan. The west wild scenery of Yunnan province offers high snow capped mountain, quiet old towns, minority’s villages and Tibetan style monasteries… Take this 13-day Yunnan trip and explore the picturesque Yunnan.
  • Destinations: KunmingJianshuiYuanyang  
    This 6-day Yunnan trip takes traveler to the less-visited part of the province: climbing up to the tiger mouth for a great view of Yuanyang rice terraces, visiting the nearby Hani Village for their old lifestyle and strolling in the old town Jianshui to experience a city of over 1,000 years history.
  • Destinations: KunmingDongchuanJianshuiYuanyang  
    For those who are interested in the breathtaking landscape, Yunnan would be the ideal place for taking camera lens and digging beautiful scenery. Dongchuan Red Land, Yuanyang Rice terraces, Stone Forest and Jianshui old town are popular among photographers home and abroad…
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    Use your one weekend to explore why Kunming is the "City of Eternal Spring", which is also one of the best China tour destinations for its climate and natural scenery.
  • Destinations: KunmingPu’erJinghong  
    There is no better way to know the essence of Puer tea than to interact with local tea farmers. For pilgrims, this Puer tea tour escorts you to explore the hometown of Puer in Yunnan as well as the starting point of the Ancient Tea-Horse Road. During in Xishuangbanna, you will not only acquire a deep understanding of ...