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Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an important hub in East Asia with direct flights to and from every continent in the major cities in Oceania, Europe and North America, which is served with at least one daily flight while more frequent connections to other Asian cities. Macau is available by speed boat from Hong Kong, while travelers can transfer between Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing by daily flights easily.

Hong Kong is a dynamic modern city with amazing mixed cultures. It offers great shopping opportunities, modern skyscrapers, beautiful seaside scenery as well as interesting historical sites. Its abundant connections with other part of the world make a good starting point for your China tours!

China Tours Starting from Hong Kong 
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    Hong Kong is the place where East meets West due to its colonial history, while Beijing has been the national capital for the most of the time in the past 700 years, where you will see the most important cultural and historical relics.
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    Take this Fatastic China trip and see the great natural and cultural wonders in China! Different from sightseeing tours, this journey might include some unique beauty in remote area like Jiuzhaigou Valley in Sichuan, as well as some hiking and trekking along the spectacular tiger leaping gorges...
  • Destinations: Hong KongXianBeijing  
    Experience the essence of China by traveling to these popular destinations: Hong Kong, Xi’an & Beijing. This is a classic 10 day trip in China.
  • Destinations: Hong KongXiamenHangzhouSuzhouShanghai  
    This tour package covers the most renowned destinations in eastern China, from the bustling Hong Kong, to seaside city Xiamen, viewing the grand earth towers in Fujian villages, head to Hangzhou and Suzhou for tranquil water towns and classic gardens, famed silk factory as well as dragon well tea plantations. The las ...
  • Destinations: Hong KongGuilinYangshuoKunmingLijiangChengduZhangjiajieGuangzhou  
    With unique shaped mountains and peaks, green waters, unique culture and buildings, South China always enjoy great popularity among travelers home and abroad. This 19 days South China trip covers the most important destinations in southern land, from Hong Kong, Guilin, Lijiang, Kunming, Chengdu, Zhangjiajie to Guangz ...
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    Southern China offers amazing natural scenery as well as historical and cultural relics. Enjoy the most classic sites in time during this Easter Holiday, with a short visit to Hong Kong, then appreciate the crystal clear Li River of Guilin and end the trip in Guangzhou, a busy economical district but also a well plac ...
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    After experiencing one of the most exciting and energetic cities in the world – Hong Kong, you will travel to Kunming, also known as the "City of Eternal Spring", it is famous for natural scenery, agreeable weather, all-year-round flowers and ethnic customs.
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    From modern skylines at Victoria Harbor to traditional fishing village of Tai'O and bustling markets at Stanley, Hong Kong is a wonderful mixture of many cultures and offers countless things to do and see. And Chengdu, an old city with deep culture roots, will attract you with giant pandas, historical relics and uniq ...
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    Hong Kong, a city full of vitality, it is an exceptional travel destination to be proclaimed as the Asia's World City; while Xian is rich in historical and cultural relics, enjoying the laudatory title of "Natural History Museum" in China.
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    Have a short break in Hong Kong, a vibrant metropolis where East meets West, then escape to Guilin for relaxation and leisure. The latter is well-know for the picturesque landscape in China.
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    Hong Kong and Shenzhen are two neighboring cities, which benefit economically from each others. In this tour, you will have an overview of Hong Kong and a fast shot of the fast-developing Shenzhen.
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    In this tour, you will travel to the two most famous metropolis of southern China – Hong Kong and Guangzhou (Canton). Both of them are full of modern prosperity and well inherited the old traditions and customs.
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    This tour includes all the most interesting attractions in Hong Kong and Shanghai. You can discover the exciting, fast-paced and colorful Hong Kong and experience the elegant and dazzling city of Shanghai – Paris of the Orient.
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    Hong Kong is a metropolis with its exciting duality of a modern city's vitality enhanced by a traditional society's historical richness. And the Yangtze is known as the cradle of Chinese civilization and in many ways is the life blood of China. We combine both to bring you an unforgettable experience and offer severa ...
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    In this tour, you will first spend two days in Hong Kong to witness the charm of this modern city. And then travel to Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet, a dream land. You will see not only its stunning landscape on the "roof of the world", but also its impressive heritage of cultural and religious history.
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    The weekend package to Hong Kong is a short break for you to have a quick glimpse of the dazzling metropolis in Asia.
  • Destinations: MacauZhuhaiGuangzhouShenzhenHong Kong  
    This tour begins in Macau, where you might have fun in casinos and appreciate the historical heritages in "Las Vegas of the Orient", then three compelling cities of Guangdong province – provincial capital city Guangzhou, Zhuhai, known as the city for lovers, and the bustling city Shenzhen, and ends in Hong Kong, a l ...
  • Destinations: Hong KongMacau  
    This is an ideal family trip taking you and your children to Macau and Hong Kong, full of the charm of colonial culture. Immerse yourselves in the Chinese, Portuguese and British heritages, great food, as well as amusement and theme parks that will cheer you all up!
  • Destinations: Hong KongMacauZhuhaiShenzhen  
    In this tour, you will have a delightful break in four coastal metropolis in South China - Hong Kong and Macau featured with a profound colony background, Zhuhai celebrated for hundred islands, and the bustling commercial city Shenzhen.
  • Destinations: Hong KongShenzhenGuilinYangshuoXianBeijingShanghai  
    Classic China tour is ideal for single travelers looking to explore China’s most representative cities! By joining this sitting-in-coach tour, you are about to meet ancient capitals Beijing & Xian with numerous historic sites, enjoy the marvelous karst peaks and Li river cruise in Guilin and Yangshuo, and also the m ...