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Yangshuo is a small county bordering the beautiful Li River at one side, situated on a small plain between numbers of karst peaks. It is easily accessible by bus or by boat from nearby Guilin. Diverse ethnic groups with special folk life inhabit the town. Numerous foreigners are fascinated by its scenery, leisure atmosphere and ethnic folk culture, and many of them have become residents of the town.

The karst topography endowed the town with breath-taking sceneries, and the major tourist attractions include West Street, Moon Hill, Ancient Banyan Tree, Yulong River, Fuli Town and Xingping.
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Take the 2-day trip to make an all-round exploration of fabulous Yangshuo via diverse outdoor activities – a relaxing stroll along West Street; bike riding for beautiful countryside; or bamboo rafting down picturesque Yulong River …  

Escape from the bustle city to get close to nature. The 3-day trip would show its unique charms of Yangshuo - dreamy karst landscape, leisure atmosphere and ethnic folk culture. 

Yangshuo Attractions More

  • West Street
    West Street

    West Street (Xi Jie), situated in the town center of Yangshuo, was built during the Sui Dynasty around 590 AD. Though having experienced much wind a ...

  • Ancient Banyan Tree
    Ancient Banyan Tree

    The 1,400-odd-year-old Banyan Tree located only 7 kilometers south of the Yangshuo County is a place that epitomizes the best of pastoral scenes of ...

  • Moon Hill
    Moon Hill

    About one kilometer from the Ancient Banyan Tree lays a hill whose peaks tower the sky as if it has reached the clouds. The hill has a cave with a d ...

  • Yulong River
    Yulong River

    Yulong River, a major tributary of Li River, flows through some of the most beautiful karst (limestone) sceneries near Yangshuo. Local people use ra ...

  • Fuli Town
    Fuli Town

    Fuli is a small and quiet town of 8 kilometers away from Yangshuo, with a mere 1,000-strong population. It has a history of 500 years. Travelers can ...

  • Xingping Town
    Xingping Town

    The town of Xingping, lying by the east bank of Li River, is an old town with a history of over 1,300 years. It is also a place which epitomizes the ...

  • Silver Cave
    Silver Cave

    Located in the southeast of Yangshuo, Silver Cave is a karst cave running through 12 mountains with a 2,000-meters-ong roundabout course. Various st ...

  • Shangrila

    Shangri-La means the ideal living place in Chinese, equaling to the Elysium or heaven in the West. Shangri-la is a dream place for many people. Whil ...

Yangshuo | Food & Restaurants More

Yangshuo, being famous for its beautiful scenery and exotic West Street (Xijie), has a combination of both western foods and traditional dishes. On Xijie, you can find many western restaurants serving various western foods. While in numerous restaurants, you can enjoy the famous local dishes and delicacies, which include Beer Fish, Rice Noodle, Oil Tea, and Pickled Vegetable, etc.Beer Fish: The fish is stewed with beer and mixed with other ingredients like tomatoes, garlic, ginger slices and so on. It tastes tender, juicy, fresh and spicy. It has becom ... More

Yangshuo | Weather & Climate More

Yangshuo is located in the subtropical monsoon zone. The annual temperature is about 19.1 degrees Celsius. The yearly precipitation is around 1940 mm.Yangshuo is 66 km away from Guilin, and its weather is almost the same as in Guilin. Please see below the Guilin weather for your reference.  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Average High (°C) 11/13 12/14 16/18 2 ... More

Yangshuo Travel Tips More

Best Travel Time YangshuoYangshuo, around 1 hour’s driving from Guilin city, shares the same subtropical monsoon climate. Whatever climate you like, spring and autumn are the best times of the year to visit Yangshuo, since you will have mostly dry or warm weather; while summer is hot and humid and winter is very cold.Yangshuo Safety TipsYangshuo a well developed tourist destinations and some travelers has reported like overcharging, persistent touts, tour pimps, illegal occupancy or of a route to extort money from tourists.The prices for clothing and ... More

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Unique charm of Guilin lies on the stunning landscape from Guilin to Yangshuo area. By bike, car, cruise and on foot, you will enjoy the different beauties.


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