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Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan Province, is also a major transportation hub in Southwest China. There are so many international and domestic flights connecting this city. At the same time, it is famed as the main gateway to Tibet. Traveler can easily go to Chengdu from Beijing, Xi’an, Chongqing, Kunming, Shanghai & Guangzhou via either flight or train.

With the 72-hour visa free policy launched, more and more tourists set foot on Chengdu. They will be amazed by the profound historical and cultural sites such as Leshan Giant Buddha, Mt. Emei, Dujiangyan Irrigation Project, natural beauty abounds in surround Jiuzhaigou Valley….

China Tours Starting from Chengdu 
  • Destinations: Chengdu  
    Experience the most highlights on Chengdu Tours, admire the gorgeous Jiuzhaigou Valley & spectacular Leshan Giant Buddha, feel the leisure pace of local Chengdu people then taste the spicy Chuan food…Not enough? Put on the working uniform and join 2-day Panda Volunteer Program!
  • Destinations: ChengduYa'an  
    This Panda Volunteer Tour includes a 3-day’s experience in Ya’an Bifengxia Panda Base. Wearing special working clothes, you will be a panda keeper to feed the cute pandas, clean their house, watch and learn some interesting facts about them…
  • Destinations: ChengduDanbaTagongXinduqiao  
    The 8 day Sichuan trip will go to Danba, Litang, Daocheng Yading for the last shangri-la in the world – untouched natural scenery, snow-capped holy peaks and remote Tibetan village…all in this Sichuan Getaway tours.
  • Destinations: Chengdu  
    This tour includes all the highlights in Sichuan, such as impeccable natural scenery of Jiuzhaigou valley, world cultural and heritage site of Leshan giant Buddha & Mountain Emei…
  • Destinations: ChengduXianBeijingShanghai  
    This 10-day China explorer trip starts from the amazing Chengdu for the cute giant panda and Leshan Giant Buddha, then head to popular golden triangle –Xi’an, Beijing & Shanghai for the life-sized terracotta army, grand great wall and prosperous the bund.
  • Destinations: ChengdeLhasaShigatseChongqingYangtze CruiseShanghai  
    We take this tour and explore the giant panda hometown Chengdu & majesty holy city Lhasa. After tasting the spicy Chuan food, we head for the Tibetan highland for the unique Buddhism monasteries and Tibetan people’s culture. A comfortable cruise on Yangtze River is also included.
  • Destinations: ChengduChongqingYangtze CruiseShanghai  
    On this tour we will explore and see the most famed scenic spots at Sichuan, for the cute giant pandas, historical sites, cultural relics and beautiful natural scenery. The luxurious cruise will start from Chongqing with its final end at the prosperous the Bund of Shanghai, with stop at Wuhan and Yellow Mountain for ...
  • Destinations: ChengduDanbaTagongXinduqiaoKangdingYa'an  
    The Wild West Sichuan Tour is an off-the-beaten-track trip for oversea travelers. It is regarded as the Real Shangri-la in the world with snow-capped peaks, mystical lamaseries, endless pasture, limpid lakes, deep gorges, lush green vegetations… Experience the culture and witness the amazing scenery along the trip. ...
  • Destinations: ChengduDanbaRilong  
    The Four Girls Mountain (Mt. Siguniang) in Sichuan is regarded as the Oriental Alps – due to its unspoiled natural beauty. It boasts forests, lakes, gorges, and lots of unexpected natural scenery. Our journey will start from Donba, then experience the unique Tibetan culture on highland, together with some interestin ...
  • Destinations: ChengduMoxiKangdingXinduqiaoTagongDanbaRilong  
    Mt. Erlang & Mt. Siguniang are the best known mountain ranges in Sichuan province, the two areas offer unspoiled wilderness throughout the country. Take this 9-day journey to experience the wonderful landscape and Tibetan folk customs.
  • Destinations:
    This tour features the ethnic diversity of Yunnan province (Lijiang & Kunming) and Giant Panda experience of Chengdu in southwest China. In this 7-day trip, have a unique experience by watching or even holding the cute panda in arms, walking in the picturesque old town Lijiang and Shuhe, enjoying the amazing views of ...
  • Destinations:
    This 3-day weekend break covers the major spots of interest in Chengdu, you will have a close touch to Giant Pandas, and experience the authentic lifestyle of local people.
  • Destinations:
    Save your travel cost! Take this 1 day join-in tour to get close to China’s “national treasure” giant pandas in Chengdu and then visit the 1200-year-old Giant Buddha, the biggest stone Buddha in the world at Leshan.
  • Destinations:
    This one-day panda tour is taking you to Dujiangyan Panda Base, the third of its kind in China’s Sichuan province, and known as “the nursing home” to giant pandas, where you would be in close contact with this adorable creature.
  • Destinations: Chengdu  
    This 2-day panda tour is idea for experiencing giant panda’s daily life and culture by working as a volunteer. What’s more, you will see the ancient engineering wonder - Dujiangyan Irrigation Project and sacred Mt. Qingcheng.
  • Destinations:
    Are you a fan of “Kung Fu Panda” and keen to visit Po’s mysterious hometown? Today, we escort you to the long-famous panda village to have a close contact with the cutest creature giant panda and enjoy the awe-inspiring natural scenery on Mt. Qingcheng.